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a or A the indefinite article in English
a or A name of the alphabet letter

aba fabric made from hair of camel or goat
aba a loose sleeveless robe worn by Arabs

abalienate [d] estrange
abalienate [d] legal term in title transfers
abalienate medical terms for mentaal aberration

abalienation estrangement
abalienation transferring a title
abalienation mental derangement

abba familar of father applied to God
abba bishops' title in some denominations

abduction [s] being kidnapped
abduction [s] in physiology - change in body part position
abduction [s] a type of argument in logic

aberration [s] deviation from what is considered the norm
aberration [s] in astronomy - apparent displacement of star
aberration [s] mental dreangement

abhor [red][s] oppose
abhor [red] [s] hate or loathe

abhorrence opposition
abhorrence hatred

abhorrent repugnant
abhorrent hated

abhorring repugnance
abhorring loathing

abide [s] inhabit or stay in a place
abide [s] endure or bear up under

about close by
about approximately
about nautical term - to come about, tack

absence [s] being away
absence [s] lacking something - absence of

absent missing or gone
absent want of something

absentee one who is missing or away
absentee remote owner or landlord

absorb [ed][er][ing] [s] soak up as a sponge
absorb [ed][er][ing] [s] completely engage in

abstract summary of information / summarize
abstract not concrete or material - 'in the abstract'

abyss deep water or pit
abyss in heraldry - center of escutcheon

academic pertaining to schools or education
academic speculative; not applicable, moot

acanthus in botany - a certain type plant
acanthus in architecture - a style of column ornamentation

accent [s] emphasis
accent [s] particular speech sounds

accentuate emphasize - 'accentuate the psitive'
accentuate mark with accents in printing

accessory jewelry, hat, purse, gloves, etc.
accessory partner in a criminal act

accessories items added to enhance appearnce or performance
accessories partners in crime

accident unintended event
accident in grammer - nonessential attribute of a word
accident in heraldry - a nonessential mark in arms

accidental happening by chance
accidental nonessential accoutrements
accidental complimentary after colors from staring

accipiter raptor type of bird
accipiter nose bandage

accolade [s] ceremony of knighthood
accolade [s] applause and praise

accordion n. musical instrument
accordion adj. pleated

ace [s] n. in playing cards: rank above king or below 2 per game rules
ace [s] adj. / n. top performer - "Flying Ace"
ace [s] v. succeed or beat out - "ace the exam"

afghan [s] n. kind of blanket or throw
afghan [s] n. breed of dog
Afghan [s] n. person of Afghanistan

aim [ed][s][ing] v. target
aim [ed][s][ing] n. intent, goal

ash [es] n. type of tree
ash n. wood from ash tree
ash [es] n. fine particulate residue from burning

ass [es] n. donkey like animal
ass [es] n. fool, dolt
ass [es] n. buttocks [slang]

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babe [s] n. infant
babe [s] n. slang: woman, especially highly attractive
babe [s] n. colloq. inexperienced, unwitting - "babe in the woods"
Babe n. term of endearment - "I've got you Babe"

baby [ies] n. infant
baby n. term of endearment - "Baby I Love You"
baby [ies] v. treat with exaggerated tenderness

ball [s] n. social event; cotillion; dance
ball [s] n. toy or sports device to be thrown
ball [s] n. spherical object
ball [s][ed][ing] v. have a good time "let's ball"
ball [s][ed][ing] v. slang for coital intercourse
balls n. slang for human testicles; also courage or hutzpah
balling v. specific activity in game of Jacks - "balling the jack"

ballast n. weight compensation in a seagoing vessel
ballast n. railway roadbed
ballast n. transformer device used in fluorescent lighting fixtures

balloon [s] n. inflatable latex tube or ovoid: toy, weather, hot air
balloon [s] n. type of financial instrument or payment; usually a loan
balloon [s] v. expands rapidly beyond its original shape. e.g. Federal debt.

band [s] n. group of musicians or desperadoes or thieves
band [s][ed][ing] n. surrounding strap device - steel band, rubber band, etc
band [s][ed][ing] v. band together

bang [s] v. hit or bump; bang into an object
bang [s] n. hair style

bang [s] v. hit or bump; bang into an object
bang [s] n. hair style

bank [s] n. money repository; lending institution
bank [s] n. natural earthworks confining body of water; river bank, etc.
bank [s][ed][er][ing] v. ricochet or carom; bank shot in billiards
bank [s][ed][er][ing] v. elevate at an angle as in bank a roadway curve
bank [s][ed][er][ing] v. rely or depend upon; "bank on this"
bank [s][ed][er][ing] v. set a fire on hold for the night
banker [s] n. person engaged in financial banking system

bar [s] n. obstacle
bar [s] n. length or chunk of iron, gold, candy
bar [s] n. drinking establishment
bar [s] v. prohibit, prevent, exclude

bark [s] n. outer covering of a tree
bark [s][er][ing] n./v. sound made by dogs, seals & some other animals
bark [s][er][ing] n./v. churlish loud manner of speech - "barks orders"
barker n. pitchman at a circus or fair

base [s] n. foundation
base [s] n. alkaline substance as opposed to acid
base [s] a. common or vulgar
base [s] n. location [baseball, military, etc]

based a. founded on
based a. headquartered or residing at

basing p. predicating or founding on
basing p. situating at

bat [s] n. flying rodent
bat [s] n. sports games implement
bat [s] v. hit, typically a ball using a bat / swat at e.g. flies, bugs, etc. / knock down

batter [s][er] n. user of bat
batter n. cooking mixture [pancakes, cakes, etc]
batter [s][er] v. assault; beat up

batteries n.pl. portable electric sources
batteries n.pl. military gun emplacements
batteries n.pl. crimes; assaults

battery n. physical assault
battery n. portable electricity storage
battery n. military ordinance emplacement
battery n. group, e.g. battery of tests

batting p. hitting or swatting
batting n. fluffy cotton filler

bear [s] n: ursine mammal
bear [s] v. support, carry

bit [s] n. device used to control bridled horse
bit [s] n. boring tool used in drill
bit [s] n. computer jargon, 1/8 of a byte
bit [s] n. small amount, e.g. 'little bit'
bit v.pt. of bite

blade [s] n. cutting part of knife, sword, tool, etc
blade [s] n. certain shape object "blade of grass"
blade [s] n. slang - dashing man "gay blade" [not homosexual]

blaze [s] n. fire
blaze [s][d] n. mark of certain type on horse's forehead
blaze [s][d] n. trail mark on tree's bark
blaze [s][d] v. cut through - "blaze a trail"
blazed v.pt.. burned

blazer adj. / n. serious conflagration
blazer n. a trail maker

blazing v.p. burning; on fire
blazing v.p. marking a trail

blind adj. unseeing; lacking vision
blind [s] v. cause blindness whether temporary of permanent
blind [s] n. window covering
blind [s] n. hiding place [esp. for hunting]

blow [s] n. a hit 'strike a blow'
blow [s] n. wind or gale
blow [s][ing][n] v. push air
blow [s][ing][n] v. explode "She's gonna blow"
blow [s][ing][n] v. slang: go away, leave "Let's blow this joint"

bluff [s] n. high river bank; cliff like
bluff [s] n. a deception, ususally in competition
bluff [s] v. deceive as to intentions or position

blush [ed][es][ing] v. face becomes suffused with color; embarrasment
blush n. cosmetic for coloring skin
blush [ed][es][ing] n. condition in which a coating dries improperly; model paint

boil [s] v. heat water to 212F/100C
boil [s] v. overheat from anger "boiling mad"
boil [s] n. pus filled protrusion of skin

bolt [s] n. threaded cylindrical fastener mates with nut
bolt [s] n. security device
bolt [s] n. part of action in rifle, esp. single shot or bolt action weapon
bolt [s] n. cloth roll as furnished from mill
bolt [s] n. electrical discharge - bolt of lightning
bolt [s][ed][ing] v. make secure
bolt [s][ed][ing] v. flee; suddenly run away

bond [s] n. a security or promise to pay
bond [s] n. joining formed by adhesive
bond [s] n. close relationship - "marital bond"
bond [s] v. guarantee

bonded adj. describes condition of joined elements - "bonded together"
bonded v.pt. placed under bond

bonding v.p. causing to join fast
bonding v.p. placing under bond

bone [s] n. part of skeletal structure - "neck bone connected to duh .."
bone [s] v. remove bones from meat or fish prior to eating

boned adj. having bones
boned adj. / v.pt. removed bones from ...

boner [s] n. mistake - "pulled a boner"
boner [s] n. one who debones meat
boner [s] adj. slang for penile rection

bong [s][ed][ing] n. sound made by a large bell or gong; bonnng, bonnng
bong [s][ed][ing] v. hit or strike. pt of bang
bong [s] n. 20th cent slang for marijuana pipe

bonnet [s] n. type of ladies' hat
bonnet [s] n. cover
bonnet [s] n. automobile hood in Brit English

boob [s] adj. imecile or gullible person
boob [s] n. human mammary; teat

book [s] n. paper leaves bound together and covered
book [s][ed][er][ing] v. engage or schedule -"book a flight", "book an act"
book [s][ed][er][ing] v. place or accept wager on outcome of competition

boom [s] n. lower spar on a sail
boom [s][ed][ing] n. loud noise e.g. sonic boom; v. make a loud noise
boom [s][ed][ing] v. expand prodigiously [boom town. business boom]

boomer [s] n. class of people born during "baby boom"
boomer [s] n. something which booms

bound adj. tied up
bound adj. required to or destined to

bowl [s] n. circular dish
bowl [s][er][ing] v. roll ball toward pins
bowl [s][er][ing] v. figuratively knock over
bowler n. type of hat
bowling adj. modifier by usage - bowling shirt, bowling league

box n. container or carton
box [ed][er][ing] v. engage in fisticuffs
box [ed][er][ing] v. place inside a box
boxer n. breed of dog
boxer n. / adj. style of men's undergarment - 'boxer shorts'

brace [s][d] n./v./adj. support or reinforce
brace [s][d] v. confrront
brace [s] n. tool used for drilling by hand - holds the bit as in "brace & bit"
brace [s] n. the symbols '{' and' }' used in writing and printing
brace [s] n. a pair - as in "a brace of grouse" killed by hunting
braces n. suspenders for holding up trousers
braces n. orthodontic contraption for rearranging teeth

break [s] n. fracture
break [s] n. stroke of luck - "big break"
break [s] v. fracture, interrupt

breaker [s] n. fracturer
breaker [s] n. ocean wave
breaker [s] n. that which breaks something "deal breaker"
breaker] n. cb radio slang "breaker, breaker"

broad adj. wide
broad n.sl. a woman or a "dame"

broke v.pt. past tense of 'break' - "broke his arm"
broke adj. devoid of financial resources; bankrupt; out of funds

bromide [s] n. chemical compound salt of the element Bromine
bromide [s] n. trite saying, often lacking credulity - "that old bromide?"

