This section is devoted to showing you some of the plethora of brands, logos, corporate identities and organizational uses of the word 'elephant' or graphic design of an elephantine nature.

We show the first forty we have collected. At some future time we will offer additions from our collection.
If you know of or have in your possession such a graphic and wish to share it with the Elefunteria's viewers, you can send it to us using contact information on our Visitor Page.

COMPANY: Amazing Grace Elephant Company
This commercial enterprise went all the way and used "Elephant" in their name. Shown is a package mailed to me by them from Hong Kong in 2000.

Below is their custom imprint on the postage meter tape.

BRAND: Elephant Black Powder
Label for "Elephant" brand of black powder, as in explosives. Brand has been in use since 1866.
Owned by Petro-Explo, Inc., Arlington, Texas . We downloaded their logo from their web site reached through the State of Texas site.

Petro-Explo, Inc. is a privately owned explosive company that specializes in oil field explosives. Perhaps in the last century the founder thought that his product was as powerful as an elephant, or maybe just liked elephants and so branded his product.

LOGO: Bombay Grill
Front panel of folded menu for restaurant Bombay Grill in Sarasota, Florida..

Business uses a stylized silhouette of an Asian elephant as part of its logo identity seen near the top just under the name and also puts an archival engraving of a show elephant on the cover. The show elephant's banner contains address and phone information. Elephant has long been associated with country of India.

BRAND: Elephant Malt Liquor
Front panel of folded menu for restaurant Bombay Grill in Sarasota, Florida..

Label removed from a bottle of Elephant (brand) Malt Liquor brewed by Carlsberg in Copenhagen, Denmark

COMPANY: Elephant House Bangkok
Catalog Cover for Elephant House in Bangkok, Thailand

Decorations , Fine Gifts , Antiques , Furniture

67/12 Sol Phra Phinit Bangkok 10120 Thailand Telex: 82243 SKYLIPS TH

Their catalog is filled with elephants and elephantine artifacts. With a name like theirs, it's no surprise. Because their corporate identity uses the word 'Elephant' we placed them in this section rather than in Advertising & Promotion.

COMPANY: Elephant House Fine Greeting Cards
1/3 page print ad for Elephant House Fine Greeting Cards uses elephant cow and calf in corporate logo.

Appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, October 1996

The ad appears in this sections rather than Advertising & Promotion because the elephant is in the name and logo for the organization.

COMPANY: Elephant s Trunk
This is the identity for a costumer shop named "Elephant's Trunk" for whatever reason. It's amazing how many organizations choose the word and or image of the elephant for their own identity.

They operate a web site at

LOGO: Ivory Coast
Elephant on business card and customer bag for clothing and gift retailer Ivory Coast in Sarasota, Florida.

LOGO: Jungle Jim's Restaurant
Stylized elephant logo and restaurant check from Jungle Jim's Restaurants in Orlando & Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

LOGO: Oakland Athletics Baseball Team
Professional Baseball Team Logo for Oakland Athletics is a ball playing elephant. It appears on many things including this beverage cup.

LOGO: Republican Party
Styled blue elephant adorns campaign finance letter sent by National Republican Congressional Committee in 1990 and small standard logos used by Republican Party of Florida and the National Party .

Numerous communications and advertising pieces carry some form of elephant whether the officially sanctioned logo variety or some other elephant art. There are some examples in the Advertising and promotion section.

LOGO: Canada Safety Council
Elmer The Safety Elephant appears on numerous print materials. In this instance you are seeing one of five Elmers on a child's growth chart. Each Elmer represents a different dimension of safe behavior for children.

Elmer is an invention of the Ontario Safety League.

Due to his popularity and effectiveness among children he has been adopted nationally by

Canada Safety Council
1020 Thomas Spratt Place
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5L5
voice 613-739-1535
FAX 613-739-1566

our thanks to CSC for the gift of this chart.

COMPANY: The Stoned Elephant
The Stoned Elephant
Salem, Massachusetts
Retail gift and collectibles shop.

COMPANY: White Elephant Shop
White Elephant Shop
Essex, Massachusetts
Antiques dealer.

LOGO: The Elephant Bar
This is the wrapper for a chocolate candy bar titled "The Elephant Bar".

