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Hepburn Clan History
Chillingham References
Scottish Covenanters
Letters from London
Hepburns in Peerage
Ancient Nobles Lineage
Dr Patrick Hepburn 1662-1728
Margaret Hepburn 1694-1749
John Hepburn Sr 1709-1774
John Hepburn Jr 1740-1774
Samuel Chew Hepburn I 1742-1806
John Muir Hepburn 1790-1850
Samuel Chew Hepburn II 1822-1888
Celestine Mosley Hepburn 1855-1931
George Joseph Hepburn 1868-1921
Annie Hepburn 1871-1933
Stella Hepburn 1872-1955
Robert Johnston Hepburn 1884-1956
Samuel Joseph Hepburn 1904-1970
Ashton Elmo Hepburn 1907-1972
Howard Emerson Hepburn 1910-1966

Hepburn Family Origins & Migration  

1245 - Robert de Hyburne and/or Adam Hepburn [Hebburn, Hibburne] first appeard in the border areas.
1321 - Sir Patrick Hepburn became first Lord of Hailles.
1662 - Approximate year of birth of ancestor dr Patrick Hepburn in the Lothians.

1680 .. 1693 - Dr Patrick Hepburn was present in Maryland Colony. Passenger lists include a Patrick Hepburn who came to America in 1700 which might have been his emigration from Scotland and his daughter Margaret born in Scotland, or it could have been a return trip for business.
1822 - Samuel Chew Hepburn II born at Georgetown, Maryland.
Samuel was in Louisiana by 1850. He left to fight in the Civil War then returned to estanlish our Hepburn line in New orleans.

This Hepburn lineage from Adam Hepburn 1245 through Samuel C. Hepburn 1888 lived under these flags:

Scotland: St Andrew's Cross from 9th century Scotland: Royal Standard since Robert the Bruce 1300s Scotland: British Union 1606-1707 Maryland Colony: King of England Maryland Colony: Calvert 1632 until Civil War Maryland Colony: Grand Union 1775 - American Revolution
Maryland: Official Mexico: Samuel at Matamoras Missouri: 1850s when Samuel was a surveyor Confederate States of America while Samuel in army Louisiana: after statehood
U.S. 38 Stars 1877-1890 when Samuel died

Name Origin & Heraldic Arms  

An online search turned up the first two arms at right. Perhaps they are the generic arms of the clan. The first is at www.houseofnames.com, the second at www.allfamilycrests.com. The third is a rendering by author from a blazon document. It is traditional in our family. It most likely belongs to a chief who was not the first son. More research is needed and perhaps it would lead to knowledge of which of Adam's descendants produced our lineage.

House of Names displays it with the motto "Keep Tryst". Our family records give the motto in Latin as "Prudentia et Virtute".

Hepburn is a Scottish family name that is also associated with a variety of famous personages, eponyms, places, and things. Whilst a Scottish name, it's origins are widely suspected to lie south of the border in the English town of Hebburn, in South Tyneside. The origins of the name are suggested to be the same as that of the town from the Anglo Saxon words heah, meaning high and byrgen, meaning burial place. Alternatively it could mean something along the lines of "high place beside the water", as the word burn is a still widely used Scots word to mean river.
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HEPBURN name variations in England from hebborn.btinternet.co.uk by George Hebborn
Ebborn     Ebborne     Ebburn     Ebburne     Eborne     Epburne     Heabburn   Heaborne    Heaburn    
Hebbarn    Hebbarne    Hebbern    Hebberne    Hebberon   Hebborn     Hebborne   Hebbourn    Hebbourne
Hebburn    Hebburne    Heberne    Heborn      Heborne    Heborne     Hebourn    Hebron      Heburn     
Heburne    Hepburn     Heyborn    Heyborne    Heybourne
Hepburn Factoids  

[Author Note: According to occupations listed in the 1880 United States Census, an immeasurably small percentage of the population were lawyers but 3% of HEPBURNS were engaged in law practice. ]

HEPBURN Distribution in the United States

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