brush [es] n. tool for painting
brush [es][ing] v. apply with brush or wipe away
brush [es][ing] v./n. encounter

buck [s] n. slang for U.S. dollar
buck [s] n. male deer
buck [s] v. push against or defy "buck the system"

buffalo [s][es] n. one or another bovines: bison, water, cape, etc
buffalo [s][es] v. bluff, confuse, overpower

bug [s] n. an insect
bug [s] n.sl. an electronic eavesdropping device
bug [s] v. install and/or use eavesdropping device
bug [s] n.sl. a flaw or glitch, esp. in computer applications, but anywhere
bug [s] v. annoy, pester - "stop bugging me"

bugged v.pt. installed and/or used eavesdropping device
bugged adj. has "bugs" installed
bugged adj. faulty program - is "bugged"
bugged v.pt. annoyed, pestered

bugger [s] n. installer or user of listening bug
bugger [s] n. annoying or dastardly person
bugger [s] v, slang, British

buggy adj. infested with bugs
buggy n. carriage

bulb [s] n. in horticulture - type of plant seed
bulb [s] n. electric light bulb
bulb [s] n. ovaloid object at bottom of mercury thermometer
bulb [s] n. ovaloid squeezable object for expelling air or pumping

bull [s] n. male of any cattle species, elephant, etc.
bull [s] n. pejorative slang for police or security officers
bull n. slang for untrue or unbelieved statement
bull [s] v. force in or through obstacle
bull adj. descriptor for rising stock prices "bull market"

bully n. a person who picks on others
bully intj: terrific ! Great !
bully adj. powerful or favorable position - 'bully pulpit'

bunco or bunko n/v. swindle, scam
bunco or bunko n. parlor game played with dice; also as bonko

butter [s] n. dairy product; v. apply butter to something
butter [s] n. something which butts - a goat for instance
butter [s][ed][ing] n. something which butts - a goat for instance
butter [s][ed][ing] n. something which butts - a goat for instance
buttered] n. something which butts - a goat for instance

buttery n. food or liquor storage room, pantry
buttery adj. similar to butter in taste, texture, color, etc

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cable [s] n. stranded wire such as suspension bridge or electrical cable
cable [s] n. somewhat obsolete term for message sent by undersea wire
cable [s] v. to bind with cable
cable adj. knitting style

cabled adj. connected by cables
cabled v.pt. sent a message

cabling n. describes materiel
cabling v. sending message(s)
cabling v. hooking up

caboose [s] n. last car on train
caboose [s] n. slang. human derriere

callous [ed] n. hardened skin
callous [ed] adj. uncaring, indifferent, hard hearted

can adj. able - "can do"
can [s] n. container
can [s] n. slang for toilet
can [s] n. slang for buttocks
can [s][ned][ning] v. place in can such as 'canning vegetables'
can [s][ned][ning] v. terminate from employment; fire

cane [s] n. certain plant stems e.g. bamboo, sugar cane
cane [s] n. walking aid for blind or feeble
cane [s][d][r] v. beat with a cane
cane [s][d][r] v. makes or repairs using cane, such as chairs
caning n. type of seating surface
caning v. making or repairing with cane
caning v. beating with a cane or stick

cant n. slope
cant v. whining chatter, complaining
canted adj. slanted, tilted
canted v.pt. complained

cape [s] n. garment of cloak variety; Superman's cape
cape [s] n. point of land - [Cape Hatteras]

card [s] n. small stiff paper piece - "buisness card","greeting card" etc
card [s] n. jokester - "he's a real card" sometimes sarcastically used
card [s] n. rectangular plastic sheet - credit card, I.D. card, etc.
card [s][ed][ing] n. device or machine for processing fibers | v. using same
card [s][ed][ing] v. to inspect ID cards for eligibility - membership or age

cardinal [s] n. species of bird
cardinal [s] n. prelate of the Roman Catholic church
Cardinal [s] n. professional baseball team
cardinal adj. name of a red color [from the bird]
cardinal adj. a category of sin
cardinal adj. first or primary as in the cardinal reason

carriage n. vehicle, esp horse-drawn
carriage n. posture - style of walking & standing

case [s] n. box, container, luggage, etc
case [s] n. body of facts or evidence
case [s] n. situation - "in case of fire break glass"
case [d][s] v. enclose or insert in a case
case [d][s] v. reconnoiter, as in "case the joint"

casing n. cabinetry, woodwork, sausage tubing, etc.
casing v.p. reconnoitering

cataract [s] n. cloudiness in eye lens
cataract [s] n. large waterfall

catch [es] n. hidden provision - "what's the catch"
catch [es] n. results of effort - string of fish, rich husband, etc.
catch [es] n. desirable objective - "he's a catch"
catch [es] v. grasp an object in flight - thrown ball; trap a mouse

catholic adj. universal
Catholic n. adherent of Roman Catholicism

cave [s] n. hole in the Earth - cavern
cave [s] v. yield, surrender, collapse - a cave in"

caving v.p. spelunking, exploring caverns
caving v.p. giving in

charm[s] v. behave in pleasing manner; beguile
charm[s] n. attribute of certain pleasing persons
charm[s] n. talisman or good luck charm
charm[s] n. small jewelry article usually attached to bracelet
charm[s] n. spell cast by witch or wizard

cherry n. fruit of the cherry tree; flavor
cherry n. wood from the cherry tree
cherry n. color
cherry n./adj. slang for perfect condition; original; mint

china n. dinnerware
China n.pr. nation of

chink [s] n. a crack or fissure in an object or surface
chink [s] n. metallic sound such as when a coin hits a hard surface
chink [s][ed][ing] v. to make a surface fissure
chink [s][ed][ing] v. to make a sharp metallic sound
Chink [s] n. perjorative slang for Chinese person or people

chip [s] n. token as used in casinos
chip [s] n. food snack; potato or corn chip
chip [s] n. defect; chip on edge of plate, etc. | adj. chipped
chip [s][ped][per] v. cause a defect
chip [s] v. donate, contribute - "chip in"
chipper n. chip maker; person or machine
chipper adj. displaying enthusiams, happiness

cinch [es] adj. easily accomplished
cinch [es] n. latch; part of saddle
cinch [es] v. connect & tighten, latch

circle [s] n. geometric shape
circle [s][d] v. go around - "circle the globe"
circle [s][d] v. surround; form a circle - "circle the wagons"

circling v.p going around
circling v.p. encircling; surrounding

clap [s][ped][ping] v. applaud
clap [s][ped][ping] v. strike, as a bell
clap n. slang for veneral disease gonorhea

clapper [s] n. one who applauds
clapper [s] n. striking part of bell

clip v. cut off
clip adj. describes speed as in "moving at a good clip"

cloak [s] n. garmet, sleeveless coat or cape
cloak [s] v. conceal, hide, obscure

cloaked adj. adorned by a cloak
cloaked v.pt. hid, obscured

clock[s] n. timekeeping instrument or device
clock[s] v. to measure & record speed or eapsed time

clog [s] n. stoppage
clog [s] n. type of shoe
clog [s] v. stop up or interefere with flow

clogging v.p. obstructing [traffic, flow, drains, etc]
clogging v.p. form of dancing

coast [s] n. edge of land at sea
coast [s] v. roll or proceed without effort from inertia or gravity
coast [s] v. cease effort to achieve

cobble [s] n. paving stone, lump of coal
cobble [s][ing] v. make shoes
cobble [s][ing][d] v. assemble from disparate ill fitting components
cobble [s][ing][d]
v. pave with cobblestones

cobbler [s] n. shoe maker
cobbler [s] n. pastry and fruit baked dessert (peach, cherry, etc)

cock [s][ed][ing] v. prepare gun for firing
cock [s][ed][ing] v. tilt to side [cock a hat]
cock [s][ed][ing] v. tilt at an angle; adjust - "cock a hat to the side"
cock [s] n. male of various bird species
cock [s] n. slang for penis
cock [s] adj. perjorative - "cock o'the walk"

coin [s] n. money
coin [s][ed][er][ing] v. mint money
coin [s][ed][er][ing] v. invent - specifically "coin" a new word

cold n. rhinovirus - "common cold"
cold adj. ambient temperature

collar [s] n. part of garment surrounding neck
collar [s] n. retaining ring
collar [s][ed] v. catch, apprehend
collared adj. having a collar

colon [s] n. punctuation mark ' : '
colon [s] n. internal digestive track organ

common adj. ordinary, plentiful
common n. public space
common adj. "in common" or jointly owned

con [s] n. swindle, con game
con [s] n. prisoner, convict
con [s] v. run a swindle
con [s] adj/n. adj. against [ pro and con]

conducting v.p. directing musical performance
conducting v.p./adj. carrying electrical current, heat, etc.

conductor one who directs musicians
conductor n. capable of transmitting electricity, heat, etc
conductor n. ticket taker on railway systems

conning adj. submarine conning tower for reconnaisance
conning cheating, deceiving

contract [s][ed][ing] v. enter agreement
contract [s][ed][ing] v. pull as in muscle action
contract [s][ed][ing] v. get or catch as in a disease
contract [s][ed][ing] v. shrink, withdraw, opposite of expand

contractor [s] n. builder
contractor [s] n. supplier or party to agreement
contractor [s] n. providing contraction as in muscle

cop [s] n. slang for policeman [abbrev. Constable On Patrol]
cop [s] v. accept, admit to - "cop a plea"

copper n. atomic elemental metal [Cu]
copper n. slang for penny
copper n. slang for policeman

cord [s] n. small diameter rope [homonym w chord]
cord [s] n. electrical wires [ extension cord, telephone cord, etc]
cord [s] n. measure or quantity of cut logs - firewood

corn n. edible starchy vegetable or crop thereof
corn n. calloused or hardened skin, usually on foot
corn adj. perjorative descriptive for certain types of humor, comedy

corner [s] n. junction or intersection
corner [s] v. trap in a corner

cow [s] n. female of bovine and other species
cow [s] v. berate or force into acquiesence

crab [s] n. aquatic crustachean
crab [s] n. grouchy person, complainer
crab [s] v. engage in catching edible crabs

crabbing v.p. complaining
crabbing v.p. engaging in catching edible crabs

craft [s] n. boat
craft [s] n. method or skill
craft [s] n. guile
craft [s] v. skilfully make

crafty adj. good at making, crafting
crafty adj. deceitful, shifty

crane [s] n. type of wading bird
crane [s] n. hoisting machine
crane [s] v. twist or stretch neck to see better

crater [s] n. one who places things in a crate
crater [s] n. impact depression on surface - "moon crater"

cream [s] n. dairy product
cream [s] v. substantially defeat in competition

critical [ly] adj./adv. judgmental or discerning
critical [ly] adj./adv. important, crucial or seminal moment or event
critical adj. term in chemistry & physics - e.g. "critical mass"

croak [s] n. sound associated with frogs
croak [s][ed][ing] v. make a sound like a frog
croak [s][ed][ing] v. slang for die or to cause someone's death

crock n. eartenware container as used in pickling
crock adj. expresses disbelief; "that's a crock"

crook [s] n. thief
crook [s] n. shepherd's staff
crook [s] n. bend in a river

crooked adj. dishonest
crooked adj. bent or meandering as a line, stream, path or road

cross [es] n. religious symbol; geometric shape
cross adj. ill humored - prone to anger
cross [es][ed]ing] v. traverse; oppose
crossed v.pt. removed; crossed off
crossing n. place where one may cross [e.g. railroad crossing]

crowd [s][ed] n.col. many people | adj. crowded
crowd [s][ed] v. push against "stop crowding me"

crush [es] n. infatuation, usually in an adolescent
crush [es] n. type of beverage
crush [es][ed][ing] v. mash, smash, compress - physically or emotionally
crushed adj. mashed, squeezed, pressed, etc