The candy inside is a standard rectangle shape, not an elephant shape. It is distributed by The Endangered Species Chocolate Company and a portion of the revenue supports elephant conservation. They also produce other bars for support of other endangered species.

The Endangered Species Chocolate Company, Talent, Oregon

LOGO: Hogeschool van Utrecht Campus Informatiesysteem
OnLine information system at school in Netherlands uses the elephant logo graphic shown here. The logical connection is memory and recall; famous elephant attributes whether true or not. The site operators may have other reasons, unknown and not apparent to us, for using an elephant.

BRAND & LOGO: Olifant Vodka
The brand name means elephant in Dutch. Below the 'Est. 1841' is a small icon of an elephant, enlarged below..
Country of Origin = Holland
Available Sizes = 750ml
Alcohol Level = 40% alc/vol (80 Proof)
Distilled from = 100% Grain Neutral Spirits
Produced by = J.J. Melchers Ws. Schiedam
Imported to USA by = Allied Spirits & Wines USA, Inc. Avon, CT

Photo and data courtesy of:
Alec Bargman

BRAND: Elephant Brand Ukulele Strings
Box cover for set of steel uke strings made by T.B.Co, Chicago, Illinois

LOGO: University of Alabama
School's football team is lmown as The Crimson Tide and their logo is a bull elephant.
The image is of a windshield decal in our collection.

NAME & LOGO: Elephant Point Tented Camp
[text from their web site which did not turn up in a January 2009 search]
Sibilobilo, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe

Situated on the quiet and remote areas of the Sibilobilo Lagoon lies Elephant Point Tented Camp. The ultimate setting for "timeless Africa" the camp invites guests to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Lake Kariba at it's best.

LOGO: Fez Label
This a label from inside a fez (hat). Because the image is small you may not be able to see the embroidered picture of an elephant carrying two riders.

LOGO: Fort Worth Zoo
Of all the animals in their zoo, Fort Worth Zoo officials chose a highly recognizable and very clean graphic design of an elephant to represent their facility.

LOGO: Jumbo Cigarettes
Jumbo cigarettes uses a realistic graphic of an elephant on its package and places a tiny gold elephant design on each cigarette paper near the filter tip.

NAME & LOGO: Kneeling Elephant Records
The record label does no appear to have a web site, at least we have not found it, but their name comes up in web searches relative to recording artists and the music industry.

NAME & LOGO: The Elephant Room
In the 'Old Section' of Knoxville, Tennessee, filled with boutiques and eating establishments, there is (or was) a pub named "The Elephant Room". This photo is of their facade and sign taken by author in July 1995.

LOGO: Tusker Lager Beer
Kenya Breweries produces "Tusker" brand lager and export. Tusker is a different word from elephant so we did not label this name and logo. The logo is clearly a big African tusker.

Shown are the lager label and bottle cap, then the export label.

LOGO: Animal Planet Television Network
The network's first logo, used from June 1, 1996 to February 3, 2008 in the United States. It appeared on the television screen at the bottom right. They no longer use the elephant logo but of course still own all rights in it.

LOGO: Delicia
Delicia, inc. designs and publishes both on-line and printed documents.

LOGO: Dickerson Park Zoo, Springfield, Missouri
Uses an elephant design in their official logo. Look closely at the D and you can see two elephants. The zoo, located in Springfield, Missouri, is home to 500 animals representing 170 species.

Dickerson Park Zoo is recognized worldwide for its work in Asian elephant reproductive science.

NAME & LOGO: European Elephant Keepers & Managers Association
This is obvious and self explanatory but do notice the clever second E in EEKMA.

NAME & LOGO: Elefont Cartridges
This a copy of a full page ad from a computer magazine in the 1990s. The publication name, date and page number are not on the page. It was sent to me in 1998 and has been in my collection since. Below is an attempt to enlarge the tiny logo from the image of th floppy disk in the ad.

NAME & LOGO: Elephant Books
[from their web site]
Welcome to the online home of Creativity, Inc.'s book imprints and those of the many fine publishers represented by its Alexander Distributing division.

NAME & LOGO: Elephant Help
[from Phuket Business Directory at]
Elephant Help Foundation
Description: Elephant Help is a non profit society which raises funds for medical supplies and other support for elephants in southern Thailand.

