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Toups Documents & Sources
Charlotte Marie Toups 1752 - 1833 Cecelia Marie Toups 1857 - 1921

Toups Family Origins & Migration

1540 Klyhan Dubs
born Bern Canton Switzerland
1654 Gaspard Dubs
born ZurichSwitzerland
1714 Jean Frederick Dubs
born Eppinger Germany
1740s Jean Frederick to
German Coast in Louisiana, New France
1752 Charlotte Marie Toups born at Des Allemandes, Louisiana Chauvin-Toups Marriage in State of Louisiana

The earliest trace of our Toups family is in Affoltern im Emmental, Switzerland, known as the cheese village, for its famed Emmental cheese. The green arrow indicates the place near Zurich where Michael, Hans and Gaspard were born and lived in the 17th century.

The other arrows show the relatively close proximity of families which intermarried after arriving in Louisiana during or after the French Empire.

At right is the path of Gaspard fom Zurich to Eppingen in Germany, then Lorient, France in 1721 for the trip to German Coast in Louisiana, New France.

Toups Family Arms & Name

Research has failed to discover armorial bearings for the surnames Toups or Dubs. The arms above are for the Affoltern community where Toups apparently originated.

Caspar Dubs' son Jean Frederick Toups [probably Christened Johann Friedrich Dubs in 1714] was born at Eppingen, Germany. Above are the official arms of Eppingen from the city's web site in 2007.
TOUPS: French: unexplained.

DUBS: German: from a Germanic personal name formed with theud, diot ‘people’, ‘race’.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4 cited at

Surname: Dubs
Recorded as Dub, Dubs, Dubendorfer, Diebendoerfer, Dubsky, which is Polish-German, and possibly others, this is probably a Germanic residential and topographical medieval surname, although there are other possible origins. It is generally believed to be taken from the pre 7th century Old High German word "dub or tub" meaning a marsh or swamp, with the surname describing either a person who lived by such a place, or at a village by a marsh. Residential surnames of this type were often the earliest to be created, as any prominent feature, whether natural or man made, was an obvious source of identification amongst the small communites of the Middle Ages.

However a second possiblity is that it was was originally an early personal name, which may account for the later spelling of Dubel or Tubel, meaning "Litle Dub" or possibly "son of Dub or Tub". This spelling is first recorded in the year 1315 when Hainrich Tubel of Walddorf appears in the charters of that town, and Martin Dubelin, a double diminutive version, was recorded in Tiengen in 1591. Finally the name may be a fused version of the early and popular French surname du Bois, meaning "from the wood", which over the centuries has been recorded in many spellings of which this may be one.

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