culture [s] n. bacterial specimen
culture [s][d] v. grow, husband
culture [s] n. collective societal norms & mores
cutlure [s] n. popular taste in music, art, etc
cultured adj. recognized as having refined taste & appreciation
cultured adj. produced by control - "cultured pearls" a opposed to naturally

curb [s][ed][ing] n. physical border, usually edge of street
curb [s][ed][ing] ] v. restrain or limit

cure [s] n. a palliative - healing agent
cure [s][d] v. heal
cure [s][d] v. preserve by salting or smoking

curing v.p. healing
curing v.p. preserving

current n. flow of water or electricity
current adj. happening now or recently, contemporary

curry [ies] n. style of cooking with curry spices; the spice itself
curry [ies][ing] v. seek favor
curry [ies][ing] v. dress a horse or animal with curry brush

cycle [s] n. iteration; one of repeating events
cycle [s] v. operate a bicycle or unicycle

cycled v. repeated through iterations
cycled v.pt. operated cycle

cycling p. repeating
cycling p. operating a cycle machine

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darn [s][ed][ing] expl. expression of disappointment; substitute for 'damn'
darn [s][ed][ing] v. repair article of clothing

dart[s] n. game projectile
dart[s] n. sewing/tailoring term for a type of tuck
dart[s] v. move quickly from place to place; "darts about"

darter[s] n. one who plays at darts
darter[s] n. type of fish, usually perch
darter[s] n. moves quickly from place to place; "darts about"
darter[s] n. bird of the species ahninga, aka snakebird

dart[s] n. game projectile
darting v.p. sewing/tailoring term for making darts

deal [s] n/v. bargain; transaction
deal [s][er][ing] v. sell, resell, as 'deal in dry goods' etc | n. er, ing
deal [s][er][ing] v. distribute playing cards to players | n. er, ing

dear [er][est][ly] n. object of affection; dear to one
dear [er][est][ly] adj. expensive, pricey

deck [s] n. platform; ship's topside surface
deck [s] n. pack of playing cards
deck [s] n. electronic device as in "tape deck" for recording
deck [s][ed][ing] v. knock down
deck [s][ed][ing] v. apply decking to

digest[s] v. take in assimilate
digest[s] n. compilation [such as "Readers Digest Magazine"]

diner [s] n. eatery
diner [s] n. eater; one who dines

dive [s] n.a plunge from a height; swimmers, airplanes, birds, etc
dive [s] n.sl. low class nightclub
dive [s] v. plunge from a height; swimmers, airplanes, birds, etc

divers adj. many diverse kinds
divers n.pl. ones who dive into water or activities

dodge [s] n. a scheme to defraud
dodge [s] v. avoid

dodger [s] n. fraud practitioner
dodger [s] n. avoider
Dodgers n.pr. professional baseball team

dog [s] n. type of canine animal
dog [s][ged][ging] n./v. latch or stop
dog [s][ged][ging] v. persistently pursue, follow, stalk

doll [s] n. miniature replica of living animal or person
doll [s] n.slang. a woman or kind helpful person - "she's a doll"

dolly n. variant for 'doll'
Dolly n.prop. diminuitive for name Doloroes

dope [s] n. gullible or dumb person
dope [s] n. type of coating such as model airplane paint
dope [s] n. slang for certain drugs, notably marijuana, heroin, etc.
dope [s] v. alter a substance chemically; inject a foreign substance
dope [s][d] v. inject with drugs; dope a racehorse, etc.
dope [s][d] v. apply coating of 'dope'

dopey adj. not mentally bright; dumb; foolish - dopey thing to do
Dopey pr.n. famous fictional dwarf from 'Snow White' tale
dopey adj. under the influence of dope

down n. soft feathers; goose down used in pillows, jackets, etc
down adj./adv. direction opposite of up; lower
down v. swallow, take in; 'down the hatch'

draw [s][n] n. advance against commission to be earned
draw [s] v. to receive advances agaisnt commissions to be eraned
draw [s] v. to illustrate - usually with pencil or ink on paper
draw [s][n] v. pull or extract - "draw a wagon", 'draw water from a well"
drawn adj. illustrated
drawn adj. separated as in "drawn butter"
drawn adj. looking peaked, worn, tired

drawer [s] n. movable compartment in furniture
drawer [s] n. person who draws or illustrates
drawer [s] n. puller
drawers n.pl. undergarments

drawing v.p. receiving advances agaisnt commissions to be eraned
drawing [s] n. an illustration
drawing [s] v.p. pulling or extracting - "drawing a wagon", 'drawing water"

dress [es] n. article of clothing
dress [es][ed][ing] v. put on clothing
dress [es][ed][ing] v. prepare: dress a turkey, prep for finishing
dressing [s] n. as in salad dressing, turkey stuffing, etc.
dressing [s] n. bandage over injury

drink [s] n. beverage, usually refers to alchollic type
drink n. slang for body of water "in the drink"
drink [s] v. ingest liquid

drip [s] n. continous falling of liquid from a leak
drip [s] v. leak droplets
drip [s] n. socially inept; jerk

drive [s] n. a roadway, street, boulevard
drive [s] n. in golf, flight of ball from tee position; baseball - a line drive
drive [s] n. excursion by automobile - "go for a drive"
drive [s][er][ing] v. operate a moving vehicle
drive [s][er][ing] v. send object to destination, target
drive [s][er][ing] v. insert with force - a piling, a screw

drunk adj. inebriated
drunk v.pt. ingested liquid

duds n. slang: clothes, clothing
duds n. failures - e.g. unexploded munitions

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eek [s] expl. expression of surprise
eke [s] v. barely accomplish through toil - eke out a living
[Anagram Pair]

egg [s] n. ovum, reproductive cell
egg [s] n. good person [slang]
egg [s][ed][er][ing] v. vandalize by throwing eggs
egg [s][ed][er][ing] v. encourage, urge - "egg on"

embroider [s] [ed] v./adj. apply dseign elements using sewing threads
embroider [s] [ed] v./adj. embellish or exaggerate facts or stories

engage [s][d] v. bethrothe
engage [s][d] v. hire, appoint
engage [s][d] v. clutch or involve in

engagement [s] n. betrothal
engagement [s] n. appointment, gig

engaging v.p. betrothing, hiring, appointing, involving
engaging adj. captiavtion as in personality

ether [s] n. flammable hydrocarbon used as an anesthetic
ether [s] n. mythical cosmic gas

eye [s] n. vision organ
eye [s] n. center; as in a hurricane
eye [s][d] v. view or inspect
eyed adj. having an eye - "one eyed Jacks"

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face [d][s] n. countenance
face [d][s] v. turn toward
facing n. covering material, esp in sewing and construction
facing v.p. turning toward or having turned toward

faculty n. natural ability - reflexes - cognitive ability
faculty n. collective human resources - teachers primarily
faculties n.pl. natural abilities - reflexes - cognitive abilities
faculties n.pl. collective human resources - teachers primarily

fag [s] n. a drudge, esp. a boy, who does menial work
fag [s] n. defect in cloth
fag [s] n. slang: cigarette
fag [s] n. perj. slang: male homosexual
fag [s] v. grow weary; fatigued

fagot, faggot [s] n. bundle of sticks
fagot, faggot [s] n. substitute in military muster
fagot, faggot [s] n. dry, shriveled old woman
fagot, faggot [s] n. perj. slang: male homosexual

fain [s][ed][ing] v. make glad
fain [s][ed][ing] v. desire
fain a. content

faint a. pale, barely visible
faint a. weak or cowardly
faint a. dejected or depressed
faint [s][ed][er][ing] n./v. swoon
faint [s][ed][er][ing] v. to become weak or frail

fair n. carnival or event - 'county fair'
fair [ly] adj. /adv. reasonable, judicious, evenhanded
fair adj.light in color
fairly adv. more or less - 'fairly even'

fan [s] n. enthusiast, follower
fan [s] n. air moving device
fan [s] v. move air by use of fan

fancied adj. ornamented - that house is really fancied up
fancied v.pt. wanted, appreciated

fancier adj.comp. more fancy than ...
fancier n. one who wants or appreciates - cat fancier

fancy adj. opposite of plain; ornamental; term in food industry
fancy n./v. product of imagination; imagine
fancy v. desire, want - "fancy a stroll in the park my dear ?" said the Ripper

felt n. nonwoven cloth
felt v.pt. feel

fence [s] n. barrier
fence [s] n. facilitator of stolen goods
fence [s] v. sport of combat with foils

fenced n. enclosed by a fence
fenced adj. stolen goods resold
fenced v.pt. competed with foils

fencing n. material for building fences
fencing v.p. selling stolen goods
fencing v.p. engaging in combat with foils

ferret [s] n. weasel like mammal sometimes kep as a pet
ferret [s] v. reveal, uncover, dig out information

file [s] n. tool for sharpening or abrading
file [s] n. data storage or stored data
file [s][d][r][rs] v. use a file tool to sharpen metal or reduce fingernails, etc
file [s][d][r][rs] v. place records in file system storage

filing v.p. using a file tool to sharpen metal or reduce fingernails, etc
filing v.p. placing records in file system storage
filing v.p. entering petitions with a court or clerk of court

filings n.pl. particles resulting from using file tool
filings n.pl. occurences of entering documents with court

filling n. dental material in tooth cavity
filling v. adding content to ...

fine [r][st] adj. excellent, high quality
fine [r][st] adj. small; as in mesh openings or particles
fine n./v. penalty

finish [es][ed] n. surface treatment as on furniture
finish [es][ed] v. complete action, come to the end

fire [s] n. conflagration; rapid oxidation
fire [s][d] v. terminate from employment; dismiss
fire [s][d] v. engender enthusiasm & determination - "fire up"
fire [s][d] v. commence or start - "fire up a computer", etc

firing [s] v/n. terminating + terminations
firing [s] v. engendering enthusiasm & determination - "fire up"
firing [s] v. commencing or starting - "fire up a computer", etc

fit [s] adj. appropriate, suitable, correct size
fit [s] n. seizure such as epileptic fit
fit [s] n. extreme agitation, "conniption fit"
fit [s] v. attach to; prepare
fit] in good condition; healthy

fitter n. one who fits things. pipe fitter, dress fitter, etc.
fitter adj. in better condition

fitting n. a part or piece. pipe fitting, etc.
fitting n/adj. appropriate, proper - "it is fitting to do ..."
fitting v. attaching

flag [s] n. banner of state, nation or other entity
flag [s] n. indicator
flag [s][ged][ger][ging] v. become weary, lose momentum
flag [s][ged][ger][ging] v. attract attention - "flag down a taxi"

flame [s] n. manifestation of fire
flame [s] n.sl. previous romantic lover
flame v. expose to fire - "flame cook a bell pepper"

flaming adj. burning
flaming adj. extremely as in "flaming idiot"
flaming v.p. exposing to flames

flies n.pl. insects esp. common house fly
flies v. 2nd person - Superman flies

float [s] n. display vehicle in parade
float [s] n. bouyant supports
float n. funds in transit
float [s][ed][er][ing] v. cause to be suspended on liquid
float [s][ed][er][ing] v. extend a loan of money or borrow money - "float a loan"
floater n. slang. corpse risen to surface of body of water

flock [s][ed][ing] n. group of birds or sheep
flock [s][ed][ing] v. apply fuzzy coating

floor [s] n. interior base surface of enclosed space; bottom
floor [s][ed] v. surpise, amaze
floored adj. having a floor
floored adj. exceedingly surprised "I was floored when I heard .."