BRAND: Elephantz
Logo for line of greeting cards from the back of a card.

NAME & LOGO: EMA - Elephant Managers Association
Logo of the Elephant Managers Association. The EMA permits elephant lovers who are not working in the profession to join as associate members. If you join you will receive their Journal and newsletters.

They have a fine web site at

NAME & LOGO: Olifant Cigars
Web site icon and brand logo for Olifant Cigars made in The Netherlands by Tabaksfabriek De Olifant [Elephant Tobacco Factory in English]

NAME & LOGO: Living With Elephants Foundation
Living With Elephant Foundation (LWE) is a Botswana registered non-profit organization, dedicated to creating harmonious relationships between people and elephants. LWE was founded in 1999 by Douglas & Sandi Groves and their three adopted elephants, Jabu, Thembi & Morula. Doug and Sandi have striven to find ways in which their foster elephants can act as ambassadors for their wild counterparts. Today Living With Elephants is a thriving local organization with Educational projects and Research projects which benefit both elephants and people sharing range.

web site

LOGO: Mammoet
Mammoet is a Dutch company with worldwide activities involving lifting and moving very large loads. Several documentaries about their extreme equipment have appeared on TV. You can view their incredible machines at their web site

The logo includes a highly stylized mammoth image ... symbol of strength. Note that the mammoth is shaped to also depict the letter M.

LOGO: Moffat
Label from Moffat brand range polish. The upper third of the crest contains an illustration of an elephant for reasons unknown to me. The design is ©1950.

The logo includes a highly stylized mammoth image ... symbol of strength. Note that the mammoth is shaped to also depict the letter M.

LOGO: Overlook Press, Woodstock, New York
This logo is either a book imprint or the main logo of the company ... can't tell which. I found the imprint on a book in my collection "Travels On My Elephant" by Mark Shand. Quite a good read too.

List of Businesses Using Elephant in their Name
This is a LIST of businesses using the word 'Elephant' or one of its Western European spellings in its name. We scoured such telephone directories as we could find on the web and came up with a couple of hundred. No effort was made to locate those using other translations such as 'slon', 'zilonis' and the myriad translations we've uncovered so far.

Only a few nations are represented in the list. If you live in a nation not represented and want to email us a list from your business phone book, please do so. Or mail or fax a photocopy and we'll do the typing. Addresses are on our Vistors' Page.

We did not include addresses or phone numbers to avoid infringing on any rights of directory owners. Our interest is limited to the use of the word for elephant to identify, or brand, a business. Where you see a numeral following an entry it means there are that many with the identical name in that locale.

USA Business Listings

Pink Elephant Car Wash Anchorage, AK
Red Elephant Homer, AK

The Ivy Elephant Garden Shoppe Anniston, AL
White Elephant Galleries Inc Mentone, AL

The White Elephant Benton, AR
Riddle's Elephant Breeding Farm & Wild Life Sanctuary Quitman, AR

Brass Elephant Fort Mohave, AZ
Purple Elephant Glendale, AZ
Purple Elephant Antiques Glendale, AZ
Elephant Bar & Grill Phoenix, AZ
Steel Elephant Design Group Phoenix, AZ

