Welcome to Africa. There are many thousands of elephants on this continent. Most are in the wild, or in sanctuaries. We are hunting the ones that we can visit.
If you see a safari vehicle icon parked at a location name, you may click it and visit the location's web site or one which tells about it. Use your back button to return. Else, control-click or right-click to open the location site in a new page or tab. Links have been tested but things do change. If no vehicle present web site for the location not found.

We begin our adventure with a flight into Cairo to pick up our vehicle and drive down the eastern coast of Africa.

Cairo-Giza Zoo - Cairo, Egypt
No official web site identified.

Now we drive down to Kenya. Kenya is famous for its two great national parks ... Amboseli and Tsavo ... both of which have been centers of elephant research for many years.
The banner design for Kenya shows the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain is not in Kenya but in neighboring Tanzania just across the border. It looms large over Amboseli Park and is the background for many films and videos about African elephants.

Sheldrick Wildlife Orphanage - Nairobi
web site is linked on Jeep: www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org
This is one of the world renowned operations of Dr Daphne Sheldrick.
Amboseli National Park - Kenya
web site is linked on Jeep: www.kws.org/ - Kenya Wildlife Service.
This is where Dr Cynthia Moss did ground breaking research on African elephants.
Tsavo National Park - Kenya
web site is linked on Jeep: www.kws.org/ - Kenya Wildlife Service.
There are two enormous sections to this park, Tsavo West and Tsavo East.

From Kenya we journey southwesterly across Tanzania into Zambia.

Munda Wanga Trust Environmental Park - Lusaka
web site is linked on Jeep: www.mundawanga.com/

From Munda Wanga we travel overland through Zimbabwe to the southern tip of Mozambique where we will visit Tembe Elephant Park. The park is called a transfrontier facility, straddling Mozambique and South Africa.
It lies about forty miles north of Durban. Then we will cut across Swaziland to Kruger and from there south inside South Africa through Pretoria and Johannesburg to Bloemfontein.

Tembe Elephant Park - near Kwangwanase
web site is linked on Jeep: www.tembe.co.za/
Lodging on site.

Kruger National Park - South Africa
web site is linked on Jeep: www.sanparks.org/parks/kruger
Kruger is one of the best known wildlife parks on earth. The entire region extends into several nations but the primary park is the one in South Africa.
Pretoria Zoo - Pretoria, South Africa
web site is linked on Jeep: www.zoo.ac.za/
Johannesburg Zoo - Johannesburg, South Africa
web site is linked on Jeep: www.zoo.ac.za/
Bloemfontein Zoo - Bloemfontein, South Africa
No web site identified.

It's been swell folks. I hope you enjoyed your tour. I'll take you the airport and you're on your way back to the Tour HQ or wherever you want to go.

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