flush [es] n. in game of poker, 5 cars same suit
flush [es] v. wash out or clear
flush [es] v. cause to emerge from hiding - flush a bevy of quail, etc.
flush adj. having lots of money

fly n. insect esp. common house fly
fly n. opening on tent, trousers
fly v. become airborne

flyer[s] n. one who flies; pilot
fly[er[s] n. advertising circulars
flyer[s] n. chance effort - "take a flyer"

foil [s] n. sword used in sport of fencing
foil [s] n. thin metal sheeting
foil [s][ed][er][ing] n/v. interferer / interfere
foil [s][ed][er][ing] v. prevent

font [s] n. fountain, source "font of knowledge"
font [s] n. set of typographical characters

foot n. human appendage; bottom, underpinning
foot n. unit of English system meaure = 12 inches
foot v. support, carry - 'foot the bill'

footed adj. having feet - 'footed goblet s'
footed v.pt. supported, carried

footing n. building foundation
footing v. supporting or carrying

force [s] n. a power - force of water, electricity, etc.
force [s] n. a military collective - fighting force
force [s] v. compel

fork [s] n. tool for eating
fork [s] n. intersection or choice [on road or in life, etc]
fork [s][ed][ing] v. use a fork to move something [hay for example]
fork [s][ed][ing] v. metaphoric use: deliver, give up - "fork it over buddy"

fortune [s] n. destiny
fortune [s] n. wealth

fox [es] n. small canine type mammal
fox [es] n. slang. good looking woman
fox [es] v. cause acid spots to appear on paper

frame [s] n. box like surround
frame [s][d][r][rs] v. insert in frame
frame [s][d][r][rs] v. in construction, erect wall structural members
frame [s][d][r][rs] v. falsely set up one as perpetrator

framing v.p. placing in a frame or frames
framing v.p. building a frame structure
framing v.p. making appear guilty

fret [s] n. spaced ridges on guitar fingerboard
fret [s] v. worry

fritter [s] n. pan cooked pattie of fruit or vaeggies
fritter [s] v. dispose wastefully or without care

frog [s] n. amphibian reptile
frog [s] n. type of catch used on garments
frog [s] adj. perjorative for Frenchman

fuit [s] n. produce of some trees and shrubs
fruit [s] v. put forth, produce fruit
fruit [s][y] n./adj. slang. homosexual male
fruity adj. sweet, redolent of fruit scent or taste

fudge [s] n. sweet confection or candy
fudge [s] v. alter, evade, or cheat - "fudge a little"

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game [s] n. competition in sports or recreation like cards
game n. targets of a hunt as in "wild game"
game [s] v. con or prank - "run a game on"
game adj. willing - "I'm game for that"

gaming v.p. cheating, conning
gaming v./adj. gambling &/or the industry, casinos, lotteris, etc

gander [s] n. male goose
gander [s] n./v. glance; quick look - "yake a gander at this"
Gander pn. city in Newfoundland, Canada

gay adj. happy, blythe
gay adj. 20th century corruption meaning homosexual human, esp male

gin n. alcoholic beverage
gin [s] n. machine
gin [s] v. lift using a gin - "gin it up"

glass [es] n. clear structural material made from sand
glass [es] n. slang: drinking tumbler
glasses n. other name for spectacles i.e. eye glasses

glaze [s] n. ceramic coating fired in kiln
glaze [s] n. in cooking, usually fruit based sauce on baked ham or turkey
glaze[d][r][s] v. apply coating in ceramics or cooking
glaze[d][r][s] v. cover opening w/ transparent panels such as glass, acrylic
glazed adj. ceramic after coating fired in kiln
glazed adj. meat cooked with glazing sauce
glazed adj. opening covered w/ transparent panels such as glass, acrylic

glazing n. coating material
glazing v.p. act of applying glazing material

grace [d] n./v. blessing and/or remission from God
grace [d] n./adj. style; adorned with grace

grade [s] n. score, result of trial
grade [s] n. incline
grade [d][s] n./adj. level of quality assigned
grade [d][s] v. apply score or rating
grader [s] n. one who applies score or asigns grade
grader [s] n. machine for moving earth

grading v. applying score or assigning grade
grading v. shaping the surface

graft [s] n. plant stem inserted into other plant
graft n. bribery of officials
graft [s] v. make a horticultural graft

grain [s] n. small particle - "grain of sand"
grain [s] n. category of food crop - rice, wheat, etc.
grain [s] n. cellular structure in wood

gram [s] n. metric unit of weight
gram [s] n. chick pea

grave n. burial place
grave adj. extremely serious - a grave matter or situation

gray [s] n./adj. color between black & white
gray adj. dreary or dismal or oncertain - "gray area"
gray [s] v. to become gray

grip [s] n. colloquial. suitcase or luggae
grip [s] n. in theatrical jargon one who carries things to a point
grip [s] n. the power of one's handclasp or hold
grip [s] v. take hold of

groin [s] n. in anatomy, peliv region
groin [s] n. erosion control breakwaters along beaches

gross n. 144 of something; 12 dozen
gross n. heavy, ponderous, large, total - "gross weight"
gross adj. coarse, unrefined
gross adj. disgusting, revolting
gross adj. flagrant - "gross error in judgment"
gross v.slang. make one revolted - "gross me out"

grunt [s][ed][ing] n./v. guttural sound, often when straining physically
grunt [s][ed][ing] n. /v.sound made by hogs
grunt [s] n. species of fish
grunt [s] n. slang for lowest scale worker or military personnel

gum [s] n. base flesh surroung roots of teeth in mouth
gum [s] n. elastic material for chewing
gum [s] n. rubbery adhesive
gum [s] n. species of tree
gum [s][ed][ming] v. apply sticky substance to - "gum up the works"
gum [s][ed][ming] v. chew without teeth as a baby gums food
gummed adj. having an adhesive film as in gummed label or tape

gun [s] n. firearm, artillery, cannon
gun [s][ed][er][ning] v. accelerate; cause rapid increase of speed
gun [s][ed][er][ning] v. obliterate with firearm - "gun down"

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hack [s] n. unqualified practitioner, esp. in medicine & law
hack [s] n. a cough or severe cough
hack [s] n. taxi cab vehicle
hack [s] n. cut or notch in a tree
hack [s] n. worn out horse
hack [s][ing] v. cough excessively, forcefully
hack [s][ing] v. chop indiscriminately in a bungling manner
hacking adj. descriptor, mostly re: coughing "hacking cough"

ham [s] n. specially processed pork
ham [s] n. / adj. actor overacting

hand [s] n. human version of a paw
hand [s] n. employee, helper; 'ranch hands'
hand [s] n. unit of measure
hand [s] v. give or present, as in 'hand to', 'hand over'
hand adj. the feel of textile goods

handle [s] n. extension or attachment to be grasped by a hand
handle [s] n. slang: nickname, especially in CB radio parlance
handle [s][d] v. manipulate by hand, or in general; "I'll handle that problem"
handle [d] adj. possessing a handle

head [s] n. topmost part of anatomy
head [s] n. leader, chief executive
head [s] n. topmost position or ranking - front of line, top of class, etc
head [s] n. nautical term for toilet
head [s] v. go toward - "head for the hills"

held v.pt. supported, carried
held v.pt. believed, subscribed to

hem [s] n. folded sewn edge of cloth
hem [s] v. stammer, evade - "hem and haw"

hip [s] n. part of human body
hip adj. "with it", "in the know" re: pop culture
hip [s] adj. / n. type of roof; architectural term

hit [s] n. smashing success, esp. theatrical productions
hit [s] v. strike; in baseball a base hit
hitting p. achieving gola
hitting p. striking

hold [s] v. keep, posess, believe - a wrestling grip
hold [s] n. cargo compartment of ship

honey n. sweet substance produced by bees
honey n. term of endearment
honey adj. meaning good - "honey of a deal"

hood [s] n. cowls or head coverings
hood [s] n. cover over automobile engine compartment, cooking stove, etc
hood [s] n. in academe a cloth device signifying status
hood [s] n. slang; 'neighborhood', also thug, crminal, from 'hoodlum'
hood [s] v. place a hood over something

hoof [s] n. feet of some animals
hoof [s][ed][er][ing] v. walk - "hoof it to town"
hoof [s][ed][er][ing] v. slang; dance, dancer, dancing, etc.

hook [s] n. bent sharp device for catching or connecting
hook [s] n./v. in baseball, golf and other sports - a curving motion of ball
hook [s] n./v. a short blow with bent elbow in ouglism
hook [s][ed][er][ing] v. uses a hook
hook [s][ed][er][ing] v. catch by deception - entrap for swindle - 'hook a sucker'
hook [s][ed][er][ing] v. make a rug or textiule art by hooking
hooker [s] n. slang for prostitute
hooking v.p. plying the trade of prostitution

hoot [s] n. sound made by bird, typical an owl
hoot [s] n. funny or incredulous item - "ain't that a hoot !"
hoot [s][er] v. make a sound expressing disdain like at a sports event
hooter [s] n. 20th cent. slang for human mammaries - "check those hooters"
Hooters n.prop. trade name of an American restaurant chain

horn [s] n. animal appendage - bull or cow horn
horn [s] n. musical instrument, noisemaker - trumpet, car horn
horn [s] n. shodding aid - shoe horn
horn [s][ed] v. intrudes uninvited - "horns in on .."
horned adj. posessing a hron
hornier, horniest adj. hard or scaly like unto qualities of animal horn
hornier, horniest adj. slang; desiring sexual intercourse
horny adj. hard or scaly like unto qualities of animal horn
horny adj. slang; desiring sexual intercourse

hose [s] n. flexible conduit usually for water
hose [s] n. stockings [colloq.]
hose [s] v. use a hose to apply water as in afire hose

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ice [s] n. frozen water, also Italian dessert
ice [s] v. apply frosting to cake
ice [s] v. eliminate, kill [slang]
iced adj./v. coated with ice - as airplane wing iced up
iced v. pt. applied frosting
iced v.pt. killed
icing v.p. coating with ice or causing to freeze
icing [s] n. frosting for baked goods
icing [s] v.p. killing

impress [ed][er][ing] v. cause to have a high opinion of; be impressive
impress [ed][er][ing] v. forcefully communicate idea; "impress upon you"
impress [ed][er][ing] v. form on a substrate as impress image on a coinor medal; strike

incredible adj. not credible or reliable
incredible expl. wonderful, marvelous [modern usage] "incredible bargain"

interest    [1] n. concern
interest n. premium paid on savings or loans for use of funds
interest n. participation, ownership

iron n. ferrous metal, chemical element
iron [s] n. tool for pressing clothing
iron [s] v. pressing fabric