Elephant Carpet Care Anaheim, CA
The White Elephant Burbank, CA
Elephant Carpet Care Canoga Park, CA 2
Elephant Car Wash Cathedral City, CA
Elephant Car Wash and Quick Lube Cathedral City, CA
The White Elephant Cayucos, CA
Elephant Memory Foothill Ranch, CA
Elephant White Fresno, CA
White Elephant Fresno, CA
Pink Elephant Bakery Gilroy, CA
Elephant Bar & Restaurant Goleta, CA
Pink Elephant Bakery Hayward, CA
Elephant Ear Enterprises Healdsburg, CA
Elephant Bar & Restaurant La Mirada, CA
Elephant Bar & Restaurant Laguna Hills, CA
Big White Elephant Antiques Los Angeles, CA
Elephant Billiard Los Angeles, CA
Elephant Moving Co Los Angeles, CA
Elephant Snack Corner Los Angeles, CA
Elephant Walk Restaurant Los Angeles, CA
Pink Elephant Liquors Los Angeles, CA
White Elephant Antiques Los Angeles, CA
Elephant Window Washers Malibu, CA
White Elephant Lounge Modesto, CA
Brass Elephant Monrovia, CA
Pink Elephant Monte Rio, CA
Pink Elephant Morgan Hill, CA
White Elephant Sale Oakland, CA
Lucky Elephant Boutique Orange, CA
Elephant Information Services Oxnard, CA
Elephant Bar & Restaurant Palm Desert, CA
Elephant Car Wash Rancho Mirage, CA
Elephant Bar & Restaurant San Diego, CA
The Elephant Bar San Diego, CA
Aka Elephant San Francisco, CA
Elephant Graphics San Francisco, CA
Elephant Walk Restaurant San Francisco, CA
Pink Elephant Bakeries San Jose, CA
Pink Elephant Bakery San Jose, CA
Elephant Walk Inc San Rafael, CA
Elephant Shirt Co Santa Ana, CA
Elephant Motor Bikes Santa Rosa, CA
White Elephant Hauling Shingle Springs, CA
Elephant & Castle Restaurant Simi Valley, CA
Elephant Jump South Gate, CA
Eloquent Elephant Studio City, CA
White Elephant Steak House Taft, CA
Elephant Bar & Restaurant Ventura, CA
Elephant Computer Mission Viejo, CA
Elephant Carpet Care Walnut, CA
Elegant Elephant Whittier, CA

The Pink Elephant Alamosa, CO
Elephant Corral Office Bldg Denver, CO
The Dancing Elephant Fort Collins, CO
Elephant Head Taxidermy Golden, CO
The Elephant Bean Coffee Co Lakewood, CO
Electric Elephant Littleton, CO
Crewel Elephant Silverton, CO

The Elephant Trunk Old Lyme, CT
White Elephant Design Westport, CT

Elephant Store Washington, DC
Rogue Elephant Washington, DC

The Pink Elephant Boca Grande, FL
Elephant Walk Restaurant & Lounge Destin, FL
Pink Elephant Thrift Shop Eustis, FL
Elephant Rehab & Replacement Fort Myers, FL 3
White Elephant Tavern Keystone Heights, FL
The Enchanted Elephant Marathon, FL
White Elephant Warehouse Naples, FL
The White Elephant Orange City, FL
The Elephant Trunk Saint Petersburg, FL
Elephant Walk & Lounge Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Auxiliary White Elephant Thrift Shop Winter Park, FL
White Elephant Auxiliary Thrift Shop Winter Park, FL

Elephant Notes Alpharetta, GA
The Elephant Trunk Athens, GA
White Elephant Cafe Augusta, GA
Grace Amazing Elephant Co East Point, GA
White Elephant Gift Basket Co Snellville, GA

Elephant & Castle Restaurant Aiea, HI
Elephant Express Travel Honolulu, HI
Elephant Walk Honolulu, HI 2
Elephant Walk Gift Gallery Kapaa, HI
Elephant Walk Gift Gallery Kihei, HI 2
Elephant Walk Koloa, HI
Elephant Film TV Hawaii/Gecko Productions Kula, HI
Elephant Walk Lahaina, HI
Elephant Walk Gift Gallery Lahaina, HI 2

White Elephant Shop Cedar Rapids, IA
Pink Elephant Showroom Marquette, IA
White Elephant Restaurant & Bar Oakville, IA

The Emerald Elephant Burley, ID
Red Elephant Saloon Hailey, ID

Brown Elephant Resale Shop Chicago, IL
White Elephant Shop Of Children's Memorial Hospital Chicago, IL
The Jeweled Elephant Highland Park, IL
Elephant Woods Antiques Lebanon, IL
Elephant Restaurant Lisle, IL
White Elephant Shop Prairie View, IL
The White Elephant Washington, IL

Elephant Hill Mobile Home Park Connersville, IN
7 Elephant Lake Station, IN
Elephant Walk Metamora, IN
Pink Elephant Liquor Store South Bend, IN

Blue Elephant Ceramics Newton, KS
Plaid Elephant Shawnee Mission, KS
The Green Elephant Wichita, KS

Pink Elephant Grocery Store Lake Charles, LA
The Great White Elephant Auction Co Mandeville, LA
White Elephant New/Used Furniture Mandeville, LA

