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Book: "Old Families of Louisiana"
Rene Chauvin 1600 - 1658
Pierre Chauvin 1631 - 1699
Gilles Chauvin 1668 - 1754
Louis Marie Chauvin 1702 - 1754
Paul Hypolite Chauvin 1750 - 1799
Zenon Chauvin 1797 - 1872
Alcide Chauvin 1835 - 1924
Alcide Joseph Chauvin 1854 - 1938
Hercules Jos Chauvin 1882 - 1933
Earl Charles Chauvin 1907 - 1907
Irene Marie Chauvin 1909 - 1978
Marietta Cecile Chauvin 1914 - 1976

Chauvin Family Origins & Migration  
Chauvin Timeline

The red markers identify Angers where our Chauvin ancestral line began. An article at states, "The first sign of human presence on the site of Angers is a stone tool dated back to 400,000 BC (Lower Paleolithic). The earliest known inhabitants were the Andecavi, a Gallic tribe that was overrun by the Romans. The city, while under Roman rule, was called Juliomagus.

The Council of Angers was held here in 453.
The city suffered severely from the invasions of the Normans (in 845 and succeeding years)
Angers was once the capital of the historic province of Anjou."

[To date we have not determined with any degree of certainty whether or not the 400,000 year old stone tool was made and used by the first Chauvin in Anjou.]

Chauvin Origins & Migration

Roman Empire Imperial Eagle

Holy Roman Empire



Royalist France

New France



Acadian Louisiana

State of Louisiana
880 - County of Anjou: Before 845 the area of Anjou and its seat Angers were ruled by Romans and other warring tribes and nations. The area frequantly changed hands. After a Norman invasion it was made a county [governed by a Count] and passed back and forth among England, France, Naples, Brittainy and Normandy through marriages and treaties among royals.

1360 - Duchy of Anjou: One of the many holders of the region elevated it to a Duchy [governed by a Duke], which is what it was when our earliest known Chauvin ancestor, Jean, was born about 1561.

1561 Jean Chauvin: was born at Vion Dans La Sarthe, Pres De La Fleche, Diocese Dangers En Anjou, France.

1594 France: absorbed Anjou into the Royal Domain where it has remained to this day as part of the region Maine-et-Loire. And so it was in1599 when René Chauvin was born to Jean and wife Renee LeDuc. René married Catherine Avard De'Solesne and in 1631 they had a son whom they named Pierre.

1653 - New France: Pierre, later to be known as Le Grand Pierre or Pierre Chauvin dit LeGrand, went to Quebec in New France [now Canada], by many accounts and records.

Pierre married Marthe Autreuil [Le H'autreux] who bore him numerous children, one of whom was Jules Gilles Chauvin who fathered Louis Marie Chauvin. This brings us to the year ...

1734 - Illinois: when Louis Marie relocated to Kaskaskia in Illinois, a Province of New France. Subsequently, Louis's son Hypolite Paul [or Paul Hyploite Chauvin as sometimes recorded] left Illinois to go further south in New France.

1770s - Louisiana: Paul set up a home in Hahnville at Cotes Allemandes [German Coast] in Louisiana and it was there he established our Chauvin Family line descending through Zenon, Alcide, Alcide Joseph, hercules Joseph, and finally Marietta Cecile Chauvin, this author's mother.

Name Origin & Heraldic Arms  

Name: Chauvin
Language of origin: Old French Translation: the little bald one

Info about origin: originally a family name 'Chauvin' used in France, known from Jean Chauvin, (John Calvin) (1509-1564) the name can be interpreted as 'the little bald one'.

Words: calve=bald; chauve=bald
Variants: Calvin in English & German; Kalvin in English
French: diminutive of Chauve, a nickname for a bald man, from Old French chauf ‘bald’ (Latin calvus). Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4
Anjou - Old Anjou - Modern Chauvin Chavanne

Chauvin Factoids  

Distribution of Chauvin Families in U.S.

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MAP at right shows prozimity of origins for five related families who emigrated to Louisiana and intermarried. All of these families came from areas where some form of the French language prevailed or was spoken by a sizable minority of the population.

Folse in Germany [Allemain] near France
Richard in France at Saintonge
Robichaux in France at laChaussee
Chauvin in France at Anjou
Toups in Switzerland [Suisse] near France

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