Elephants in electronic media refers here to radio and television broadcasts as well as news feeds online from organizations such as Reuters and AP.

On our original elephant site we attempted to capture and show news items but the task is unmanageable.
If you want to know all the elephant news that turns up on the wire services you can use a search engine or other news service to set up RSS feeds that alert you to all news containing the word 'elephant'. Below are a few we did capture.

ABC World News Tonight - Weekend Edition Sunday 09-10-2000
Report of a 'family' of elephants relocated from South Africa to Angola in an effort to rebuild the wildlife population in previously war-torn Angola.

Scientists say past efforts involving transfers of single animals have often resulted in behavioral problems but since changing the program to include all members of an elephant family the transfers are working fine.

They are airlifted in steel containers and released onto a patch of the same red sand they knew in their home area.

[ed. Pictures were snapped directly from the television screen with a Casio QV-11 digital camera..]


World's Most Amazing Videos - 03-10-1999 9:00 PM EST - NBC 8 Tampa
9th segment elephant goes berserk and tramples trainer and terrorizes audience, destroys vehicles, etc. Ended up killed by police.

[ed. Pictures were snapped directly from the television screen with a Casio QV-11 digital camera..]

CBS News - Assignment America - 2009 01 02
The Animal Odd Couple
In this latest installment of CBS News' "Assignment America," Steve Hartman visits an animal sanctuary where a dog and an elephant have formed a very lasting, and unusual, friendship.

[ed. Pictures are screen shots from a video which at the time was viewable at cbsnews.com/stories/2009/01/02/assignment_america/main4696340.shtml. Contents ©cbsnews.com

This Assignment America clip ran on Friday evening news then was replayed on CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood, which is when I saw it . The story details the relationship between tara the elephant and Bella the dog, both of whom live at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee. They are constantly together. In the last shot you can see Bella on the ground allowing Tara to rub her belly with the elephant's foot. Talk about trust.

In the course of the story we learn that Bella suffered a spinal injury and was kept indoors while she recovered. All day, every day, instead of wandering the meadows, Tara kept a vigil at the nearest point she could reach in a corner of the fence. After some days staff brought Bella out so Tara could see her and they had a joyous reunion. All is well now.

Shots 2 and 3 show them romping about the property. Shot 4 is where Tara got to see and touch Bella.

This is a wonderful piece of video I hope you get to see if CBS keeps it available. Thank you CBS.

Extra - 1999 01
The television program "Extra" ran this story about the plight of an elephant named Sissy. Searching the web in January 2009 yields no relevant results for Sissy of the television show so I'm unable to tell you the story details.

[ed. Shots made from conventional television set.]

NBC 1998 11 Bulls Game -
While the Chicago Bulls NBA team was off the court NBC brought us this image from the arena of an elephant making a slam dunk.

[ed. Shots made from conventional television set.]

BBC Teletubbies Noo-noo
Assuming you have never seen the show, I'll describe the setting to you. The Teletubbies are strange doll like persons who behave in a manner of human toddlers up to about age six. They live in an underground habitat which is a marvel of technology. They can not do much of anything for themselves except play. Their domicile is maintained by the Noo-noo shown here. The upper shot is Noo-noo in action during an episode. The lower shot is a screen capture from the web site http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/teletubbies/funandgames/spot_noonoo/.

Noo-noo appears to be a sort of robotic elephant who keeps things clean by sucking up mishaps with its trunk. The Noo-noo is a mechanical housekeeper and nanny and the Teletubbies love Noo-noo. The originators of the program chose very wisely when they modeled the Noo-noo after an elephant.

Teletubbies is not a cartoon but live actors in costumes. You can find more by using a search engine keyword "Teletubbies" and get more than five million hits, or "noo-noo" and get many thousands.

C-Span 1999 09 13 - Ringling Anniversary in Washington DC
This is a single shot of the television screen during the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus 125th Anniversary when they performed in front of th nation's capitol building.

Skinnamarink TV - The Sharon, Lois & Bram Show for children
These are TV screen shots of Ella Acapella, the elephant on the show, played by Tikka Smiley. The show aired from 1997 to 2000. There are many search hits for skinnamarink and wikipedia.org has an article about the show.

The show was released in VHS format ... slip case shown far right.

Discovery Network - Raising The Mammoth
Narrated by Jeff Bridges

"Journey inside the chilling Arctic Circle, five thousand miles from civilization, and marvel as explorers uncover a fully intact woolly mammoth, frozen in time for more than 23,000 years!"

©2000 Discovery Communications Inc

Later released on videotape, this was a broadcast documentary about removing the frozen mammoth from the ice. You can find details about the program at www.imdb.com. There are more than 20,000 hits at Google®

Discovery Network - Raising The Mammoth
Over the years since my interest in elephants began, I have rarely heard mention of them on radio. The exception is the occasional report of some actions by animal rights groups trying to stop circuses from using elephants, or of marauding elephants destroying crops in Africa or India.

There have been a couple of bad news stories when an elephant killed a trainer.

During the first few years after Elephant Appreciation Day was established and published in Chase's Events, I received phone calls from morning DJ's wanting to talk about it for the amusement of their drive time audience. I do not have audio from those interviews so can't share it with you.

Suffice it to say radio is not a venue where you will likely hear about elephants.


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