Official Newsletter of The Hepburns in Boynton Beach Florida.
Published whenever the urge and opportunity happen to coincide.
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2012 ISSUES Content Description
2012 Jan - Dec Annual Christmas Newsletter
2012 Jan - Mar Grandsons & great grandsons Granddaughter & great granddaughter Photos from France Journey to Lackland AFB

2011 ISSUES Content Description
2011 Oct..Dec Remembering J W "Chad" Chadwick Charles & Cynthia 40th Granddaughter Danielle's Confirmation Granddaughter Haley in No Ireland Halloween Dance at JB Kathy's 70th Birthday Thanksgiving at Kirk & Tanya's Great grandson Parker 3rd Birthday Grandson John Zehner graduation " commissioning Granddaughter Danielle's BBall trophy Lunch in Rockingham, NC with grandson Sam Christmas Eve Dinner in Boca New Year Eve in New York & Jamaica Bay
2011 Jul..Sept Kathy's social service work Kathy & Belle in Sanibel Great granddaughter Sophia's 1st birthday Senior Chadwicks 90th Birthday Bash Sanna extended family gathering Kathy's min-reunion in Michigan Granddaughter Morgan's foot race Wayne & Sharron's 2200 mile odyssey Wayne's 74th birthday
2011 Apr..Jun Boca: Dani in All Stars - Morgan in NHS - Sheri's visit to Wakodahatchee - Morgan in "Guys N Dolls" production - Easter Brunch Our social whirl Great grandson Lucas 1st birthday Grands: Haley, Ashton, Zane & Josh Mark's daughters & grands in Houma Kirk, Tanya at Brandi's graduation Our 2011 "Love Tour" thru Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, North & South Carolina and Florida. Fathers Day and Vicki's 46rh birthday plus other stuff
2011 Feb..Mar West Delray adventure Birthday laughs at Charbonneau's Delightful guests from Michigan Kathy at DKG Fashion Show in Sarasota Trip to Mississippi & Louisiana to visit: Sophia, Ashley & Jeremy, Josh, Sharron & Woody, Mark, Andy, Parker & Taylor, MJ & Dolores and other stuff
2011 Nov .. Jan Charles & Cynthia visit Boynton Veterans Day in Jamaica Bay Christmas Activities in Jamaica Bay Kathy's trip to Osprey & Sarasota Great grandchildren photos and other stuff

2010 ISSUES Content Description
2010 Sep .. Oct French daughter Muriel & sons Kirk & Tanya in Maine Morgan's 16th Birthday Wayne gets a big Mac Remodeling progress Wayne's 73rd Birthday Halloween Stuff Prayer Requests Loss of our Good Friend Denny Connolly
2010 Jul .. Aug Granddaughter Morgan's excellent adventure New babies in family: Lucas Zehner, Sophia Foulon Kathy's journeys Our gardening updates Wayne's encounter with JFK (not the prez) Roosevelt, Churchill, and the giant seed pod Newly discovered great niece-in-law moves to Texas Amy becomes Doctor Amy
2010 May .. Jun Memorial Day weekend in Islamorada New babies Elsa & Sarah in family Samantha's Graduation & Dani's Award Time Machine flashback - Brandi Ashley's baby shower Bomber basketball Our anniversary Cindy & Charles vacation JW to Texas Remodel update
2010 Jan .. Apr Boynton Beah remodeling Big freeze in Sarasota William M Randle Sr Memorial Mardi Gras in Houma February garage sale, FHS reunion, basketball & SOLD house Trip to New Orleans & Houma Morgan's GS Silver Award
2010 Jan Thanksgiving & Coral Castle Kathy's 68th in Boca Ringling Bridge conquered Laird & Family in Texas Cirque du Soleil in Orlando Sheri's Masters Degree Boca Bombers Basketball Christmas in Boynton & Boca Wayne's Retirement Party

