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All the words in this list are Public Domain. The design of this presentation is copyright 2006 by Wayne Hepburn. Use and distribution of this file is permitted for nonprofit purposes only. Brief definitions are given solely to aid in understanding the pronunciation of familiar words which may have more than one meaning and/or pronunciation.

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Homographs come primarily in sets of two, sometimes more than two words, which look alike and are spelled the same but may have significantly different meanings and/or sounds. Brief definitions are shown to enable distinguishing the meanings but not purported to be adequate to properly define the words. Not many have been identified so far.

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Last Updated: 2011 02 10

WORD Sounds Like Means

bow [s][ed][ing] bow, cow, wow v. bend in repsect or prayer
bow [s] bo, beau n. type of decorative knot
bow [s] bo, beau n. weapon - 'bow and arrow'
bow [s][ed][ing] bo, beau v./adj. bend or bent from straight line

collect kuh-LEKT gather, assemble, receive
collect KAH-lekt prayer in liturgical worship

does doze sleep lightly
does doze more than one female deer
does duz form of verb 'to do'

either EE-thzer positive options
either EYE-thzer n. kind of sandwich from Mediterranean areas

gyro JYE row n. colloq. gyroscope
gyro hero n. kind of sandwich from Mediterranean areas

moped moe - pedd small motorbike
moped doped, roped sulked about

neither NEE-thzer negative options
neither NYE-thzer sulked about

pate pate [like ate] top of head as in a bald pate
pate pah TAY speadable foodstuff, usually liver or fish

pecan puh-cahn n. nut
pecan pee-kan verb: make flawless ir complete

perfect PURR fikt adj. ideal, flawless, complete
perfect purr FEKT verb: make flawless ir complete

praline PRAH-leen a sugar confection; regional pronunciation
praline PRAY-leen a sugar confection; regional pronunciation

pussy pooss-ee cat, kitten - u sounds as in look or book
pussy PUS ee filled with pus, infected - u sounds as in luck

reprise ree PRIZE do or play again - sound variant
reprise ree PREEZ do or play again - sound variant

resume ree ZOOM v. contiue following interval
resume Rezz you MAY n. personal history or c.v. usually to gain employment

sewer [s] soor, sue-er drainage conduit or system
sewer [s] so-were one or thing which sews or stitches

sheik [s] shEEK eastern potentate - pronunciation varies
sheik [s] shAKE eastern potentate - pronunciation varies

slough sluff cast off husk or skin
slough sl-OW! [hurt] depression, pit
slough slue bog or swamp

tear teer, tier water from the eye
tear tare, tair rip

tomato toe-MAY-toe common fruit
tomato toe-MAH-toe rip

turbine TERB - in a machine - pronunciation varies with individuals
turbine ter - BINE a machine - pronunciation varies with individuals

viola vee-OLE-uh musical instrument of violin family
viola VYE-ole-uh flowering plant includes violet & pansy

wind bind, kind turn crank to 'wind up'; wind a watch
wind winnd the wind blows whither it will

winds binds turns crank to 'wind up'; wind a watch
winds winnds the winds blow whither they will

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