The Elephant Walk Boston, MA
Blue Elephant Restaurant Emporium Canton, MA
White Elephant Shop Essex, MA
White Elephant Resort Nantucket, MA
The Gentle Elephant Northborough, MA
Kadee's Gray Elephant Orleans, MA
Elephant Walk Provincetown, MA
The Stoned Elephant Of Salem Salem, MA
The Elephant Walk Somerville, MA
Elephant House West Springfield, MA
Pink Elephant II Westfield, MA
Pink Elephant Package Store Westfield, MA 2

Brass Elephant Baltimore, MD
Brass Elephant Caterers Baltimore, MD
Jeweled Elephant Printing Co Fruitland, MD

White Elephant Allegan, MI
Pink Elephant Bar Detroit, MI
Elephant Recording Studios Eastpointe, MI
Happy Elephant Child Care Center Flint, MI 4
Happy Elephant Child Care Centers Grand Rapids, MI
Happy Elephant Child Care Centers Lansing, MI
Pink Elephant Mio, MI
Banylou Mearin's White Elephant Antique Shop Royal Oak, MI
Pink Elephant Smiths Creek, MI
Happy Elephant Child Care Centers Wyoming, MI

Elephant Trunk-Great Luggage Burnsville, MN
Canary & Elephant Duluth, MN
Elephant Trunk Eden Prairie, MN
Elephant Trunk Edina, MN
Elephant Trunk Hopkins, MN
Jerry's White Elephant Lowry, MN
Elephant Trunk-Great Luggage Maplewood, MN
Elephant Trunk Minnetonka, MN
Elephant Express Courier Service Rochester, MN
Elephant Trunk Rochester, MN
Elephant Trunk Apache Mall Rochester, MN
The Elephant Walk Stillwater, MN

Elephant Rocks State Park Belleview, MO
Elephant Rocks State Park Ironton, MO
The Elephant Walk Ltd Saint Louis, MO
Wooden Elephant Furniture Refinishing Saint Louis, MO
White Elephant Sikeston, MO

The Elephant Ear Jackson, MS

The White Elephant Kalispell, MT
White Elephant 2nd Hand Store & Mini Store Ronan, MT
White Elephant Store Ronan, MT

The White Elephant Shop Aberdeen, NC
Pink Elephant Nags Head, NC

The Pink Elephant Sioux City, NE

White Elephant Garage Sale Bar & Grill Asbury Park, NJ
Elephant Inc Bernardsville, NJ
The Elephant Group Caldwell, NJ
Lucy The Elephant Margate City, NJ
The Elephant Trunk Mercerville, NJ
Elephant Nose Pet Center Morristown, NJ
Lucky Elephant Gifts Atlantic City, NJ 2

White Elephant Self Storage Belen, NM
Elephant Butte Brewery & Pizzeria Elephant Butte, NM
Elephant Butte Inn & Restaurant Elephant Butte, NM
Elephant Butte Inn & Restaurant Elephant Butte, NM
Elephant Butte Realty Elephant Butte, NM
Elephant Butte Stoves & Spas Elephant Butte, NM
Elephant Butte Irrigation District Las Cruces, NM

The Elephant Trunk Gardnerville, NV
A Purple Elephant Pet Sitting Service Las Vegas, NV
Elephant Snack Las Vegas, NV

White Elephant Gallery Brooklyn, NY
Cultured Elephant Fire Island Pines, NY
Blue Elephant Inc Forest Hills, NY
Elephant & Castle New York, NY
Pink Elephant Preschool Roxbury, NY
Elephant Emporium Woodstock, NY

Elephant Bar Restaurant Columbus, OH
White Elephant Sale Cleveland, OH
The Pink Elephant Youngstown, OH

Elephant Run Restaurant & Club Tulsa, OK
Elephant Trunk Co Tulsa, OK 5

Elephant Man Imports Lake Oswego, OR
Elephant Walk Portland, OR
Elephant & Castle Restaurant & Pub Portland, OR
The Pink Elephant Salem, OR
Elephant Mountain Arts The Dalles, OR

