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US Census 1880
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Old Family Photos
Ramon Solares 1848-1907
Juana Vinet 1849-1889
Marie Solares 1867-1943
Ramon Solares Jr 1872-1910
Joseph Solares 1874-1938
Magdalena Solares 1876-1941
John Roman Solares 1878-1905
Frank Solares 1880-1902
Modesto Solares 1883-1949
Marguerite Solares 1885-1971
Alice Solares 1896-1947
Clemence Solares 1897-1979
Jeanne Solares 1901-1901
Sebastian Solares 1864-1945
Romain Solares 1860-1878

Solares Family Origins & Migration  

Flag of the Kingdom
Flag of Asturias today
Asturias - 718
The Kingdom of Asturias [established 718] was the first Christian political entity to be established in the Iberian peninsula after the collapse of the Visigothic Kingdom. This followed the defeat of King Roderic at the Battle of Guadalete and the subsequent Islamic conquest of Hispania.

The Kingdom encompassed the orange and yellow areas on the map - modern Asturias is the yellow area only. Ancestor Ramon Solares emigrated from Asturias to New Orleans before 1870.

Flag of Catalonia Catalonia - 1137
The principality was formed by the union of many of the different counties which formed the Marca Hispanica during the reconquista under the rule of the Count of Barcelona. It was later unified dynastically in 1137 to the Crown of Aragon, to which it was an important member. According to the only source I could find, the name Solares first appeared in Catalonia.

Flag of Royal Spain [modern flag does not show Royal Arms] Spain - 1469
During this period of the re-taking of Spain, [711 - 1492] Christian kingdoms and principalities developed, including most importantly, the Kingdom of Castile and the Kingdom of Aragon. The union of these two kingdoms, through the marriage in 1469 of Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II, led to the creation of the Kingdom of Spain. When great grandfather Ramon left Asturias it was part of Spain.

de Solis - 1511
Antonio de Solís explored the Caribbean coasts of Mexico in the year 1512. Other early migrants to the New World bearing this surname or a variant spelling of the name were Martín de Solís, who sailed to America in 1511.

Solares - 1829 - 1843
Francesco Solares arrived at the Port of New orleans in 1829. A Solares family settled in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, and recorded land plats in 1843. The families seem to have vanished from the census records before 1900.

Flag of Louisiana Flag of New Orleans Ramon Solares - 1868
Ramon arrived in New Orleans in 1868. He his brother Sebastian followed in 1877. Most likely their younger brother Romain came with Sebastian. He would have been age 17 at the time and it makes sense he would have made the journey with his brother Sebastian who was then 27. WHY the Solares brothers came to New Orleans is not known. They could have been related to, and followed, those who came over in 1829.

Name Origin & Heraldic Arms  

Solares by Solares by Wayne Hepburn Prince of Asturias Region of Catalonia Royal Arms of Spain
Extensive searching yields the fact that there is no ancient house of Solares; the family has no historic "seat" or lands; no titles of nobility. The arms displayed by House of Names is a figment of someone's imagination. It probably is based on the sound of "solar" being sun like. Numerous variant spellings are listed by HON, including: Solís, de Solís, Solis, de Solis, Soliz, Soler, Solé, de Solé, Sole, de Sole, Solano, Sol, de Sol, del Sol, Sols, Soles, Solares and many more.

HON says, "The Solares family originally lived in any of the numerous village and towns named Soler. This place-name is derived from the word soler, which means site or plot and it is ultimately derived from the Late Latin word solarium, which means bottom or ground." says, "The word solarium (pl -lariums or -laria) is Latin and means terrace or flat housetop from the Latin word sol meaning sun." says, "< L solarium balcony, terrace, equiv. to sol the sun + -arium -ary] ".

Solares may indeed refer to a plot of land in a sunny location. If so, it is akin to surnames such as Marsh for those who lived near one, Hill for those living on or near a hill, Brooks, Burns, Fields, etc. These sort of surnames occur in all Western languages. Muir, for example, and its Scottish variants Moor, More, Moore, Mure, etc., is the most common surname in Scotland because it is a land filled with moors. I choose to use the solar design for Solares Family pages on this genealogical site but in actuality there are no officially recognized Solares arms. The colors are based on Catalonian and Spanish colors of red and yellow.

Charts for Related Families

Shown below are charts of lineage for the Morano and Houidobre families realted to Solares by marriage. These charts are primarily intended to show the linkages among the three family lines and are not a serious study of either Morano or Houidobre since neither is the direct line of author's ancestry.

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