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Last Updated: 2011 02 10

WORD Sounds Like Means

bib bibb n. protective panel on or for clothing

bob bobb v. move up & down, or bob and weave

boob bube n. ignorant or stupid person
n. slang for human female mammary

bub bub n. slang form of address - "How's it going Bub?"

dad dadd n. familiar for father

did didd v. pt. do

dud dudd n. a failure

eke eek v. wrest barely enough; "eke out a living"

ere air prep. before, prior to

ewe you n. female sheep

eye I n. visualizing organ

gag gagg n. a joke
n. a restraint on or over mouth
v. restrain from speaking
v. choke on - regurgitation reflex

gig gigg n. performance event
v. stab with a tool called a gig

hah ha! interj. expression of discovery - "Hah! That's it."
n. form of laughter - "hah hah hah" often dreisive

heh hay interj. form of laughter - "heh heh heh"

huh as in hut interj. expression of wonder or surprise

kayak kye yak type of boat

level levv-ull adj. parallel to earth
n. tool for determining degree of plumb or level
v. reduce to eveness or destroy

madam maa-dum n. form of proper address to married woman
n. slang for manageress of prostitues

mom momm n. familiar form of mother

mum mumm n. familiar form of mother
n. secrecy - "Mum's the word". Keep mum.

nan nann n. short form of nanny, governess

nun none n. member of religious order of sisters

pap papp n. baby food

pep pepp n. energy - having a lot of pep

pip pipp n. marking as on dice or domino tiles
n. expression of opinion - "Ain't she a pip!"

poop pupe n. colloquial for feces
n. type of deck on a ship

pop popp n. familiar form for father
n. slang for carbonated beverage
n. sound
n. slang for popular culture item
v. cause to burst or explode
v. slang for kill with gun
v. slang for strike or hit

pup pupp n. infant stage of some mammals [dogs & others]
n. type of tent

racecar race-karr n. vehicle used in motor racing sport

radar ray-darr n. remote detection device

redder redder adj. comparatively more red

sagas sogg uhs n. epic stories and myths

sees seeze v. looks, views 'Jane sees Spot run'

sexes sex ezz n. genders

sis syss n. familiar abreviation for sister

solos so-loze n. individual separate performaces by more than one person

tat tatt v. to make by tatting

tenet ten - ett n. foundational idea or belief

tit titt n. class of small birds
n. slang [vulgar] for teat or breast

tot tott n. small child

toot tute v. qucik short horn blow

tut tutt interj. expression of mild disapproval

wow wow as in cow interj. expression of wonder or approval

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