Welcome to our deluxe tour across Europe to see the elephant sights and sites.
We will travel about 10,000 kilometers, or roughly six thousand miles to you Yanks, on our luxurious double decker bus with all amenities on board. Be assured that constant snacking is permitted and a fresh supply of peanuts is loaded at every petrol stop.

My name is Penelope. I invite you to call me Penny. I'll be incessantly speaking to you thoughout your tour. To my right, or your left, is our erstwhile tour driver Percy
who is expert at delivering you safely to all tour sites. Percival is like a ship's captain except he can not perform marriages, and I am like a ship's social director, entertainer, and all around perky hostess.

So, ladies and gents, if you are ready, climb aboard and we'll be off to begin our tour at Dublin Zoo. By the way, you will draw lots each night for seats so everyone has a chance to sit up high. You are welcome to trade, barter, auction, or whatever, your seat assignments among yourselves.

Dublin Zoo - Dublin
Web site linked to bus - www.dublinzoo.ie

Isn't the Dublin Zoo simply marvelous? Yes, I know you agree. Now we will drive north along the coast and into Northern Ireland, a country of the United Kingdom, to get to the ferry dock at Larne. We will sail across the Irish Sea to Troon in Scotland then motor north to Stirling. This is terribly exciting !

Blair Drummond Safari Park - near Stirling, Scotland
Web site linked to bus - www.blairdrummond.com/animals/
Stirling is the site of the monument to William Wallace - "Braveheart".
There is also a statute of him at Aberdeen.

We've motored down from Scotland and here we are in Lancashire in merry olde England where we simply adore elephants. Have for decades and decades. We are still angry about London Zoo selling our beloved Jumbo to that showman Phineas Barnum. But, we have lots of elephants left so let's see them.
Blackpool Zoo - Lancashire
Web site linked to bus - www.blackpoolzoo.org.uk/pages/animals/
Knowsley Safari Park - Merseyside
Web site linked to bus - www.knowsley.com
Chester Zoo - Cheshire
Web site linked to bus - www.chesterzoo.org/ [search elephant]
Bristol Zoological Gardens - Cheshire
Web site linked to bus - www.bristolzoo.org.uk/
Woburn Safari Park - Bedfordshire
Web site linked to bus - www.woburnsafari.co.uk/
Whipsnade Zoo - Whipsnade
Web site linked to bus - www.zsl.org/zsl-whipsnade-zoo/
Zoological Society of London by Royal Charter. Marvelous web site. Click "meet the animals" to find elephants.
Colchester Zoo - Essex
Web site linked to bus - www.colchester-zoo.co.uk/
[elephants are in African Zone]
Port Lympne Wild Animal Park - Port Lympne
Web site linked to bus - www.totallywild.net/portlympne/index.php
Our trip through England was terribly exciting. Now we are going to leave the lovely British Isles and travel on the continent of Europe. And to get us there ... are you ready for this ? ... We will board a train and ride under the English Channel through the "Chunnel" as the channel tunnel is known.

Our bus will ride on a special transport while we ride in a luxurious passenger coach. When we emerge from the tunnel we will be in France. Then we will board our bus and motor south to Spain. Won't that be thrilling ?
Bienvenue en France
Welcome to France.

We are only passing through to Spain for now.
On our way north again we will see the French elephants.

Cabárceno Parque de la Naturaleza - Cabárceno
Web site linked to bus - www.parquedecabarceno.com
Site language is Spanish / Español
Zoo Aquarium Madrid - Madrid
Web site linked to bus - /www.zoomadrid.com/
Site language is Spanish / Español

Réserve Africaine de Sigean - Sigean/font>
Web site linked to bus - www.reserveafricainesigean.fr/
Site offers six languages. Click Great Britain flag for English site.

Before we motor on from Sigean, let's take a look at the map and see where we are on our tour. The red route shows where we have been. The blue shows where we are going.

What did you say Mr. Funt? Why yes, the tour does take a long time. That's because we stop every two hours to eat.

Giardino Zoologico di Roma - Rome
Web site linked to bus - www.bioparco.it/
Fontana Dell Elefante - Catania, Sicily
No official web site. Full article and photos at wikipedia.
Web site linked to bus - www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catania

Fontana Dell Elefante

Official symbol of Catania

Arab Conquest of Sicily

Around 900 AD, the Saracenic Dominance gave rise to Balad-Al-Fil and Medinat-Al-Fil, the two official Catania's Arabic appellatives.

The first translates "The Village or The Country of the Elephant" and the second is simply and proudly "The City of the Elephant".

The Elephant is the lavic one of Piazza Duomo’s Fountain, probably just a prehistorical sculpture reforged in Byzantine Era, an idolatrised talisman that was reputed capable to protect the city from any sort of enemies and powerful enough to keep away misfortune, plagues or natural calamities.

The Moslem Conquerors accepted this pachydermical protection deciding to name after it the vanquished town.

Today's name stems from an Arab toponym.

Image used under GNU License from Urban]

Zoo Basel - Basel, Switzerland
Web site linked to bus - www.zoobasel.ch/
Zoo Zurich - Zurich, Switzerland
Web site linked to bus - www.zoo.ch/xml_1/internet/en/intro.cfm [in English]

Zoo Vienna - Vienna, Austria
Web site linked to bus - www.zoovienna.at

Willkommen in Deutschland! We are about to cross into Germany where there are many sites to see. However, they are more easterly in the country so we will stop only at Krefeld while we travel north to Holland and Denmark. After Copenhagen we will see all the other German sites on our way south.
Krefeld Zoo - Krefeld, Germany
Web site linked to bus - www.zookrefeld.de/02_englisch/index2.htm
{english lang site]

Rotterdam Zoo - Rotterdam
Web site linked to bus - www.rotterdamzoo.nl/?lang=EN[glish]
{english lang site]
Dierenpark Amersfoort - Amersfoort
Web site linked to bus - www.dierenparkamersfoort.nl
In January of 2000, a visitor to our original elephanteria site sent an email with this photo of baby elephant Indra born at Amersfoort.

Our special thanks to Henry Hekman for the photo.
Dierenpark Emmen - Emmen
Web site linked to bus - www.zoo-emmen.nl/

Zoo Kobenhaven - Copenhagen
Web site linked to bus - www.zoo.dk

Hagenbeck Tierpark - Hamburg, Germany
Web site linked to bus - www.hagenbeck-tierpark.de/start.html
[Start page offers 5 languages - click an image to enter the zoo site then the British flag for English version]
Munster Zoo - Munster, Germany
Web site linked to bus - www.allwetterzoo.de/english/index.html [English site]
Hannover Zoo - Hannover, Germany
Web site linked to bus -
www.zoo-hannover.de/zoo-hannover/en/zoo_v3/home.php [English site - enter elephant in search box.]
Thüringer Zoopark - Erfurt, Germany
Web site linked to bus - www.zoopark-erfurt.de/
Tierpark Berlin - Berlin, Germany
Web site linked to bus - www.tierpark-berlin.de/
Zoo Dresden - Dresden, Germany
Web site linked to bus - www.zoo-dresden.de/

Warsaw Zoo - Warsaw, Poland
Web site linked to bus - www.zoo.waw.pl/

Zoo Nikolaev - Nikolaev, Ukraine
Web site linked to bus - www.zoo.nikolaev.ua/eng/ [English site]

Moscow Zoo - Moscow, Russia
Web site linked to bus - www.moscowzoo.ru

We hope you have enjoyed our tour as much as we did taking you along. Moscow is our final stop. You may ride back to tour headquarters with us and go on another tour or simply log off. Come and see us again soon.

Tat-ta 'til then.

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