The White Elephant Bradford, PA
The Elephant Bar & Restaurant Erie, PA
White Elephant Gordonville, PA
Elephant Septic Tank Service Irwin, PA
The Elephant & Castle Pub & Restaurant Philadelphia, PA
White Elephant Boutique Philadelphia, PA
The Elephant Bar & Restaurant Pleasant Hills, PA
The White Elephant Sharon, PA
Pink Elephant Resale Shop Smethport, PA

Elephant Rinse Pressure Wash Nichols, SC

Hanging Elephant Antique Mall Erwin, TN
Elephant Sanctuary In Hohenwald, TN
Zoo Gift Shop Elephant Trunk Memphis, TN

African Elephant Research & Survival Ranch Inc Abilene, TX
African Elephant Research & Survival Ranch Inc Abilene, TX
Elephant Inc Austin, TX
Elephant Productions Inc Austin, TX
The White Elephant Channelview, TX
The White Elephant Restaurant Cisco, TX
White Elephant Inn Cisco, TX
Elephant Walk Dallas, TX
Green Elephant Bar Dallas, TX
The Great White Elephant Dallas, TX
White Elephant Antiques Dallas, TX
White Elephant Beer Garden Fort Worth, TX
White Elephant Saloon Fort Worth, TX
White Elephant Thrift Shoppe Kingsville, TX
The White Elephant San Angelo, TX
Elephant Sound San Marcos, TX

White Elephant Inc West Valley City, UT

Atomic Elephant Pressure Washing Chesapeake, VA
The White Elephant Middleburg, VA
White Elephant Business Office Middleburg, VA
Elephant Walk Roanoke, VA
Pink Elephant Thrift Shop Springfield, VA
White Elephant Warrenton, VA

Elephant Mountain Camping Area Bristol, VT
Purple Elephant Promotions Essex Junction, VT

Elephant & Castle Bellingham, WA
White Elephant Drive-in Centralia, WA
White Elephant Sales College Place, WA
White Elephant Tavern Everett, WA
Elephant Car Washes Federal Way, WA
Elephant Car Wash Puyallup, WA
Lil' Elephant Car Wash Puyallup, WA
Big Elephant Geraniums Seattle, WA
Elephant Car Washes Seattle, WA
Laughing Elephant Seattle, WA
The Last White Elephant Seattle, WA
White Elephant Surplus Stores Spokane, WA 2
Elephant Car Wash Tacoma, WA
White Elephant Surplus Stores Spokane, WA 2

Big Elephant De Pere, WI
White Elephant Stores Green Bay, WI
Canary and The Elephant Madison, WI
White Elephant Outlet Webster WI 2
The White Elephant Shop Whitewater, WI

M J's White Elephant Club Wheeling, WV
Elephant Head Lodge Cody, WY
Elephant Head Lodge Wapiti, WY

International Business Listings
Elephant & Castle Hotel Bombala NSW 2632
The White Elephant
Elephant Grass & Landscape Supplies WA Campbelltown NSW 2560
White Elephant The Cooranbong NSW 2265
Elephant Shop The Cornalla NSW 2710
Wild Elephant Environmental Design
The New Elephant Indian Restaurant Cronulla NSW 2230
Blue Elephant Currumbin Beach QLD 4223
Elephant Rock Cafe-BYO Darlington VIC 3271
Elephant Bridge Hotel Derrinallum VIC 3325
Derrinallum Mount Elephant Hotel Motel Duffy ACT 2611
Elephant & Globe

Elefant, Elias Franzensbrückenstr Austria
Elefant, Gherson Gonzagag Austria
Personal: Austria
Werbeagentur Elephant Leopold Peer Austria
Hotel Elefant Sigmund Haffner-G, Austria
Restaurant Elefant Sigmund Haffner-G, Austria
Cafe Elefant Hauptpl, Austria
Galerie Elefant Tirol, Austria
Cafe Kleiner Elefant Neue Welt-G, Austria
Der bunte Elefant Westbahnstr, Austria

Elephant Bleu Art de la Table 5000 NAMUR
Elephant MG SC Vetements Sport 4970 STAVELOT

