Elephants appear on packages for a variety of products or services which have nothing whatever to do with elephants. Sometimes their is a qualitative link. For instance, it might rely on the elephant's known, or mythical, astounding memory. Or it might be trading off the elephant's strength, size [Jumbo], peacefulness or some other quality associated with elephants.

Herewith some examples from our collection or which we have seen somewhere.

Retail Shelf Container: Dakin
This a scan of two panels from the box for a Dakin cermaic mug. The parade of dancing elephants runs around all four sides ... a real eye cathcer on the store shelf.

Retail Package: Crackers
The elephant on this package is an integral part of the product brand. Presumably, they used an elephant because many people associate elephants with jungles, the trunk forms a nice 'g' and the overall design is cute.

Retail Package: Candy
Thichocolatete bar promotes conservation of elephants as a portion of revenue.

Retail Package: Beverage
This clear glass bottle for a beverage features an elephant'd full body profile molded in the glass. It's a little difficult to see due to lighting but we don't own the bottle and can't make a new photo for this site.

Retail Package: Beverage
This clear glass bottle for syrup made by Grapette Beverage Co, Camden, Arkansas, was see on ebay® as shown. The bottle is in the shape of a sitting novelty elephant. At left of bottle is a folded shipping carton for the product to dealers.

Retail Package: Confection
These Valentine Gumballs werpurchaseded at a local drug store in February 1995. It contains assorted red, white, and pink, candy coated gumballs. The elephant's legendary memory is in play on the package with the message "Don't forget me" in a heart. Product oFrankfortrt Candy & Chocolate Co, Philadelphia.

Retail Package: Beverage
Libby's Juicy Juice brand beverage had a children's puzzle on the other side. It feautred an elephant. Why? Elephants have nothing to do with the product. Simple. Kids of all ages are attracted to elephants.

Carton Label: Fruit
A label like this was offered on ebay® in November 1999. Here is what the seller said about it: "This label is an original. We do not sell reproductions! This label came from a packing house loft on an old fruit orchard. It measures about 5" x 13" and dates from the 1930's to 1940's. This label is in good condition, and is ready to frame and would also make a nice gift. This label was a left over! It was never used, so its condition is like when it left the lithographers 70 years ago! These labels are rare, and the supply is very limited. If you would like to browse 1200 labels from all over the country, visit ouweb sitete at www.paperstuff.com. If you have any questions, email us! Thanks!"

[ed. We have not checked to see if the web site is still operating. The elephant on the label may mean the grapes are large or extra large otherwise it was just quirkrk of the owner to use it. The lower image shown is actually the one in our collection.]

Bottle: Maple Syrup
This bottle was offered on ebay® in October 1999. Here is what the seller said about it: "Without the cork this elephant is 3 1/4" high in soft cream colored ceramic. A cord through his trunk tells what he held and when: Genuine NH Pure Maple Syrup, 2 oz. on Sept. 17, 1952 at the Eastern States Exposition. The syrup was from J.H. Fadden and son, North Woodstock, New Hampshire. Grades are by color now, "amber". "dark amber", etc. but this just says 100% PURE SAP Maple Syrup. Nice for advertising Maple Syrup Products or for the elephant figure."

[ed. The elephant shape must be for its novelty value."

Jar: Peanut Butter
This jar was offered on ebay® in October 1999. The minimum bid asked was $200.00. Here is what the seller said about it: "Here is one of the rare Jumbo peanut butter jars. It is the clear elephant with original lid. On the elephant back it says "Jumbo Peanut Butter". On the base it says "Pat. Apl. For". The original black, gold, and red lid says "The Frank Tea & Spice Co. Cinncinnati, Ohio Write for new peanut butter recipes" and says "Jumbo Peanut Butter 3 1/2 oz. Net" around picture of elephant. The lid shows alot of wear but the jar is perfect with no chips or cracks."