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jack [s] n. workman
jack [s] n. lifting machine
jack [s] n. salmon
jack n. money [slang]
jack n. knowledge [slang - "you don't know jack"]
jack [s] n. nautical flag
jack [s] n. electrical or telephone socket
jack [s] n. East Indian tree species
jack [s][ed][ing] v. raise or lift by using a jack - "jack up"
jack [s][ed][ing] v. mislead or obfuscate [slang - "don't jack me around"]

jam [s] n. preserves, fruit condiment
jam [s] n. intractable position - "in a jam"
jam [s] v. force into or together

jar [s] n. container
jar [s] v. disturb or upset

John n.pr. given name
john [s] n. scam target, victim, customer od prostitute
john [s] n.slang. toilet facility

joint [s] n. skeletal connection
joint [s] n. low class nightclub or bar [slang]
joint [s] n. prison [slang]
joint [s] n. marijuana cigarette [slang]

jug [s] n. container
jug [s] n. slang for jail
jugs n.slang. woman's breasts

juice [s] n. liquid extract from fuits & vegetables
juice n. electricity
juice n. political or financial power and influence
juice [d][s] v. extract fluid from fruits or vegetables
juiced adj. inebriated, drunk [slang]

juicer [s] n. machine for extracting juice from fruits or vegetables
juicer [s] n. one who extracts fluid from fruits or vegetables

just adj. fair
just adj/adv. barely

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keep [s] v. retain, posess
keep [s] v. maintain, husband
keep [s] n. castle or hideaway [archaic]

kid [s] n. young goat or antelope
kid [s] n. human child [slang]
kid [s] v. josh, tease

king [s] n. monarch
king [s] n. playing card rank
king [s] n. piece in game of chess
king [s] v. action in game of checkers

kit [s] n. assemblage of articles or parts for a purpose
kit [s] n. young feline [s]
kit [s] n. small viloin w/ 3 strings

knife n. cutting implement
knife v. to cut with a knife, especially feloniously

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lab [s] n. abbrev. for laboratory
lab [s] n. modern abbrev. for Labrador Retriever dog breed

laid v.pt. lay
laid n. type of paper

lap [s] n. distance around an oval track or across a pool
lap [s] v. slurp; drink as does a dog
lap [s] n. shelf formed by human thighs when seated

lark [s] n. bird species
lark [s] n. carefree adventure; gag; - "do it on a lark"

lay n. position - "the lay of the land" or "ball"
lay v.pt. past tense of lie
lay [er][ing][s] v. set or position - "lay an egg"
lay [er][ing][s] v. make a wager - "lay a bet"
lay adj. a "lay person" in organization, not an official or cleric
layer n. vertically placed sgment; layer cake

league [s] n. distance measure, varied usage, but about 3 miles
league [s] n. group or association: bowling league, etc.

lime [s] n. small green citrus fruit
lime [s] n. various forms of calcium oxide
lime [s] v. apply lime to: soil, surfaces

limp n. / v. way of walking unsteadily
limp adj. flexible; inadequate

line [s] n. connects two points on a plane or in space
line [s] n. row as in a chorus line; queue
line [r][s] v. cover a shelf or drawer bottom
line [d] [r][s] v. inscribe or print lines on a surface; rule
lined n. having lines or rules
lined v. pt. arranged in line(s) - usually with "up"
liner n. ocean going vessel

lining n. backing as in draperies or clothing
lining v. demarcating as in "red lining" an area

light n. illuminator - "turn on the light" or lamp
light adj. opposite of dark
light adj. opposite of heavy
light [ed] v. illuminate - shine a light
lighted n. illuminated

lighter [s] n. device which generates fire for lighting other objects
lighter [s] n. one who lights things
lighter [s] n. type of crain for loading/unloading cargo ships
lighter adj. less heavy by comparison
lighter adj. less dark by comparison

lightest adj. least heavy by comparison
lightest adj. least dark by comparison

lighting n. equipment placed for illumination purposes; lights
lighting v.p. turning on lights or setting a fire

link[s] n. connection in chain, evidence, etc.
link[s] v.connect to or associate with
links n. golf course

loaf n. chunk of bread
loaf v. laze about

lock [s] n. security device
lock [s] n. n. water level control gate usually on river
lock [s] n. human hair (as in golden locks)
lock[s][ed][ing] v. fix in place; lock down
lock[s][ed][ing] v. to secure; keep others out; lock up
locker[s]n. storage compartment
locker[s]n. person who locks things

loft [s] v. throw underhand; raise up
loft [s] n. overhead storage similar to mezzanine

log [s] n. jorunal or record - 'ship's log'
log [s][ged][ging] v. entering data or notation
log [s] n. short for logarythm
log [s] n. section of tree limb
log [s][ged][ging] v. remove trees from land
logger [s] n.pl. ones who create data logs
logger [s] n.pl. workers who log forests; perfom logging

loom [s] n. device for weaving cloth
loom [s] v. appear or portend

loon [s] n. bird species
loos [s] n. nut case; mentally deranged person

love n. powerful feeling of affection
love n. in tennis, a score of zero

low [s] n./v. sound made by cow
low[s] n./adj. opposite of high[s]

lug [s] n. holding device such as "lug nut" on a car wheel
lug [s] n. large, lumbering not very bright person - a lummox
lug [s] n. a connecting point - electrical soldering lugs
lug [s] v. carry or haul

lumber n. product tree harvesting; boards
lumber [ed] [ing] v. to harvest trees for timber
lumber [ed] [s][ing] v. move in a clumsy manner
lumbering adj. describing a clumsy mover .. "lumber bear", "lumbering idiot"

lush adj. verdant; full
lush n. slang for drunkard

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mail n. postal articles or services
mail n. type of body armor

mandarin n. variety of citrus fruit
Mandarin n. Chinese province, title, culture

mangle [s] n. flatwork ironing device
mangle [s] v. work or botch

marble [s] n. naturally occuring form of stone
marble [s] n. spheroid game piece
marble [s] v. mix in manner to show multiple colors

march [es] n. musical composition of certain style, often patriotic or martial
march [es] n. a kind of hike, parade, or foray
march [es] v. walk in a certain military style
march intj. command to commence walking ... "march young man"
March n. third month of Gregorian calendar

marine adj. pertaining to the sea or nautical matters
Marine n. member of U.S. Marine Corps

mark [s][ed][ing] n./v. dimple, defect, indicator - "x marks the spot"
mark [s] n. unit of German currency [before euro]
mark [s][ed][ing] n. symbol - eg. trademark
mark [s][ed][ing] n./v. substitute for signature
mark [s] n. grade, score or level - achieved a mark of 90% or grade B, etc
mark [s] n. target swindle victim - "the mark"
Mark prop n. given name from Old High German "Ruler"

marker [s] n. device for making marks; for coloring
marker [s] n. persons who make markers
marker [s] n. indicators

match [es] n. fire starting instrument
match [es] v. more or less identical; goes together

matter n. cosmic opposite of energy
matter [s] n. / v. issues of concern; makes a difference
matter [s] n. problem

mean n. statistical middle point
mean adj. vicious, hateful, of low estate
mean v. defines - "what does it mean?"

meaning v.p. definition - "the meaning is"
meaning v.p. intending to - "I've been meaning to make this list"

means n.p. middle point
means n. resources, wherewithal - "he has the means"
means v. defines - "word means ..."
means v. intends

medium [s] n. a spiritualist, fortune teller, etc.
medium [s] n. a vehicle or conduit - ink, paint, television, magazine, etc
medium [s] n. a go between in mediation
medium adj. between high and low; rare and well done

meet [s][ing] n. assembly for some purpose
meet [s][ing] v. encounter; join
meet adj. fair or just

meter [s] n. measuring device - water usage meter, taxi fare meter
meter [s] v. dispense measured quantity
meter [s] n. metric system unit of length

milk [s] n. lactic beverage from animal; plant sap
milk [s] v. extract

mix [es] v. blend; stir
mix [es] n. result of blening - 'cake mix'

mixer [s] n. machine which mixes
mixer [s] n. social event; party

moccasin [s] n. kind of footwear usually associated with Amerind tribes
moccasin [s] n. poisonous snake

molding [s] n. millwork; architectural trim
molding [s] v. making form a mold; shaping

mole [s] n. term in chemistry - molecular weight
mole [s] n. blemish on the body
mole [s] n. stone breakwater
mole [s] n. fur bearing underground mammal
mole [s] n. spy or double agent
mole [s] n. tunnel making machine

moon [s] n. natural planetary satellites
moon [s] v. display naked derierre to shock or insult
moon [s] v. pine over

mortar [s] n. cement mixture used in masonry work
mortar [s] n. type of artillery or cannon
mortar [s] n. a vessel used with a pestle to grind powders

mothball [s] n. anti moth chemical napthalene in spherical shape
mothball [s] v. deactivate and store, as in mothball a ship

mother [s] n. female parent
mother [s] n. vinegar or pickling liquid
mother [s] v. behave in motherly manner; sometimes perjorative

muff [s] n. warming devices for hands or ears
muff [s] v. perform incompetently; screw up

mug [s] n. drinking vessel similar to a cup
mug [s] n.sl. human face
mug [s] n.sl. lowlife
mug [s] v. rob

mullet [s] n. species of fish
mullet [s] n. five pointed 'star' as used on U S flag
mullet [s] n. style of haircut

murder [s] n. / v. illegally cause to die; kill a human being
murder [s] n. group name for crows

muse [s] n. guidng spirit. Muse.
muse [s] v. meditate or think about

mush [ed][es] n. boiled cornmeal or similar porridge
mush n. slang; sentimental statements of some kinds
mush [ed][es] v. squeeze together
mush intj. command to get moving; 'MUSH!"
mushed adj. signifying mashed together

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nail [s] n. metal fastening device inserted by hammering
nail [s] [ed] [ing] v. fasten using nails
nail [s] n. hard covering on fingers and toe tips
nail [s] [ed] [ing] v. prove responsible or guilty

needle [s] n. poited tool used in sewing thread; injecting medication, etc
needle [s] v. tease

nickel n. chemical element
nickel n. slang for U.S. five cent coin

nut [s] n. produce from certain trees; pecan, almond, etc.
nut [s] n. fastener which mates with bolt
nut [s] n. person or idea considered less than sane