2009 ISSUES Content Description
2009 Nov .. Dec Annual Christmas issue with highlights from December 2008 through November 2009 Christmas '08 in Boca FEB: Kathy & gang in Las Vegas, MAY: Mark in Sarasota, Kathy in Prescott AZ, Morgan's Confirmation JUN: Josh's Graduation AUG: Wayne's Retirement SEP: Kathy's Europe trip, Kathy's 50th Reunion, Our 6,500 mile trip. DEC: Thanksgiving in Boca
2009 Jul .. Oct Haley & Zane go dancing Haley in Italy Monica in Scotland Muriel & sons Wayne retires Our 5 week trip to see family and stuff Morgan's Confirmation
2009 May & June Dani's 12th Birthday Mark visits Sarasota Steve & Fran 25th Vows Renewal
Morgan's graduation Josh's graduation Haley's birthday Tara's birthday
2009 Mar & Apr Cousin Sabrina married Baby Joshua Yoon born Cousin David Simmons memorial
Kirk & Josh Reunion Sarasota County Fair Kathy & Friends Volunteer Work
Vicki & Dani in Savannah Ben's Painting Laird & Monica Cruise
Brian & Judy Visit Cindy & Charles in Texas
2009 Jan & Feb Christmas '08 in Florida New Babies Snow in Marseilles & Rockford
Friends in Sarasota Las Vegas Adventure

2008 ISSUES Content Description
2008 Christmas Recap of some favorite events during 2008
2008 Aug & Sept Zehner Family at Gold Head Park Hurricanes Gustav & Ike impact our family
Birthdays in Boca - Morgan's 14th, Wayne's 71st
2008 June & July Kathy's trip to Michigan Our 30th Anniversary Vicki's 43rd Linda & Sean at Pike's Peak
Lots of grandkid stuff: Andrea, Brandi, Dani, Josh, Morgan
2008 April & May Kathy, Vicki, Morgan & Dani trip to Dallas Mother's Day & Dani's 11th birthday in Boca
Lake Placid Murals
2008 Feb & Mar 2nd great-grandson Holden Zehner born nephew Sean visits Florida Delta Kappa Gamma Fashion Show Laird's Family in Sarasota cousin Julie in Sarasota
2008 January Advent Lutheran Bazaar Morgan's Bronze Award Keith's Wedding Mayport Lighthouses Christmas in Boca & more

2007 ISSUES Content Description
2007 December Reprise of Photos & Events throughout 2007 Christmas Issue
2007 September Birthdays: Cousin Julie Miller Granddaughter Morgan Randle Wayne + Other Stuff
2007 July & August Ben & Sarah visit Sarasota Kathy in the news Vicki's family in Alaska Loss of our friend Rita
2007 May & June Ashley's HS Graduation in MS Chadwick's 65th Anniversary in TX Louisiana Cemeteries
2007 April Day in Naples FL Muriel's family comes from France to Sarasota
2007 March To Ben's wedding in Gainesville FL & Andrea's Wedding in Houma LA
2007 January To Boca & Orlando w/ Vicki, Sheri & laird's families Cousins from TN visit Sarasota

2006 ISSUES Content Description
2006 December Christmas in Sarasota & Boca Wayne's visit to Columbia SC Andy engaged Ben & Sarah married First great-grandchild Landon Zehner
2006 October Visits to Kirk's family in SC Laird's family in NC Lighthouses Honeymoon Island FL
2006 September Chris & Beth Chadwick wedding in NY Morgan & Wayne birthdays in Boca
2006 July & August Kathy in Florida Keys Sheri's theatrical triumph 1937 Photo found John in California
2006 June Our 28th Anniversary Visits from Ben & Sarah. Sheri, Vicki, Morgan & Dani Vicki's birthday
2006 April & May Kathy's retirement award JW + Danielle's birthdays and Mother's Day in Boca
2006 March Cousisns Bob & Joy visit from New Orleans Kathy's DKG Fashion Show
2006 January Grandson Greg in the Army now Kathy launches sewing hobby JW's new business off & running

2005 ISSUES Content Description
2005 December Kathy's retirement party Christmas in Boca Cirque du Soleil Varekai
2005 November In Memoriam: cousin Lastie Villien Annual Christmas Letter
2005 October Hurricane Wilma rakes Florida Grandcousin Kaci Crain arrives from Guatemala
2005 September Kirk's baseball adventure Hurricane Katrina update Birthdays in Boca Another award for Sheri
2005 August Kathy back to Booker HS for final year Hurricane Katrina vs. Our Family
2005 July Muriel & family visit from France Sheri's Colorado adventure
2005 June Vicki turns 40 John marries Jenny We visit Kirk & Tanya Kathy does Michigan
2005 May 1st Issue Ben graduates from UF Dani turns 8 makes 1st Communion Elephant Day in the news

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