Elephants in Advertising - TV & Radio
Elephants hove appeared in a great many television commercials, especially 'Tai', a very talented and often used star. Unfortunately, we have not been able to obtain clips for reproduction this site except in a very few cases. Our site is primarily visual so though not really satisfactory, we will nevertheless resort to describing some of them. Radio rarely has any elephant in a commercial. If at all, it is the familiar trumpet sound.

TV Commercial - Pizza
Television commercial on Lifetime Network Oct 19, 2000

The man in white uniform in background is stuffing an elephant into a telephone booth to illustrate how they stuff a pizza inside a pizza. This photo is a lucky shot of the screen while commercial was airing; did not notice brand of pizza.

TV Commercial - Jeep
Beginning in October of 1997, Chrysler Corporation, which produces the "Jeep" vehicles, began airing a commercial involving elephants on television.

The commercial opens with an elephant raising and lowering its trunk. There is a sharp fade to blank screen and then the words "Elephants $299/month" appear. This sequence is followed by a similar pair featuring penguins and one featuring a bear. Then it segues to a Jeep vehicle in motion on rough terrain.

The theme of the commercial is that for the price of $299 per month you can go where these animals live. They could have used any animals normally found in the wild. For the U.S. the ideal species might be moose, bison, or other inhabitants of America's west. Undoubtedly they chose the ELEPHANT because its appearance on the TV screen immediately generates ATTENTION.

TV Commercial - Coke® / CocaCola®
These are three images from a video sequence in a Coca-ColaŽ television commercial which aired in the mid 1990's. We stumbled on these images someplace on the web and downloaded them at the time but have since been unable to locate the site through any search engine. If you know where they are, please email us the info.

In the sequence, the elephant swims out to the float and steals peanuts. The bottle is prominently featured but the main even is the charming and amusing scenario of the elephant swimming all the way out to the beautiful girl to get her peanuts.

Mars Candy ran a commercial in which elephants dive off a cliff, swim across the ocean, and steal a Mars Bar from a candy kiosk. We have not been able to locate any images to show you from that commercial.

TV Commercial - F.A.O. Schwarz
On February 6, 1998 the following described commercial was shown on television.

A little girl is given a full size Asian female elephant as a pet. In one part of the commercial she ties her pet to the fence in front of her home then boards the bus for school. The elephant, trying to follow her to school, uproots the fence and drags it along.

Subsequently we see the child and the elephant "having tea" together using the child's play tea set. The action ends with a shot of the child and a very large toy elephant from the famous New York toy seller.

The entire commercial is more than charming. The contrast between the size of the elephant and the child and her other toys is quite dramatic.

TV Commercial - PayDay Candy Bar
Saturday 31 July 1999
USA Television Network

A man is in an at desk office with a window behind. Through window we can see an elephant lowering itself on high rise window cleaning scaffold. The elephant's trunk sneaks in through the open window and snatches the man's PayDay® candy off his desk then elephant disappears.
Very cute and zany.

Oct 3, 2000 at 9:00 PM
UPN (channel 44 Sarasota)

A delivery truck driver parks a PayDay truck and opens rear door and removes cartons of PayDay candy for delivery to nearby store. Truck starts rolling away with driver shouting after it.

Camera moves to view front of truck ... Elephant is driving, stealing truck load of PayDay candy bars.

TV Commercial - Ethan Allen Furniture
March 4, 1998
Nick At Nite syndicated Mary Tyler Moore Show

The scene is a jungle clearing with an Ethan Allen sofa at center. Animals all around. An elephant comes into view and sits down on the sofa because it is so comfortable and well made it can support him.

TV Commercial - Duracel® Batteries
February 1998,
Seen on "The Family Channel"

The theme of the commercial is how long the Duracel brand battery lasts. For contrast they show two battery powered objects using Duracel in one and 'brand x' in the other.

The opening shot is two teenagers using identical portable stereos. In the foreground is a battery powered mechanical toy, you guessed it, ELEPHANT. Why not a flashlight or toy dog or any number of things? Because an elephant is adorable and memorable.

Radio Commercial - Alka-Seltzer Plus®
On January 8, 1998 the following described commercial was heard on radio station WFLA 970 AM in Tampa, Florida.

The commercial uses an elephant's trumpet sound to illustrate how bad a head cold can be and promotes the Alka-Seltzer Plus® brand of cold medication for relief.

Undoubtedly they chose the ELEPHANT for the absurdity and humor in the idea of an elephant having a cold in the trunk and because elephants are memorable. The sound of a human sneezing is not nearly as arresting as an elephant with a head cold.

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