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Addo Elephant National Park
Photos and elephant information

http://africam.com - click on Elephant Plains
Streaming web cams of elephants and other wildlife

African Elephant Specialist Group (AfESG)
Streaming web cams of elephants and other wildlife

Amboseli National Park
Conservation, Education, News, Photos.
© Kenya Wildlife Service

Amboseli Trust for Elephants [ATE]
Research Project, lots of photos, blogs, education and more.

African Wildlife Foundation
Conservation oriented. Photos and Education.

Born Free Foundation & Elefriends
Conservation oriented. Photos and Education.

Defenders of Wildlife
- search keyword elephant
Conservation oriented. Photos and Education.

Discovery Channel's
Animal Planet
Web Site

Great collection of photos, videos and other stuff.

ECI - Elephant Care International
Conservation oriented. Photos and Education.

ECWP - Elephant Conservation Welfare Project
Conservation oriented. Photos and Education.

Elephant Encyclopedia
Exhaustive info site. Versions in English, German, Japanese.

Elephants for Africa Trust
Lots of photos and information. You can adopt an elephant at the site.

Elephant Information Database
www.elephant.se - outstanding web site operated for many years by Dan Koehl
Everything you could want to know about elephants. A serious rather than fun site like ours.
On the site is an Elephant Locations Database which lists more than 1200 sites worldwide where living elephants are exhibited. There are links to videos and all sorts of details about the animals.

Elephant Managers Association

Site for those working with captive elephants. Lots of information for laymen.

Elephant Nature Park
Photos, Ecards, Gallery, Gift Shop & more.

Elephant Sanctuary
Sanctuary for freed formerly captive elephants. Elecam shows live activity. Lots and lots of photos.

Elephant Voices
Fascinating site. Savanna Elephant Vocalization Project - Comprehensive site about elephant communication, behaviour, conservation.

Everything Elephants
[see this elephant in motion on the site]
Home of the International Elephant Collectors Society and The Everything Elephants: A Collector's Pictorial Encyclopedia Project.

Friends of the Elephant Foundation
Sanctuary for freed formerly captive elephants. Elecam shows live activity. Lots and lots of photos.

Letaba Elephant Hall
Home of the Magnificent Seven (tuskers). Lots and lots of photos.

Living With Elephants
African Elephant conservation site with project info, photos, resources. Working to ameliorate conflict between elephants and people.

The Elephant Mahout Project
Site gives many details and insights into elephant mahout training camp in Thailand.

National Geographic
http://nationalgeographic.com - search "elephant"
Outstanding site as you would expect from National Geographic Society.

National Geographic KIDS
Fantastic site for kids who want to know stuff about elephants and other topics.

National Zoo at Smithsonian
http://nationalzoo.si.edu/ - search 'elephant'
Elaborate site for zoological information.

Elephant Polo
Fun, fun, fun. Lots of photos of elephant polo tournaments.

Project Elephant
Government of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests site.

The Center for Elephant Conservation
Web site for Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey's elephant center. Marvelous.

Riddle's Elephant
& Wildlife Sanctuary

Long standing excellent site: management school, conservation, biographies, and more. Adopt an elephant.

Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey
Official site of "The Greatest Show On Earth". Plenty of elephants.

Save The Elephants
Long time organization's site has News, Projects, Photos, many resources.

San Diego Zoo Elephant Project
Focus is on their Swaziland Elephant Project.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Daphne Sheldrick should be familiar to anyone who watches nature documentaries. She runs the world famous elephant orphanage. Wonderful site.

Tembe Elephant Park
Live webcam, Photo Gallery, Education.

The Elephant [magazine]
Only site of its kind. published by: Friends of the Elephant Foundation. [Parent site listed above under Friends].

WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
Conservation emphasis - Asian Elephants

WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
Conservation emphasis - African Elephants

World Wildlife Fund
USA - www.panda.org
UK - http://www.wwf.org.uk
search 'elephant' [3500+ hits]
Extensive conservation site with lots of data.

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