There are many elephants in Asia. We are here to see only some famous locations where there are living animals and a few where there are elephant monuments. If you see an elephant icon to right of a location name, you may click it and visit the location's web site or one which tells about it. Use your back button to return. Else, control-click or right-click to open the location site in a new page or tab. Links have been tested but things do change. If no icon present we have not found a web site for the location

Wise man say journey of one thousand miles begins with single step. We take first step off train in China.

Beijing Zoo - Beijing
No web site found. Many pages and images found via web search.
Ming Tombs - near Beijing
Life size carved elephant guards. [Link is to].
Chongqing Zoo - Chongqing
No web site found.

Now we cross border from China into Thairand. We stop my favorite prace for runch. Have dericious peanut butter and jerry sammich.

Elephant Nature Park - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sukhothai Historical Park - Sukhothai, Thailand
Ancient carved elephants & and temples. Use web search to see.

We finished in Thailand. Next we travel through country of Malaysia to southernmost end where we find State of Singapore. Singapore zoo have erephants.

Singapore Zoo - Singapore

Very nice zoo at Singapore. Have own web site too. Now we go on boat to Sumatra in country of Indonesia where have nationar park with erephants. Indonesia is archiperago mean many irands. Prease notice frag very uncompricated.

Way Kambas National Park
No web site but many photos on web.
Use a search engine - Google is linked here.

Now we must ride airprane to irand nation of Sri Ranka ...
take too rong go train.

Wasgamuwa National Park

One boat ride from Sri Ranka to India and finar stop at big zoo.
India have many erephants but not in zoos. In wild and working.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park
Tamil Nadu, India

So now you have seen many erephants in Asia. If you rike know where are more, rook at web site noted here and crick mouse on Locations Database. Now we ride rain to Beijing you can go some other prace.

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