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Family Tree Extract
Census Chronogram 1860-1930
Search Results
Maurice Villien 1831-1902
Joseph Angelle Villien 1870-1958
Lastie M Villien Sr 1901-1989
Lastie M Villien Jr 1936-2005

Villien Family Origins & Migration  

Flag of Savoy
Savoy - 1003
Rudolph III, King of Burgundy, officially installed rulers in 1003. The House of Savoy maintained independence as Counts of Savoy, which Savoy a County.

House of Savoy: 1032-18604
The House of Savoy ruled over the area for nearly 900 years whatever the status of the region; county, duchy, or part of a kindgom.

Flag of Ducal Savoy Duchy of Savoy - 1416
Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor, made the County of Savoy an independent Duchy of Savoy from 1416 to 1720. Duchy of Savoy became the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. Savoy was largely absorbed into France in 1860, as part of the political agreement with Napoleon III that brought about the unification of Italy.

Flag of the House of Savoy Kingdom of Sardinia - 1714
In 1714 Savoy was linked with the Kingdom of Sardinia, which included Piedmont in north-western Italy.

Flag of Modern Louisiana Maurice Villien - 1831
By all accounts found to date, Maurice Villien was born in Savoy. Usually his birth si shown as in Haute-Savoie, France. At the time of his birth, Savoy was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, not France. Probably it is convenient to refer to Savoy as France as it was absorbed in 1860. By then, Maurice Villien was living in Attakappas ... Vermillion Parish, Louisiana today.

Maurice Villien is listed in the US Census enumeration sheets from 1860 forward. A very brief bio at LAGenWeb, about two sentences, says he came to New Orleans as a young man, purchased land and established a plantation in the area of Vermillion Parish. Eventually, his store became a settlement and finally a town incorporated in 1911 as Maurice, Louisiana, situated between the cities of Lafayette and Abbeville. Louisiana land records show his purchase.

Flags of Royalist & Modern France Savoy Annexed by France - 1860
Savoy was annexed by France on March 24, 1860 according to the provisions of the Treaty of Turin. The treaty was followed on April 22/23 by a plebiscite in which voters were offered the option of approving the treaty and joining France or rejecting the treaty; the disallowed options of either joining Switzerland (with which the region had close ties), remaining with Italy, or regaining its independence, were the source of some opposition. With a 99.8% vote in favor of joining France, there were allegations of vote-rigging.

Haute-Savoie (English: "Upper Savoy") is a French department, named for its location in the Alps mountain range. [Wikipedia]

Heraldic Arms
Left = Haute-Savoie

Center = House of Savoy
Victor Emmanuel II
Duke of Savoy & First King of Italy

Right = Kingdom of Sardinia

Name Origin & Heraldic Arms  

Extensive searching yields the fact that there are no Villien arms. In fact, there is scant record of anyone surnamed Villien anywhere. The earliest found use of villien as a surname is Jacques VILLIEN, né vers 1610, Montgirod-Centron,73600,Savoie,Tarentaise,FRANCE, décédé avant 1665, Montgirod-Centron,73600,Savoie,Tarentaise,FRANCE.

Villien is not a word in the French language but 'villein' is. villein (redirected from Villien) villein (vil`?n) [O.Fr.,=village dweller], peasant under the manorial system manorial system (m?nôr`e?l, man–) or seignorial system.

There are a great many people named Villein. The name Villein is like numerous other surnames derived from life situations and occupations: Carpenter, Shoemaker, Farmer, Smith are a few that come to mind. Perhaps Villien is simply a spelling variation of villein. There are some Villien surname families in Canada but the name is primarily found in Vermillion Parish, Louisiana.

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