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obtuse adj. triangle with one angle greater than ninety degrees
obtuse adj. lacking understanding; mentally dense

oil [s] n. petroleum or derivative
oil [s] [ed] v. apply oil to surface
oiled adj. drunk

ought [s] should
ought [s] zero

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pack [s] n. canine group - wolf pack, pack of dogs
pack [s] n. container such as back pack
pack [s] [ed] [er] [ing] v. carry, as on back or pack animal
pack [s] [ed] [er] [ing] v. assemble in container as in pack your lunch

pad [s] n. paper stack gummed one edge
pad [s] [ding] n. insulators or shock absorbers
pad [s] [ding] n. puffy filling
pad [s] n. slang for dwelling or habitat
pad [s] [ded] [ding] v. apply filling
pad [s] [ded] [ding] v. walk carefully like a cat
pad [s] [ded] [ding] v. make into a pad

palm [s] n. type of tree
palm [s] n. grasping area of human hand
palm [s] v. conceal, as a magician palms a coin

pan [s] n. cooking or baking container. sauce pan, cake pan, etc
pan [s] n. natural depression in land
pan [s][ned][ning] v. sift water for ore such as gold
pan [s][ned][ning] v. in photography, move lens in an arc. visually scan.
pan [s][ned][ning] v. criticize or negatively review

pant [s] n. trouser leg; trousers [pair of pants]
pant [s] v. breathe rapidly

park [s] n. recreational or preserved land
park [s] v. situate or position - park a car

pass [es] n. way through mountains
pass [es] n. result of throwing football
pass [es] [ed] [er] [ing] v. throw football
pass [es] [ed] [er] [ing] v. defer or go by

paste [s] n. adhesive compound or viscous material
paste [s] [ed] v. apply adhesive coating or pasted object - e.g. wallpaper
pasted adj. slang for inebriated

peck [s] n. volumetric measure - 'bushel & a peck'
peck [s] [ed] [er] [ing] n. / v. light kiss
peck [s] [ed] [er] [ing] v. strike with beak or sharp instrument; harrangue
pecker n. slang for human penis

peer [s] n. of equal status. 'Peer of the Realm'
peer [s] v. look

pelt [s] n. skin of fur bearing animal
pelt [s] v. throw at or fall on; "pelted by hailstones"

pen [s] n. writng instrument
pen [s] n. corral or similar confinement
pen [s] n. slang for prison
pen [s] [ned] [ning] v. write
pen [s] [ned] [ning] v. confine

perch n. kind of fish
perch n. resting place or vantage point
perch v. to ocupy aresting place or vantage point

pickle [d] [s] n. cucumber treated with brine & spices
pickle [d] [s] n. dilemma; messy situation
pickle [d] v. treat vegetables with pickling liquid

pill [s] n. medicinal tablet
pill [s] adj. nuisance; irritating person
pill [s] v. gather into balls; form loose ends on fabric surface

pinch [es] n. slang for difficult situation - "I'm in a financial pinch"
pinch [es] [er] [ed] [ing] v. squeeze or bind
pinch [es] [er] [ed] [ing] v. slang for steal
pincher n. canine breed group - best known is doberman

pit [s] n. cavity or hole
pit [s] n. seeds of some fruits - peach, apricot, cherry
pit [s] v. match, play against

pitted adj. surface etched, holey
pitted v.pt. matched, played against

pitch n. tar derivative
pitch [es] [ed] n. measure of tonal quality; sound - "perfect pitch"
pitch [es] [ed] [ing] v. throw or toss
pitch [es] [ed] [ing] v. / n. inform w/ intent to persuade - sales pitch

plain n. plateau; vast meadowland
plain adj. ordinary; unadorned

plane [s] n. in geometry a two dimensional surface
plane [s] n. airplane, aeroplane
plane [s] n. tool for shaving wood
plane [s] v. to shave or reduce a surface by planing

plant [s] n. herbaceous entity - tree, shrub, grass, etc.
plant [s] n. factory
plant [s] n. shill or ringer in an audience
plant [ed][er][ers][ing][s] v. install herbaceous entity in soil
plant [ed][er][ers][ing][s] v. to place or dsposit - "plant a kiss on her lips"
planter [s] n. container for potted plants

plaque n. ornamental wall decoration or trophy/award
plaque n. undesirable accretion on teeth, in arteries

play [s] n. theatrical production
play [s][ing] v. act a part
play [s][ing] v. engage in

player [s] n.actor
player [s] n. participant

plied adj. having layers
plied v.pt. worked at

plies n.pl. layers
plies v.p 2nd person - he works at

plot [s] n. piece of land or ground
plot [s] [ted][ter][ting] n.+ v scheme
plot [s] [ted][ter][ting] v. enter data on graph

poke [s] n. worldly posessions - "my poke"
poke [s] [d] [ing] v. touch in a certain manner, usually with index finger
poke [s] [d] [ing] v. erupt; come through - "poke out"

poker [s] n. tool, usually associated with fireplace
poker [s] n. one who pokes things
poker [s] n. game played with playing cards

ply n. layer, as in plywood
ply v. work at, as ply a trade

plying n. layering
plying v.p. working at

pole [s] n. post or long cylindrical object - 'flagpole'
pole [s] v. propel by use of a pole - poling a boat
Pole [s] n. people of Poland

pool [s] n. body of water, usually in artificial enclosure
pool n. common name for game of billiards
pool [s] n. wagering collective - "football pool"
pool [s] v. coalesce or aggregate - liquid, talents, funds, resources

poop n. certain deck of a sailing vessel
poop n.slang. excrement, feces
poop [ed][s] v. excrete
poop [ed][s] v./adj. tire, wear out

pose [d] n. / v. assume a position
pose [d][r][rs] v. pretend to be
pose [d][r][rs] v. propose or offer
poser [s] n. difficult or challenging questions

posing v.p. strking a pose
posing v.p. pretending to be
posing v.p. questioning or proposing

post [s] n. vertical support - fence post, etc.
post [s] v. display notice or send mail

poster [s] n. visual display - art or information
poster [s] v. one who posts something

pound [s] n. unit of weight measure [16 ounces avoirdupois]
pound [s] n. unit of currency in United Kingdom [before Euro]
pound [s] v. beat or hammer, as in pound dough

pounder [s] n/adj. used to describe something - twenty pounder, etc
pounder [s] n. one who pounds something

press [es] n. device for squeezing or printing
press n. collective for news media, esp. newspapers "the press"
press [ed][er][es][ing] v. squeeze
press [ed][er][es][ing] v. smooth garments with an iron
press [ed][er][es][ing] v. pursue, push,urge - to press a matter or subject or issue

pretty adj. attractive
pretty adj. mostly - "pretty much" or "pretty awful"

prick [s] n. instrument for puncturing
prick [s][ed][er][ing] v. puncture or pierce with sharp instrument
prick [s][ed][er][ing] v. goad or spur - "pricked his conscience or curisoity"
prick [s] n. vulgar slang for penis
prick [s] n. vulgar slang for detestable person

pride n. esteem
pride [s] v. active; esteeming
pride [s] n. group name for lions

prune [s] n. dried plum
prune [s] v. trim off unwanted portions

puff [s] n. cushion
puff [s] n. small movement of air or smoke
puff [s] n. slang for homosexual male
puff [s] v. draw smoke from cigarette; smoke

puffer [s] n. one or something which puffs
puffer [s] n. a species of fish

pug [s] n. dog of a breed
pug [s] n. has been boxer

punch [es] n. beverages associated with fetivities
punch [es] n. tool for punching holes in something
punch [es] v. strike with fist

punk n. chemical compound that smolders when burned
punk n. slang; smart aleck youth, hoodlum type
punk adj. of poor quality or service - "talk about a punk movie"
punk adj. certain fashion style in clothing, hair, music

punt [s] n. small boat
punt [s] n./v. kind of kick, usually in American football
punt pertaining to the game of Faro

pupil [s] n. center opening in the eye
pupil [s] n. student

purse [s] n. pocketbook, wallet, money
purse [s] n. prize - esp. in horse racing, boxing
purse [s] v. press lips together in certain manner

pussy n. slang term for cat or kitten
pussy n. vulgar slang for vulva
pussy n. vulgar slang for squeamish man or one seen as a "wimp"

pussies n. slang term for cat or kitten
pussies n. vulgar slang for vulva
pussies n. vulgar slang for squeamish man or one seen as a "wimp"

putter [s] n. golf club
putter [s] v. dither or work at in leisurely manner - "putter about"

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quack [s] n./v/ sound made by duck
quack [s] n./adj. charlatan - esp. in medical rpactice

quail n. bird
quail v. cower in fear

quarrel [s] n. crossbow bolt
quarrel [s] n. disagreements, disputes
quarrel [s] v. disagree, argue

quarry n. pit or mine - esp for stone, marble, etc
quarry n. target of predator, hunter

quarter [s] n. measure equalling one-fourth 1/4
quarter [s] n. U.S. coin worth 25 cents, 1/4 dollar
quarter [s] v. house, provide lodging "quarter the troops"
quarter [s] v. divide into fourths
quarter n. allowance, slack "grant no quarter"

queer adj. odd
queer [s] v. disrupt or upset as in "queer the deal"
queer [s] n. slang for homosexual male

quiver [s] n. holder or scabbard for arrows
quiver [s] v. shake, usuall from fear

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race [s] n. speed competition
race [s] n. ethnicities among humans

rack [s] n. device used in medieval torture
rack [s] n. storage shelving and the like
rack [s] n/v.. in billiards - frame for arranging balls, or so arranging

rag [s] n. wiping cloth
rag [s] n. perjorative for sleazy publication
rag [s] v. hassle or scold [slang] - "don't rag on me"

ragged adj. worn; uneven edge
ragged v.pt. hassled or scolded [slang] - " ragged on me"

ragging v.p. turning cloth into rags
ragging v.p. hassling, scolding, teasing, tormenting

rake [s] n. garden or industrial implement
rake [s] v. draw to or collect by use of rake like tool
rake [s] n. slang for a man who is "fast" with women

rang v.pt. tallied items at checkout - "rang up a sale"
rang v.pt. activated a bell to produce sounds

range [s] n. scope
range [s] n. a cooking stove
range [s] n. prairie where cattle fed
ranges v. moves across a scale, time, space, etc. - form to

ream [s] n. standard measure of paper quantity
ream [s][ed][ing] v. increase diameter of a bore hole
ream [s][ed][ing] v. clean out by reaming

recess [es] n. time out from duty or proceedings - court recess
recess [es] v. take time out
recess [es] n. apertures, niches, depressions in surfaces

retain [s][ed] v. hold, keep, save
retain [s][ed] v. hire - "retain counsel"

retainer [s] n. one who holds or keeps, or device which serves purpose
retainer [s] n. stipend given to obtain future services [mostly at law]

retaining v. act of retaining
retaining adj. describes device which retains "retaining ring" etc
retaining adj. wall or other holding device descriptor

ring [s] n. precious metal circle worn on finger
ring [s] n. enclosure - rodeo, circus, boxing, etc
ring [s] n. sound made by a bell
ring [s] v. contact another by telephone - "give them a ring"
ring [s] v. tally items at checkout - "ring up sale"
ring [s] v. activate a bell to produce sounds

ringed adj. having appearance of a ring - [ring necked pheasant]
ringed adj. surrounded - "ringed by enemy positions"

ringer [s] n. one who activates a bell - bell ringer
ringer [s] n. look alike or shill
ringer [s] n. one who calls another - "gives them a ring"

ringing v.p. contacting another by telephone - "giving them a ring"
ringing v.p. tallying items at checkout - "ringing up the sale"
ringing v. activating a bell to produce sounds

rivet [s] n. metal fastener
rivet [s] v. fasten with rivets
rivet [s] v. engage rapt attention

rock [ed][er][ing] n. cut of meat
roast [s] n. satirical celebration of honoree
roast [ing] v. cooking method
roast [ing] v. ceremonially ridiculing honoree

rock [s] n. stone, usually large
rock [s] n. form of modern music
rock [ed][er][ing][s] v. play rock music
rock [ed][er][ing][s] v. sway backward and forward
rock n. staunch, dependable ally
Rock n. a title of God in scripture

rod [s] n. stick or bar for support or administering punishment
rod [s] n. English unit of measure = 5.5 yards
rod [s] n.slang. pistol, hand gun - "he packs a rod"

root [s] n. underground part of flora; basis or origin
root [s] v. dig for

rooted adj. having roots; secured in ground; sourced
rooted v.pt. dug for

rooting v.p. putting down roots; becoming established
rooting v.p. searching or digging for

rose n. variety of flower
rose adj. color
rose v.pt. rise

router [s] n. tool for trimming, carving, etc.
router [s] n. person who schedules and routes traffic

rubber [s] n. natural latex compound
rubber [s] n. scoring segment in card game of bridge
rubber [s] n. galoshes
rubber [s] n.slang. contraceptive condom
rubber adj. rubber band, ball, check, etc.