Elephant On Campus Burnaby BC
Elephant Mountain Bar & Grill Nelson BC
Elephant And Castle Restaurant Surrey BC
Elephant Walk Neighborhood Pub Vancouver BC
Elephant And Castle Group Vancouver BC
Elephant And Castle Restaurant Victoria BC
Elephant And Castle Restaurant Winnipeg MB
Elephant's Nest The Chezzetcook NS
Elephant Stew Avonmore ON
Elephant's Trunk The Gravenhurst ON
Elephant House Early Learning Center Kincardine ON
Elephant & Castle London ON
Elefante John Shoe Repair Niagara ON
Elephant And Castle Restaurant Ottawa ON
Elephant's Trunk The Penetanguishene ON
Elephant & Castle Sarnia ON
Elephant House The Sault Ste MArie ON
Elephant Card Company The Streetsville ON
Elephant & Castle Thunder Bay ON
Elefant Enterprise Communications Inc Toronto ON
Elephant Records Toronto ON
Elephant Works Inc Toronto ON
Elephant & Castle Toronto ON
Elephant Lake Lodge Wilberforce ON

Elefant Chemie Breuhan GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG 30559 Hannover Zur Mühle 1 D2-Nr 01724106334
Elefant JOEL-Joseph GmbH & Co. Stenzelring 19a
Elefant Umzug und Spedition
Elephant Antik Freddy Baum-2a
Elephant Dental GmbH 89168 Niederstotzingen Ziegel-2
Elephant Edelmetaal Frankfurter -28E
Elephant Edelmetaal GmbH Martin-Luther -23b
Elephant Edelmetall GmbH 63165 Mühlheim Diesel-89a
Elephant Gesellschaft für Gastronomiebetriebe mbH 64407 Fränkisch-Crumbach Lessing-3
Elephant GmbH Hamburg Alstertor 15
Elephant Holzwerkstatt GmbH Möbel u. Innenausbau 65795 Hattersheim (Okr) Rhein-13
Elephant House 24536 Neumünster Enenvelde 67b
Elephant House-M. Groß [2453. Neumünster]
Elephant Music 24955 Harrislee Am Oxer 11
elephant produkte bambus [28865 Lilienthal]
"Elefant" chemische Produkte GmbH Ring-35

Albergo Elefant
Bar Pink Elefant
Birreria Elephant
Calzature Elephant (srl) 5
Elefant di Camerano Franco & C (sas) 3
Elefant di Gulielmo Fantie C (sas)
Elefant Junior sas
Elephant And Castle snc
Elephant Rock Establishment
Elephant Scarl
Elephant srl 4
Elephant (snc) 3
Hotel Elephant
Pink Elephant
Snack Bar Pink Elephant di Parrella Rosa
Olifant Buro Hoorn Nh Psychotherapeuten voor Training en Therapie
Olifant BV De Kampen Tabaksverwerkende industrie en groothandel
Olifant Centr De Nijmegen Verenigingen en stichtingen
Olifant Club Geleen Seksclubs en sekssauna's
Olifant De Amersfoort Kunsthandel
Olifant De Bergen op Zoom Sociaal en maatschappelijk werk
Olifant De Heerhugowaard Restaurants
Olifant De Roosendaal Slijterijen
Olifant De Wolvega Kunsthandel
Olifant Den Apeldoorn Cafés
Olifant In den Gouda Speelgoed
Olifant In den Maastricht Speelgoed
Olifant In den Tilburg Speelgoed
Olifantje Rotterdam Kinderkleding Babyboetiek 't
Olifantje Het Schoonebeek Broodjeszaken
Olifantje 't Amsterdam Kinderdagverblijven
Olifantje 't Gieten Peuterspeelzalen
Olifantje 't Laag Zuthem Kinderdagverblijven
Olifantje 't Prinsenbeek Peuterspeelzalen
Olifantje 't Varik Peuterspeelzalen
Olifantje 't Zaandam Peuterspeelzalen

Elephant House Crafts Ltd, 237 Auckland
Elephant Plasterboard, 14 A Auckland

Elefantapoteket 4

Der Elefant. Restauracja.
Elefant. Przedsiebiorstwo produkcyjno - handlowe
Elefant. Sp. z o.o. Zaklad produkcyjny

Elefanten Portuguesa-Indústria de Calçado, Lda 4415 Seixezelo Portugal

Elefant Courrier SL
Elefant records SL
Elephant Dental Trade SL
Elephant Box Sociedad Cooperativa


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