Elephants appear on many signs and displays for various reasons. Some are connected to events, or products, or organizations; others seemingly have no relationship to the venue in which they appear. There must be many thousands of such signs but we have only a few to show you. If you have photos of elephant signs you want to share with viewers of this site please go to the welcome center where you can send us email.

Display - Barnes & Noble Book Store
Inside Barnes & Noble Bookstore.... Your Site Host leans on an Elephant column; one of two flanking the entrance to the children's books area. The large figures are supporting a structure which separates the children's books area from the rest of the store. The figures appear to be fiberglass. These elephants are there to attract children and adults who are interested in children's books.

Interesting that they would choose elephants.

Photo by Kathy Hepburn, July 1995 ©WH 1995.

Display - Shelton Nursery
Huge pink elephant stands outside at Shelton's Nursery on Highway 60 just off Interstate 75 in Brandon, Florida. Presumably its purpose is to attract attention ... which it does.

Photo by Kathy Hepburn, July 1997 ©WH 1995.

Display - Burger King
This children's slide, shaped like an elephant with the sliding board as the trunk, is in the play area at the Burger KingŪ in Wildwood just off the Interstate & Turnpike connection. An ordinary slide would suffice but elephants appeal to kids.

Photo by Wayne Hepburn ©WH 1993

Sign - Disney's Animal Kingdom
This is scan of a newspaper photo of the sign for Disney's new park at their Orlando complex, "Animal Kingdom", which opened in April 1998. See who gets the only full three dimensional figure ... the ELEPHANT.

Photo appeared in Sarasota Herald Tribune, 19 April 1998

Billboard - The Vanishing Elephant
This was offered on ebay® in 1999. The seller said of it:

"Carter "The Vanishing Elephant" stone litho magic poster billboard unused c.1920s. Size is 8 1/2 feet high by 6 feet wide. It is mounted on linen and excellent condition for its age. The color is incredible!!"

Bumper Sticker - Circus Museum
This bumper sticker promotes the Circus Museum at John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida. Of all the animals in a circus, they chose the elephant to catch people's eyes.

Display - Jumbo Balloons
This counter display for balloons which inflate to a larger than ordinary size capita;izes twice on the elephant's mystique. There is a cartoon illustration of an elephant and the product is described the name of the most famous elephant in history, JUMBO.

Display - Snickers
"3D" effect display sign shows elephant crashing thru brick wall with giant Snickers bar. Background is level 1... elephant and foreleg on level 2 ... candy and trunk on level 3. Display folds flat. Used to promote Snickers candy bars at point of sale. Snickers has used an elephant in many of its promotions and television commercials.

Display - Movie Lobby Card
The movie "JUMBO" was promoted in numerous ways including visuals placed in theater lobbies. The card show at right is of this type.

Sign & Statue - Swap Shop
In Fort Lauderdale, Florida there is an enormous flea market named the Swap Shop. It occupies numerous buildings on the site of an old drive-in movie. One of the buildings sports huge depictions of elephants and there are two large elephant statues in the parking lot. In one building there is a mini circus with an elephant and rides after the show.

Photos 1999 by Wayne Hepburn

Mural - Futons, Etc.
On the exterior wall of this store, facing main artery Tamiami Trail, is this mural featuring a lion and an elephant. They attract attention to the store but obviously have nothing to do with futons.

Photo Feb 1999 by Wayne Hepburn

Sign - The Elephant Room
This pub in the "Old Town" area of Knoxville, Tennessee is named 'The elephant Room'. The sign above the establishment shows the name and a depiction of an elephant.

Photo July 1997 by Wayne Hepburn

Sign - Nozzle Nolen
Nozzle Nolen is a pest control service on Florida's east coast. They have branches up and down the coast. This sign is at their office in West Palm Beach. A novelty elephant is their trademark and appears on everything associated with the enterprise.

Each truck has on its roof a bobble-head elephant which moves as the vehicle rolls. You can see one on the cab of the truck parked beneath the sign.

Photo by Wayne Hepburn

Billboard - PETA
PETA is the acronym of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals who sponsored this billboard in San Diego, California calling attention to captive elephants. They consider elephants working is circuses to be exploited slaves so they show an elephant's foreleg and foot in chains.

Photo by Wayne Hepburn July 1999

Sign - Elephant Super Car Wash
Revolving, illuminated, sign visible for blocks calls attention to the car wash. Whimsical. They do use elephants to wash cars but the concept is novel. There once was a TV commercial for off road vehicles that had an elephant spray wash the truck.

Photo in Seattle, Washington - ©1999 Sheri Chadwick, used by permission.

Sign - Circus Museum
Sign at Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin where the Ringling Brothers began their shows.

Sign - Elephant Kerosene
Apparently Esso (Standard Oil Company) once had a brand of kerosene named 'Elephant'. It was offered in online auction. Seller said it came from a gas station in India.

Sign - Papiers
Sign saying to ask here for moderne office papers in various colors.

Sign - Pink Elephant Brewery
Sign at brewery in New Zealand.
From their web site: " Opened in 1990. Specialising in British style ales. All the ales have good body, generous hop rates and full malt flavours are apparent in all my ales. These are genuine ales using a British Ale yeast and are made by traditional methods - most unusual in New Zealand ! "

All images - © Copyright 1999  Nicholford Brewing Company Limited.  All rights reserved

Sign - Elephant Crossing
Novelty plastic sign about one foot square sold in souvenir and novelty stores.

Mosaic - Sun Bank
On Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, Florida is a Sun Bank building ornamented with a mosaic depicting circus performers. Center and chief among them is the elephant.


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