[ed. The elephant shape must be for its novelty value and association between elephants and peanuts."

Can: Baking Powder
This jar was offered on ebay® in December 1999. Here is what the seller said about it: "Wonderful colors on this very old Sovereign baking powder tin. This is all tin with the wrap around paper label. Neat graphic of an elephant on the front as the colors remain bright. There is some paper loss and a slight amount of staining primarily around the top. This was put out by the Union Pacific Tea Co."

[ed. I can't see the connection with elephants to warrant a photo of one on this label."

Bag: Candy
This package of candy covered chocolates contains the South African equivalent of America's famous and favorite M&M's. It was brought back to me by my sister in 1996. Elephant has nothing to do with product that I can see.

Tube: Candy
Smarties candies have an elephant cap for reasons known only to the makers. Possibly it is collectorto series as is the Pez group below.

Tube: Candy
Pez candy was or is distributed in small tubes with decorative caps such athese4e elephant models. At one time, and perhaps currently, collecting PEZ dispensers was a hugely popular hobby ... so much so that collectors could buy special display cases to house and show off their collections.

The ones shown here were spotted online in 1999. Since then there may be many morvarietieses of elephant PEZ.

Package: Candy
This unique novelty elephant clown shaped container is for Kinder® Brand Schoko-Bons®, Frankfurt, Germany. We purchased it for our collection from online auction in January 2000.

Bottle: Beverage
At Busch Gardens, Tampa, Florida, beverages are [or were] sold in molded plastic bottles shaped like animals. This the elephant shape obtained in 2000. Animalsincludingng elephants, are a natural for the venue.

Shaker Box: Salt
The original digital file was created in 2000 but related information has been lost. It looks like an item that would have been at auction online. The use of an elephant's head and tusks goes with the brand name Ivory, which, like the soap, was likely chosen for its color and purity.
Carton Label: Oranges
The original digital file was created in 1999 but related information has been lost. It looks like an item that would have been at auction online. The use of an elephant goes with the brand name Jumbo which most likely was intended to suggest large citrus or to capitalize on the fame of Jumbo the elephant who was extremely popular. This label probably dates from th1930's0s.

Can: Popping Corn
This jar was offered on ebay® in November 1999. Here is what the seller said about it: "Manley Jumbo Movie Theater Pop Corn Tin. 10-lb size. Pretty nice condition. Graphics are very nice, but the tin does shoe some wear and tear to make it about a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Minor denting and scratching here and there. Just a little corrosion on the bottom rim of the can. Nice picture of an elephant on the front. Doesn't have a lid as these weropeneded with a can opener and the cut out part was usually discarded. Stands approx 9-1/2" tall and is 6-1/2" in diameter."

[ed. The elephant and Jumbo must refer to how big the popped corn will be compared with other brands.]

Bottle: Soda
Jumbo brand beverage associated itself with the large size of an elephant; their bottle contained 32 oz liquid. Product by Nemo Bottling Co., Grove City, Pennsylvania. Bottle purchased for our collection January 2000.

Left image is entire bottle; right is close up of the elephant portion of the painted [silk-screened] label.

Can: Nuts
This can was offered on ebay® in November 1999. Here is what the seller said about it: "Mammoth Salted Nuts Tin - GREAT graphics of an elephant with VERY large tusks. Tin comes complete with lid. Manufactured by "The Kelly Co. Cleveland, Ohio" Measures approx 5.5" in diameter. Vintage tin in VERY good shape. NOT a reproduction! Has MINIMAL wear and NO rust or dents. A really unusual find!"

[ed. We will assume they were promoting their nuts as large ones rather than the alternate possibility.]

Can: Mustard
Purchased for our collection in January 2000. The Crown Colony brand suggests India or one of the former  . British colonial nations in the far east, hence the Asian elephant and crown on the can. Spice was packaged and/or imported by Charter Products Co, San Francisco.

