Elephant Motif Jewelry includes anything wearable as jewelry. Typically it is costume grade jewelry or novelty items, although much of it is beaded neckwear from third world crafts people. The examples show below are from our collection and include a variety of materials and styles.

If you make it to the bottom of the page you will see some elephant motif jewelry that is real jewelry.

Sterling Silver Bracelet
by Nature's Jewelry, Chelsea, MA
Sterling Silver Bracelet
from Serengeti Catalogue, Chelmsford, MA
Plated cast pot metal
Made in Korea
Cast metal & rhinestones
Made in Korea
Black (onyx?) and brass.
Painted wood
Made in Philippines
by Judy Strong, Orlando FL





Ivory, India Item 420
Enamel on Gold plate USA by Beta Item 1858
Plated base Nature's Jewelry Item 1094
Silver Nature's Jewelry
Item 1769
Sterling, Avery Item 490
Sterling, Avery Item 904
Sterling Nature's Jewelry
Item 1768
Novelty w/ moving legs & head Item 2484
Silverplated zinc Hong Kong Item 2484

Art Watch - image is "Night Run"
from a painting by Betsey Burnham-Fowler
USA by VP Group, Bronxville NY
 Ladies watch with elephants on band links.
Japan for Unique Creations.
Right: Men's wristwatch with elephant face.
Hong Kong for Nature's Jewelry MO Catalog.

Tie Clasp
Ivory or bone
Chinatown, SFCA

Tie Tack, Bronze
Item 834

Cuff Links Enameled Vermeil
Scully & Scully NY
1999 catalog

Cuff Links from a catalog
info lost
Tie Tack
Sterling, USA
Item 76
Tie Tack
Plated casting
Item 833
Cuff Links
Enamel on Sterling
Item 2274
Cuff Links
Silver plate
Item 2446
Cuff Links
Plated casting
Item 1748
Cuff Links
Sterling, Siam
Item 2261

Hang on to your hat elephant lover ... here are the most spectacular and exquisite elephant jewelry we've ever come across. They are from world renowned jeweler Cartier. The prices are assuredly obsolete as we have had this catalog since before 1992 ... perhaps quite a while before. It is not dated.

[1]   Fluid 18K yellow gold necklace in a parade of twenty-four large and small elephants, each detailed with an emerald eye. $36,000.

[2]   Brooch figure. An elephant in yellow gold and diamonds carrying cultured pearl and ruby with emerald eyes. Also available with emerald in place of pearl. $29,000.

[3]   18K yellow gold brooch featuring a trio of elephants atop a pair of bamboo stalks. $6,100.

[4]   Elephant brooch featuring a young elephant with an emerald eye. $5,000. Also available in a larger size. $8,000.

[6]   Elephant ring in yellow 18K gold. $3,500.

[5&7]   The majestic elephant is Cartier's newest addition to its famed animal kingdom. The bas relief composition is white and yellow 18K gold. Each elephant features a single emerald eye.

[5]   Earrings available as pierced or clip styles. $10,000.
[7]   Bracelet. $27,000.

All descriptions were copied directly from catalog text. There is no notice of copyright on the cover or pages we have.

Cartier store locations:
653 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
Beverly Hills, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
Los ANgeles, CA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, CA
Washington, DC
Bal Harbor, FL
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Palm Beach, FL
Atlanta, GA
Honolulu, HI
Chicago, IL
Chevy Chase, MD
Boston, MA
Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY
San Juan, PR
Houston, TX
St Thomas, USVI
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Montreal, PQ, Canada
as listed on catalog back cover. There may be more or fewer stores now.

On page 4 of this wonderful catalog is the photograph and text shown here. Since it is too small for you to read, it is typed here verbatim for you...

"The Spirit Of India"

"It was the turn of the century, and the allure of distant and exotic India captured Jacques Cartier's imagination. In the course of his travels there, the maharajahs of India presented him with their jewels for redesign using the latest Cartier innovations. In his work, Cartier maintained the gems' traditional shapes, blending Indian traditions and his own imagination to create a new style ... one that has influenced the House of Cartier for almost a century.

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