rule [s] n. line on ruled paper
rule [s] n. regulation or law
rule [s][ed] v. govern
ruled adj. lined

ruling v.p. applying lines
ruling n. decision of a court
ruling v.p. governing

rulings n.pl. lines
rulings n.pl. court decisions

rum n. alcoholic beverage
rum adj. bad deal [slang]

rung v.pt. rung a bell
rung n. step on a ladder

runoff n. election eliminator
runoff n. excess fluid flow; unabsorbed rain water

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sack [s] n. bag or container, feed sack, etc.
sack [s][ed][er][ing] v. place in sack
sack [s][ed][er][ing] v. terminate from employment - "fire"
sacking n. textile for making sacks

salamander [s] n. amphibian somewhat like a lizard
salamander [s] n. tool/implement used in cooking or fire control
salamander [s] n. portable broiler/oven

sand [s] n. particles of quartz material often forming seashore
sand [s] v. abrade to make smooth

saw [s] n. toothed cuting tool
saw [s] n. aphorism of dubious merit - "that old saw?"
saw [s] v. cut with toothed blade
saw v.pt. past tense of see

scald [s] n. fungal disease in grasses and some trees
scald [s] v. heat liquid to high temperature

scale [s] n. device for determining object's weight
scale [s] n. outer covering on body of most fish
scale [s] n. plant disease
scale [s][d] n. coating like rust, lime, calcium, occuring on surfaces
scale [s][d] n. way of measuring levels; music scale, tornado scale, etc.
scale [s][d] n. a ratio as in a model made to 1/24th scale
scale [s][d] v. climb to summit or reach top - "scale the heights"

scaler [s] n. "descaler" better word for scale remover
scaler [s] n. scale operator
scaler [s] n. one who determines dimension of scaled copy
scaler [s] n. climber

scaling v.p. removing scale or scales
scaling v.p. resizing
scaling v.p. climbing

scoop [s] n. sort of a shovel used to 'scoop' ice cream or other stuff
scoop [s][ed][er][ing] v. dig out
scoop [s] n. first news discovery
scoop [s][ed][er][ing] v. to beat competition to news

score [s] n. tally of competition results
score [s] v. succeed - "score big time"

scrap [s] n. leftovers; waste
scrap [s] v. discard

scrape [s] n. barely get by
scrape [s] v. remove from surface - "scrape paint off"

screw [s] n. simple machine; a fastener with spiral flanges
screw [s] n. propeller on ship or submarine vehicle
screw [s] n.sl. human copulation
screw [s][ed][er][ing] v. attach with screw fastener or use similar motion
screw [s][ed][er][ing] v.sl. copulate
screw [s][ed][er][ing] v.sl. cheat another or place at great disadvantage

script [s] n. content for theatrical production
script [s] n. form of money or substitute therefor
script [s] n. physician's prescription
script [s] v. program an event

scum n. organic material on pond surface
scum adj. perjorative for low-life person[s]

season[s] n. time of year [spring, summer, fall, winter]
season[s] v. add spices

shaver [s] n. device for shaving, beards, wood, etc.
shaver [s] v. one who shaves
shaver [s] n. slange for young boy - 'little shaver'

shed [s] n. small outbuilding
shed [s] n. devoid of contents as in "hollow shell" or "shell home"

shell [s] n. outer covering or housing for ordinance, vegetables, animals
shell [s] n. devoid of contents as in "hollow shell" or "shell home"
shell [s][ed][ing] v. remove shell; slang "shell out" or give
shell [s][ed][ing] v. fire ordinance upon in volume - "shell the enemy in war"

ship [s] n. seagoing vessel
ship [s] v. send cargo

shoot [ing][s] n./v. slang term for gulping alcoholic beverage
shooting [s] n. event in which shots were fired
shoot [ing][s]] v. fire weapon, throw dice, etc.

shooter [s] n./v. slang term for gulped alcoholic beverage
shooter [s] n. ones who fire weapon

short adj. not long or not tall or insufficient
short [s] n. electrical malfunction
short [ed][s] v. cheats; failed to supply enough
short [s] n. garment; pants ending above knee

short n. measure of liquor, usually 1.5 oz
shot [s] n. discharge from shooting
shot [s] n. sound of firearm discharge
shot v. pt. shoot past tense

shower [s] n. bathing device or light rainfall
shower [s][ed][ing] v. bathe by use of a shower
shower [s][ed][ing] v. pour out generously - 'shower with gifts'
shower [s] n. gift giving event - 'baby shower', 'bridal shower'

shrink [s] n. psychiatrist [slang]
shrink [s][ing] v. collapse or grow smaller
shrink [s][ing] v. withdraw from

sign [s] n. display, notice, or visual advice
sign [s] n. omen - "signs and wonders"
sign [s][ed][er][ing] v. affix signature
sign [s][ed][er][ing] v. communicate to deaf via ASL or other hand signals

sire [s] n. male parent of dog or horse
sire n. form of address
sire [s] v. beget, procreate

siren [s] n. noise emitting warning device
siren [s] n. myhtological sea nymph, mermaid
siren [s] n. enticingly attractive woman

sirenian adj. akin to female siren
sirenian adj. certain animals, notably manatees and dugongs

size [d] adj. measurement scale [small, medium, large] [6, 6 1/2, 7, 7 1/2] etc.
size [d] v. apply sizing to fabric

sizing n. starch or polymer chemical paste used to stiffen or smooth fabric
sizing v.p determining size on scale

skate [s] n. aquatic creature
skate [s] n. shoe specially equipped for use on ice or with rollers
skate [s] v. employ a skating shoe

skirt [s] n. garment for females
skirt [s][ed][ing] n. /adj. material surrounding/concealing object - "bed skirt"
skirt [s][ed][ing] v. evades; goes around - "skirts the issue"

slacks n. trousers
slacks v. doesn't perform at full capacity; avoids share of load

slug [s] n. shelless snail
slug [s] n. layabout
slug [s] n. fake coin used in vending machines
slug [s] v. hit, strike

smack [s] v. strike, hit, slap
smack adj. close, tight - 'smack against the wall'
smack [s] n. sound made by human/animal lips
smack slang: heroin

smelt [s] n. variety of fish
smelt v.pt. smelled; detected odor
smelt [s] v. extract metal from ore by melting

snatch [es] v. grab away quickly
snatch [es] n. bits or pieces, as of an overheard conversation or story
snatch [es] v. kidnap
snatch [es] vulgar slang: human vagina

snow [s] n. collected frozen precipitate
snow [s][ed][ing] v. the falling of snow from sky
snow [s][ed][ing] v. bamboozle, lie to

sod n. grass
sod n. pitiable person [slang] - "poor old sod"

soup [s] n. foodstuff made with water & other ingredients
soup n.sl. nitroglycerine
soup n. state of difficulty or trouble - "you're in the soup now me lad"
soup [s] v.sl. revise engine to run faster - "soup it up"

spar [s] n. ship's mast
spar [s] n. certain types of mineral like "feldspar"
spar [s] v. verbal or physical pugilistic behavior; fighting for practice
spar col. for "spare" - "kin you spar me some terbacky?"

spare adj. extra in case of need - "spare tire"
spare adj. Spartan; barely sufficient
spare v. exempt from consequences - "spare his life"

spartan adj. bare minimum to meet needs
Spartan adj. of or pertaining to city state of Sparta

spat [s] n. disagreement, quarrel
spat [s] n. obsolete article of men's clothing worn over ankles
spat v.pt. past tense of spit [expectorate]

spectacles n. eyeglasses
spectacles n.pl. spectacle - a public display of note

spell [s] n. episode or period of time - fainting spell; spell of sickness
spell [s] n. hypnotic state or metaphysical influence; also a curse
spell [s][ed][er][ing] v. tell the letters making up a word
spell [s][ed][er][ing] v. give relief by taking the place of one "I'll spell you"

spin [s] v. rotate
spin [s] v. cast in a certain light, usually deceptive

spirit [s] n. bodiless being or entity, also inner being of human
spirit [s] n. mood, enthusiasm, fidelity
spirit [s] v. remove mysteriously; "spirit away"
spirits n. alcoholic beverages

spit [s] n. device for turning meat while cooking
spit [s] n. expectoration of saliva

spits n.pl. devices for turning meat while cooking
spits v. expectorates saliva

spoon [s] n. eating utensil
spoon [s][ed][er][ing] v. scoop or dish out using a spoon
spoon [s][ed][er][ing] v. engage in romantic cuddlng and kissing
Spooner n.pr. Rev W.A. Spooner, originator of certain type of pu exemplified by "kisstomary to cuss the bride" now called a spoonerism

spooners n.pl. ones who scoop or dish out using a spoon
spooners n.pl. ones who engage in romantic cuddlng and kissing

spot [s] n. location - "x marks the spot"
spot [s] n. blemish or stain
spot [s][ted][ter][ting] v. visual locate - spot something or someone
spot [s][ted][ter][ting] v. give an advantage or aid - "I'll spot you two strokes"
spotted adj. having spot marks - a leopard

spout [s] n. spigot - pouring spout
spout [s] v. talk, blabber

spread [s] n. bedcover
spread [s] n. foodstuff (butter, margarine, peanut butter, etc)
spread [s] n. land area used for animal husbandry - a ranch
spread [s] n. difference in points offered in wagering on athletic competitions
spread [s] v. distribute or lay out

spring [s] n. underground water source
spring [s] n. mechanical device, usually of wound metal
spring v. pay for - "spring for the bill"
spring v. jump or leap up

spruce [s] n. type of evergreen tree or its wood
spruce [s] v. clean or touch up

square [s] n. geometric shape
square [s] n. conservative or old fashioned person [slang]
square [s] n. carpenter or mechanic's tool
square [s] v. make square or true
square adj. trustworthy, fair, honest

squaring v.p. making right; "squaring a bet"
squaring v.p. making square

squash n. vegetable
squash n. game played with ball
squash v. mash, crush

stable adj. reliable, unmoving,
stable [s] n. horse house
stable [s] n. collective for racehorses, prizefighters, other groups

stack [s] n. vent pipe, smoke stack, organized pile
stack [s] v. place one atop another

staff [s] n. pole used by shepherd or to hold flag
staff [s] n. collective for human resources such as 'faculty'

stag [s] n. male deer
stag [s] n. person [man] without date

stage [s] n. platform, usually for theatrical purposes
stage [s] n. type of carriage associated with American west
stage [s] n. location in process of development
stage [s] v. produce a presentation for theater or fakery

stamp [s] n. label attesting to postage paid
stamp [s] n. device for imprinting - "rubber stamp"
stamp [s][ed][er][ing] v. form by stamping
stamp [s][ed][er][ing] v. display disagreement by hitting ground with soles of feet
stamped adj. was made by stamping process
stamping n. describes how made - "a stamping"

stand [s] n. kiosk, informal store or market
stand [s][ing] v. tolerate or allow, endure
stand [s][ing] v. hold self upright on feet
standing adj. place in ranking system

staples [s] n. regular basic supply item; sugar, flour, salt, oil, etc
staples [s] n. U shaped metal fastener
staples [s] v. apply staple type fastener

step [s] n. riser forming a staircase
step [s] n. distance covered by one unit of perambulation
step [s] n. sequential positions of process
step [s] v. place foot forward then follow - walk, take a step