Can: Mustard
This can was offered on ebay® in December 1999. Here is what the seller said about it: "We have a nice early Pepper Spice Tin Bin. Nice Paper Label Pictures Elephant - Strictly Pure - from J.J. Pierson - Parsons, Kansas - Measures 9" x 4 1/2" x 8 1/4" - Hinged lid - Would make a nice addition to any Collection."

[ed. The fine illustration of the Asian elephant on the package suggests the contents are imported from a far east source. Note the can dimensions. This was a bulk supply container.]

Cloth Sack: Rice
This cloth bag contained an inner plastic bag of aged basmati rice from India, which explains the use of the elephant on the package. India; Deva Singh Sham Singh; House of Spices NY.

Brief personal note: I bought my first bag of basmati rice in 1994 to get the sack with the elephant on it. It turned out that the rice is marvelous. I grew up in rice country ... Louisiana ... and we ate rice more than twice weekly but no rice from Louisiana, Arkansas, or Texas compares with the flavor of genuine aged basmati. Other place grow it but only the aged rice from Indiahasqs the wonderful flavor.

Package & Display: Rice
From our collection: elephants adorn the package anshelfld display for products bA Tastete of Thai® from Thailand for Andre Prost, Inc. Old Saybrook CT.

Tin: Tea
The long established Tetley company displayed an Asian elephant on its packages of Indian tea.

Tin: Tea
I purchased this tin of tea at Christmas in 2000. The tea was good. The tin is beautiful. The metal is contoured to the elephant printed on its surface. It came from Williamson & Magor, Dunstable, England. Shown at far right are other Williamson & Magor tea tins offered on ebay in 2000. One red an done blue.

Tin: Tea
Beautiful tea tin lid seen online.

Retail Package: Pasta
Elephant brand vermicelli from India.

Bag: Rice Paper
Thai Royal Elephant Logo on package of spring roll skins. Product is manufactured by or for: Erawan Marketing Co. Ltd. Jarunsanitvong Rd, Bangkok 10700 Thailand

Bag: Banana Leaves
I have no idea whatever one would do with frozen banana leaves. I bought them in April 2000 at a local Asian market to get the package with the elephant on it. Asian Best® brand imported froThailandnd by Eastland Food Corp, Columbia, MD.

Jar: Fruit Preserves
Welch's strawberry spread jar with World Wildlife Fund® promotion label to support Asian elephant conservation.

Bottles: Liquor
These are specialty liquor bottles .. not decanters ... but original retail package bottles for spirits. Several in our collection contained Jim Beam whiskey, other something else. Such commemorative bottles were usually issued in connection with some high profile event. At least one these celebrates the Republican Party. It's the one with the flag over it, issued for 1976 Republican Campaign by Ezra Brooks brand of whiskey.

Bottle: Beverage
Elephant brand Malt Liquor bottle and six pack carton. Brewed in Denmark by Carlsberg Brewery. Though it is well known that elephants enjoy drinking beer, I can't see why one is named for them except they had to call it something.

Bottle: Beverage
Elephant Red brand beer is Elephant red Beer is brewed under license from Carlsberg Denmark by Labat Canada imported to USA by Anheuser-Busch St Louis MO. Bottle anlabelel close up shown.

Bottle: Scent
These lovely small bottles are for milady's vanity. They contained cologne or perfume

Bottle: Scent
Majestic elephant dresser top bottle for 5.5 fluid oz of Wild Country After Shave lotion for men by Avon Products Inc NY NY. Head slips off to expose screw on cap.

Bottle: Shampoo
Avon Shampoo "Bo-Bo The Elephant" Bottle containing children's shampoo. Avon Products, New York NY. Clearly, they chose the novelty elephant shape because of its huge appeal to kids.

Box: Soap Powder
Really cute illustration of mother elephant washing child in tub with Rub No More Cleanser.

