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Last Updated: 2011 02 10

WORD Sounds Like Means Source

afishinado [s] uh-FISH-uh-nod-o n. play on afficianado for one who loves fish or fishing site author

crappening [s] crapp-uh-ning n. undesirable happening site author

eelectricity eel-eck-triss-atee n. power from an electric eel heard on radio show

epicurs eppy-kurrs n. dogs who eat on;y finest foods site author

gunion goon-yun n. organized labor group of goons site author

idiotlogue idiot-logg n. one who adheres unrelentingly to a foolish belief site author

ignoranus [es] igg-nor-ane-uss n. person who manifests the essential qualities of ignorance and assininity NY Times ?

lexicoin [s] lex-ee-koy-nnn n. new or redefined word site author

obamanation oh-bomb-a-nay-shun [see also Abomination] 1. Akin to fabled Camelot; a Utopian society in which all members are saved from all and any disagreeable circumstance by a ruling lord sent by God for the purpose. 2. A mythical state of well being; falsehood site author

obliviot oh-blivv-ee-uht oblivious idiot; blind fool site author

profitunity profit-tune-it-ee chance to make money site author

protecticle [s] proe-tekk-tee-cul athletic cup site author

quadrant [s] KWOD-runt four outlet fireplug author's definition

siliqueen [s] sili-kween woman with huge silicone/saline pouch breasts site author

soliliqueen [s] so-lily-kween woman who chatters on even when there is no audience site author

soliliqueen [s] so-lily-kween woman who chatters on even when there is no audience site author

susficious suss-fish-uss adj. seems fishy. also susficion site author

Tramp O'Lean tramp-oh-leen n. diet dinners for homeless, tramps, and hookers site author

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