sting [s] n. insect bite
sting [s] v. charade for capturing wrongdoers or revenge

stone [s] n. common rocks
stock [s][ing] v. to place into storage or usage; have on hand
stock [s] n. inventory of goods
stock [s] n. standard reply, "stock" answer
stock [s] n. animals, usually cattle, horses, livestock of any kind
stockings n. hosiery

stole n. shoulder wrap; also religious use article
stole v.pt. steal
stole v. walked or crept away with stealth - "stole away"

stone [s] n. common rocks
stone [s] n. cherry or peach pit and similar seed covers
stone [s] n. British unit of dry weight = 14 pounds
stone [d][s] v. pelt with stones/rocks - "publicly stoned"
stoned adj. slang - under influence of drugs such as marijuana

stoning v.p. act of casting stones
stoning v.p. removing 'stones' from fruit

stool [s] n. a sitting device usually taller or shorter than a chair - "bar stool"
stool [s] n. fecal output
stool [s] v. tattle; reveal - "stool pigeon"

stop [s] n. motion arrester or preventor - bus stop, drain plug
stop [s] n. location on route such as bus stop
stop [s] v. prevent or halt; come to a stop

stopper [s] n. bottle or drain plug
stopper [s] n. object or event preventing going ahead

stopping v.p. closing container
stopping v.p. preventing

store [s] n. retail establishment
store [s] n. cache of goods in storage
store [s] v. put in storage

storm [s] n. inclement weather phenomenon
storm [s] v. attack with force - "storm the battlements"

stormed v.pt. severe weather occurred
stormed v.pt. attacked with force

storming v.p. weather storm occurring
storming v.p. attacking with force

stormy adj. bad weather
stormy adj. bad mood; angry countenance

stout adj. plump, heavy
stout n. beverage akin to ales and beers

stove n. cooking appliance or heater
stove v. break in or puncture

strand [s] n. row or string as of pearls
strand [s] n. land strip "The Grand Strand"
strand [s] v. leave or abandon is helpless situation

strike [s] n. a labor union refusal to work
strike [s] n. in baseball, a called failure to hit ball
strike [s] n. in bowling - perfect knockdown of all pins in one roll of ball
strike [s] v. to refuse to work, eat, comply
strike [s] v. in minting, to impress design on medal or coin
strike [s] v. find or discover - "strike gold"
strike [s] v. hit

striker [s] n. worker on walkout
striker [s] n. device for striking medals and coins
striker [s] n. one who hits

striking v.p. refusing to work, comply
striking v.p. impressing designs on medals and coins
striking v.p. finding or discovering - "striking gold"
striking v.p. hitting
striking adj. noticeably strongly appealing - "striking woman"

string [s] n. small diameter braided rope
string [s] v. arrange; continue under false pretenses

strip [s] n. narrow pieces
strip [s] v. remove - clothing, rank, apint, etc

struck v.pt. refused to work or comply
struck v.pt. made medals or coins
struck v.pt found, discovered - "struck gold"
struck v.pt hit

strut [s] n. supporting element in a physical structure - "wing strut" etc
strut [s] v. walk in particular manner - "strut your stuff"

stunt [s] n. trick or feat of daring
stunt [s] v. shorten or retard growth

sties n.pl. hog pens
sties n.pl. eye infections
sty n. pen for hogs
sty n. infection of the eye, resembles a boil

sublime n. heavenly, exceedingly wonderful
sublime v. in chemistry change from solid directly to gaseous state

suffer [s][ed][ing] v. endure physical or emotional pain
suffer [s][ed][ing] v. allow, permit; tolerate, not prevent

sugar n. sweet carbohydrate compound
Sugar n. sl. term of endearment
sugar n.sl. show of afffection; a kiss - "gimme some sugar"
sugar n. sl. money

swag n. drapery, festoon, decoration
swag n. booty, ill gotten treasure
swag v. walk lurching side to side

swell [s] n. undulation on surface of large water body
swell [s] v. enlarge, increase
swell adj. sl. likable or fine "swell guy", "dinner is swell"

swill [s] n. garbage; animal feed slop
swill [s] v. drink; guzzle

swipe [s] v. slang for steal
swipe [s] v. wipe or clean
swipe [s] v. barely collide with

sty n. where pigs are kept
sty n. boil like eyelid infection

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table [s] n. furniture
table [s] n. display of data
table [s][d][ing] v. set aside for future consideration; postpone
table [s][d][ing] v. enter into a list

tag [s][ged] n. label
tag n. game
tag [s][ged] v. identify

teal n. color in the blue-green range
teal n. type of waterfowl

tee [s] n. name of the alphabet letter "T"
tee [s] n. T shaped intersetcion as in plumbing, roadways, etc
tee [s] n. device used in playing golf
tee [s][d][ing] v. activity in golf
tee [s][d][ing] n.colloq. cause to become angry - "Tee off"

tell [s] n. archaelogical dig
tell [s] n. unintended revelation via body language
tell [s] v. say, inform

teller [s] n. bank clerk
teller [s] n. one who tells

thrush n. kind of bird
thrush n. type of illness, disease

tip [s] n. gratuity for service
tip [s] n. inside information
tip [s] v. lean or fall over

tire [s] n. wheel surrounds
tip [s] v. become exhausted, lacking energy to continue

toast n. bread heated to crusty appearance
toast [s] n. a good wish to another
toast ] n. celebrated, as in "toast of the town"
toast [ed,er,s,ing] v. process bread into toast
toast [ed,er,s,ing] v. raise a glass in someone's honor
toaster n. appliance, usually electric, for toasting bread or rolls

toenail [s] n. hard covering on toe
toenail [s] v. attach one board to another by nailing at an angle

tissue [s] n. very thin soft paper product
tissue [s] n. flesh

tong [s] n. gripping tool
tong [s] n. certain kind of Chinese association of persons

tongue [s] n. body organ used for tasting (and speaking in humans)
tongue [s] n. wagon drawbar; shoe tongue, other such objects
tongue [s] n. a particular human language - "mother tongue"
tongue [s] n. a protrusion designed for the groove in "tongue & groove"

tongued adj. posessing a tongue of some sort
tongued v.pt. inserted tongue during kiss

tool [s] n. implement or device
tool [s] v. work at or convey - "tool around town in car"

tooled adj. decorated
tooled v.pt. tool - work at or convey

tooling n. the work or decorative result
tooling v.p. conveying

trace [s] n. small residual amount
trace [s] n. road or trail
trace [s][d] v./adj. find, found
trace [s][d] v./adj. copy, copied

triangle [s] n. geometric shape with three straight sides
triangle [s] n. musical instrument
triangle [s] n. situation among three components in relationship - "love triangle" etc

trick [s] n. cards played during a deal in bridge, hearts, etc.
trick [s] n. deception, prank, etc.
trick [s] n. slang for prostitue's session with patron
trick [s] v. deceive

trip [s] n. journey
trip [s][ped][per][ping] v. stumble, fall - trip over something
trip [s][ped][per][ping] v. catches out in falsehood or deceives
trip [s][ped][per][ping] n. slang. dance

tripe n. cow or ox stomach part
tripe n. writing that is rubbish; low quality stuff

troll [s] n. mythical being
troll [s] v. in fishing, dragging net behind vesel

truss [es] n. medical apparatus
truss [es] n. structural element in a building
truss [es] v. tie up

tube [s] n. pipe or hoselike conveyance/device
tube [s] n.slang.Brit. subway, underground railway
tube [s] n.slang. television receiver
tube [s] v. ride inflated inner tube on rushing water

tuber [s] n. type of vegetable such as potato
tuber [s] n. one who rides using an inflated inner tube

tubing n. collective for applied tubes or descriptor for tube product
tubing v.p. riding on inflated inner tube

tug [s] n. boat of certain type
tug [s] v. pull

type [s] n. kinds by classification of one sort or another
type [s] n. printing fonts
type [s] v. operate a device using keyboard
type [s] v. classify, for instance blood by type

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unbelievable adj. not to be believed
unbelievable expl. marvelous, fabulous [modern usage]

uniform n. organizational attire
uniform adj. consistent, alike

upper [s] adj. / n. antonym of lower; 'upper room' 'upper bunk' etc
upper [s] n. slang: mood altering pharmaceuitcals

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waffle [s] n. batter cake cooked with depressions on surface
waffle [s] v. oscillate between choices

wage [s] n. rate of compensation for labor
wage [s][r] v. conduct or prosecute as in "wage war"
wager [s] n/v. bet

wake [s] n. result of ship's passage through water
wake [s] n. pre-burial gathering to honr deceased
wake [s] v. come or cause to come out of sleep

wallow [s] n. muddy pool used by animals
wallow [s] v. luxuriate in as "wallow in bed" or "wallow in misery"

ward [s] n. person subject to guardian
ward [s] n. section of a hospital
ward [s] v. deflect - ward off

warp [s] n. threads running lengthwise in fabric
warp [s] v. twist out of normal shape
warp n. in sci-fi a speed beyond that of light

watch [es] n. timepiece for wrist or pocket
watch [es] n. period of observation or supervision - e.g. first watch
watch [es] v. observes

water [s] n. solvent HOH; streams, lakes, etc.
water [s][ed][er][ing] v. apply water as in gardening, etc.
water [s][ed][er][ing] v. dilute or cut strength - "water the liquor"

wheel [s] n. round device enabling rolling or steering
wheel [s] n.sl. important person of authority or influence - "big shot"
wheel [s] v. move something by use of a wheel or wheels
wheel [s] v. circle; turn about

wheeled n. vehicle with wheels; having wheels
wheeled v.pt. moved by use of wheel
wheeled v.pt. changed course - wheeled about

wheeling v.p. using wheels to move something
wheeling v.p. turning about; esp. airplanes or kites

whip [s] n. device for controlling animals - bull whip, horse whip, etc.
whip [s] v. cause liquid to forth up - whip cream, egg whites, other
whip [s] v. defeat or beat, punish

will [s] n. purpose; desire; choice
will [s] n. testament
will [s] v. designate inheritors & bequests by way of a will

willed v.pt. chose and caused to occur
willed v.pt. bequeathed

willing adj. agreeable to
willing v.pt. bequeathing to

wolf n. wild canine mammal
wolf n.slang. predatory person or male who chases women - a letch
wolf v. rapidly consume - wolf down food

wolves n.slang. male who chases women - a letch
wolves n.slang. predatory person or male who chases women - a letch

woof [s] n. threads running crosswise in fabric
woof [s] n/v. sound made by dog, esp cartoon dog

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yard [s] n. land attached to dwelling or outdoor storage & work area
yard [s] n. English unit of meaure = three feet

yarn [s] 'n. thread for knitting or weaving
yarn [s] n. tale or story - usually dubious or incredible

yield [s] n. harvest
yield [s] v. surrender

yielded v.pt. results of harvest
yielded v.pt. surrendered

yielding v.p. producing
yielding v.p. surrendering, letting go

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zest n. scrapings from fruit rind - lemon zest, etc
zest n. vigorous enthusiasm

zip n. energy
zip n. slang for 'zero', none - "the game ended 14 zip"
zip [s][ped][ping] v. close a zipper
zip [s][ped][ping] v. go quickly

zipper [s] n. closure device
zipper [s] n. one who zips

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