This was offered on ebay® in October 1999. Here is what the seller said about it: "This is a great early advertising box for Rub-No-More Washing Powder and Cleanser. The graphics are wonderful. The washtub that the little elephant is standing in says "He Loves It So ". The bomeasureses 4 X 6. and the condition is close to mint. It was a Proctor and Gamble product. The back of the box gives washing instructions,and the sides tell all of its uses including, Will sweeten milk crocks, that is an indication of its age. It is a fun box to add to your collection."

Bottle: Cleaning Product
Elephant shaped bottle for Old Sol. No idea why they used an elephant shaped bottle. No web results for the brand.

Can: Oil
Elephant working log on label but no reason known.

Bag: Fertilizer
Elephant brand fertilizer was packed in this industrial grade sewn paper nag commonly used for chemicals.

Can: Rubber Patch
This cacontaineded a kit for repairing rubber inner tubes in days of yore when motor vehicle tires used tubes to confine the compressed air. Why and elephant on the can? Maybe association with rubber producincount ireses in era before World War II.

Bottle: Glue
This is containerer for Aleene's "Zoo Glue", Buellton, CA., purchased locally in a craft shop.

Bottle: Glue
Esquire, a long established make of shoe cleaning and maintenance products, and owner of the Scuff-KoteTM trade mark, labeled this particular product with a cartoon elephant on it for no obvious reason. Perhaps it was sold as a children's shoe product since scuffing was a common problem in the kids wore leather shoes.

Box: Clay [Toy]
This box of Clayola® brand modeling clay shows an elephant made of the material as a way to illustrate what one might do with their product and, I believe, especially to appeal to children who would love to make their own clay elephant. Clayola® is a product of Binney & Smith, Easton, PA, who are best known for their Crayola® brand crayons which share the same distinctive green and yellow package they have used for decades.

Box: Incense
This interesting triangular shaped box contains 25 incense cones of Kashmir Princess Incense from Kashmir Imports in California. The use of an elephant must be solely to identify the product as having its origin in India where Kashmir is a province and Patchouli is popular.

BoxRazor bladeses
This package of Elephant brand razor blades was offered on ebay© in October 1999 but we failed to capture the details of origin and other specifications.

Retail Unit Pkg: Letters
Retail shelf package for Ready Letters® sign making characters.

Cartoon elephant on retail package promotes Ready Letters® by Trend Enterprises Inc. St. Paul, MN. ©1985

There is nothing to suggest the elephant has any role other than that of attracting interest to the product. If we hear from the manufacturer maybe we'll learn otherwise. Package contains ©copyright notice. Nice looking package. Good use of cheerful, even exuberant, cartoon elephant.

Retail Unit Pkg: Software
Retail shelf package for Netroom 3 memory managing software.

Elephant is featured on retail shelf package and all collateral materials for Netroom 3 memory managing software by Helix Software. It is unclear whether they regard the elephant as a logo or trademark design or simply a graphic device for memory. The elephant, of course, signifies massive memory capability. There is a ©199Helixix Software notice on the box.

Unit Packages: Safety Matches

This is a collection of Japanese made safety matches packages found online in 1996.
Top center image is Hindu deity Lord Ganesha.
Bottom left "The Duel" is from Kipling's tale of how the elephant got its trunk.

Box: Shipping Container
Box used by customers of DHL internationapackageses service to hold a lot of stuff. Called a Jumbo box, it features a flying elephant logo.

Customer Purchase Bag: Grocery
Plastic retail bag from NAKUMATT Supermarket in Kenya, Africa.
Used at register to sack customer purchases.

Significance of elephant design is uncertain ... probably because they are in Kenya where there are elephants and the elephant image is popular everywhere. There could be more to it. They may have a complete identity program involving elephants.

Customer Purchase Bag: Gift Shop
Retail paper bag for gift shop at the San Diego Zoo, San Diego, california, displays gift wrapped elephant.

As an aside, their gift shop has the most wonderful variety of elephant items we have seen anywhere in one place.


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