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How to Feel More Confident

How to Feel More Confident

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Being confident is more an attitude as it is about believing in yourself and having certainty in accomplishing what you intended to. This feeling, therefore, comes from within. This feeling of confidence does not include knowing what to do all the time, as confidence is strengthened during these times of uncertainty. The good news is that self-confidence is not inborn, so it is possible to learn to be confident. 

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Why is confidence important?

When there are so many tasks on your list, is confidence essential? In crucial situations where giving up seems like the only option, confidence is what will push you forward. Confidence is essential to have in the workplace where it determines how sure you will be in completing your tasks, and if you are a leader of your team, your team will look to you as the one confident enough to lead them successfully. Having confidence extends to outside the workplace, where it is required when making connections and building relationships. It can also foster personal growth and support you when seeking new opportunities. Confidence offers as an aide when handling conflict. Nevertheless effective communication training is very important to build your confidence as well. 

How to be more confident

Fear of failure is the thief of confidence as it stops you from achieving. Whereas confidence helps overcome that fear, the more you succeed in overcoming this will fuel future successes.

Although you may lack self-confidence, you have the power to change your state as your confidence is entirely within your control. Here are a few ways you can improve your confidence.

Groom yourself and dress nicely

Refreshing yourself with a shower and caring for your appearance goes a long way in changing the way you feel about yourself. In addition, dressing nicely (according to what that means to you) helps you to feel good about yourself too.

Body language

Slouching, shallow breathing and hanging your head all reveal undesirable thoughts about yourself. You should know that you are unique and that you are comfortable in the body you have! So, make eye contact, don’t do things wholeheartedly, shake hands firmly and stand up straight. These actions will start to influence those undesirable thoughts and will lead to an increase in your self-confidence.

Positive thoughts = positive actions.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. What are you saying to yourself? Instead of constant self-criticism, rather encourage yourself with affirmations of “I can do it!”. This will result in you stepping up and going for what you desire. So, positive thoughts will lead to positive actions.

Set small goals and achieve them

Because you can achieve them! Small goals add up and will act as the fuel that keeps you motivated. Soon you will be confident enough to set bigger goals and successfully achieve those too.

Live your principles

In a world full of opinions, beliefs, and influences, it is critical you know who YOU are and what YOUR principles are. When this self-knowledge is established, you’ll feel more confident in the choices you make and won’t be so caught up in what others achieving.

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