Elephants in Advertising - Posters
Advertising posters still exist but are no longer as ubiquitous as once they were. They hung in store windows, on store and theater exterior walls, and all sorts of places where they could be pasted up. Now they are called Vintage Posters and primarily serve as art collectibles. The ones we display here are reproductions, and so far as we know, are available from posters vendors.

Adv Poster - Cigarette Papers
Why this company uses an elephant in its advertising is a mystery to me.

Adv Poster - Cooking Oil
The explanation of the product name from a wikipedia page in French, translated by Google® reads:

" The végétaline is a trademark designating (often generically) a cooking fat composed of coconut oil hydrogenated. The hydrogénisation of coconut oil is capable of raising the melting temperature and thus a more hard at room temperature. However this process is increasingly called into question because of health risks that would mean (Cholesterol, Cancer ...). "

Why they would use a chef riding a red elephant is a mystery.

Adv Poster - Siam Cement
You can see the company's logo on the end of the barrel of cement being carried by the Asian tusker .. an elephant. Siam was a name for Thailand at one time and Tahiland is noted for having working elephants.

Adv Poster - Menjou Tires
Menjou is selling puncture proof tires with a cartoon elephant rolling away on one over a bed of spikes while being chased by two men. Perhaps he is stealing the tire. Captive elephants are known to favor tires as a toy they can carry about. Made in France by Contact Habillages, Beaune. Illustration by E. Mourgue.

Adv Poster - Circus in America 200th Anniversary
Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus used this poster for their shows one year. Many circus advertisements feature elephants because of their huge popularity with the public. This is a reproduction we acquired in 1990 from Hertzberg Circus Collection Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Adv Poster - Jumbo
Barnum & Sanger poster promoting the great elephant JUMBO. Jumbo was killed in a collision with a train in 1885 so the poster must originally been of an earlier date and no doubt plastered all over every town Jumbo visited. This is a reproduction we acquired in 1990 from Hertzberg Circus Collection Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Adv Poster - Big Bingo
Reminiscent of Jumbo, RBB&B advertised their own Big Bingo as an elephant two storeys tall which is ridiculous when you consider the average storey of a building is ten feet. To our knowledge there has never been a modern elephant with a height of twenty feet, This is a reproduction we acquired in 1990 from Hertzberg Circus Collection Museum in San Antonio, Texas.

Adv Poster - Prentice Hall
This modern poster [1999] was used by Prentice Hall to promote its Biology text book in appropriate venues such as education conventions, schools, teachers meetings, and so forth. They used elephants as the main theme of that edition.

Adv Poster - Prentice Hall
We do not know the issue date of this poster promoting travel to Saigon via Pan American World Airways, now defunct, was certainly in an era prior to Saigon's renaming to Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam certainly has elephants aplenty. Some of their currency and postage stamps show elephants.

Adv Poster - Smoking
In English, according to translate.google.com, this poster says "all it takes to make a world, some others do not smoke". The little blue elephant logo is labeled 'fumeur' and the green one 'non fumeur'. Why elephants? Who knows.

Adv Posters - at Barnes & Noble Online Store
This entire group of wonderful elephant posters was found online for sale in the Barnes & Noble store at barnesandnoble.com. A new search in January 2009 did not find these posters and we do not know why. There were 2884 hits for keyword 'elephant'. The first few pages were books and we did not view all 2884 items. You might find these same posters elsewhere.

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