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This Photo Album section of the Himandus.Net web site contains digital images of pages in our family photo album.

Pages are digitized at 100dpi resolution ... sufficient to print a medium quality 8 1/2 x 11 album page. If you are so inclined, feel free to print from the browser or download any page to your hard drive and print it. You may also open the .jpg file in a photo editor and resize it or crop out specific photos, and so forth. The files are not in progressive or interlaced format. They load more slowly in your browser but are editable in any paint program which recognizes the JPEG format.

Unfortunately, the images, until around 2000, were made by scanning album pages of pasted-in old photos from film negatives. Many are of less than ideal quality. They are what they are and we are glad to have what we have.

All images are copyright under international copyright law. You may use or copy or distribute for non-commercial, nonprofit purposes so long as no such use in any way embarrasses or denigrates any person whose likeness appears in any photo. Except in the case of images of yourself, posting to social web sites such as Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, blogs, and any other such sites is prohibited by copyright owner unless you have permission from person(s) depicted in image.

Individual Photos .. service available to family members

The images on the album pages are archived on a hard drive. On request, we will email you copies of the much larger individual photo files. Tell us the album page number, located near bottom left on each page, and the position or description of the photo you want sent to you.

© 2007-2012 Wayne Hepburn and Kathy Hepburn

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