Elephants in Advertising - Collaterals
In advertising parlance the term 'collateral' generally refers to a medium which is not broadcast or distributed through what are considered ordinary media channels. If you visit an auto dealer showroom and pick up a 24 page brochure, that is a collateral. It supports advertising and marketing, It is not usually mailed or stuffed in a newspaper. Similarly, the free pen or key chain bearing advertising is a collateral. Some, called package inserts, come inside the product package when you open it.

Here we share with you some examples of collaterals which show elephants for attention getting or memory stimulation.

Book Mark - Christine's
Oversized Bookmark
2 5/8" [67cm] wide by 11" [279cm] high

Cartoon drawing of extinct Mammoth makes the point about extinct books. A dinosaur would work as well but they chose the elephantine animal.

Christine's freely gives away this item to patrons. It is both a useful article and one which reinforces awareness of the book store as it is used. Christine's specializes in used and rare books.

Brochure - Prentice Hall
This beautiful collection of images comes from the covers of the Prentice Hall school biology textbook collateral booklet. Their 1991 "Biology" by Miller & Levine is presented in this 28 page booklet distributed to teachers for consideration.

The fist image on right is the front cover showing, guess what? ... ELEPHANTS!

The second image is the back cover of the booklet. The photo displays the many components of the textbook series which includes workbooks, posters, computer test bank, and many other aids for teaching biology. Nearly every piece in this educational arsenal is adorned with the same photo of splendid African Elephants.

The third image is from the inside front cover of the booklet and states ... "This book is dedicated to the African elephant, the largest living land mammal, which was placed on the endangered species list in October, 1989."

Cheers for Prentice Hall !! We are grateful to have this fine piece of material in our collection.

Pin - General Tire
Pin back badge promoting a tire sale is huge in comparison to most pins. It is 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Acquired in online auction, we have no history of it. Because of its size it is likely it was worn by personnel in General Tire retail outlets. I don't think the public would be willing to walk around wearing such a pin.

What is not at all clear is why it shows an elephant in the tradition of Jumbo advertising.

Wall or Door Hook - Elocon
The novelty elephant's extended hind legs act as a clothing hook for use by patients who partially disrobe when being treated by a health care professional. No good reason to use an elephant for this but they did. It's cute. Given out by pharmaceutical maker.

[ Elocon is a cortisone-like steroid available in cream, ointment, and lotion form. It is used to treat certain itchy rashes and other inflammatory skin conditions. ]

Trinket/Charm - Popcorn
A Lucky Elephant Purity Popcorn Co. Ltd. Japan Premium. These were found in the pink popcorn boxes. very small aprox.2" Long. The kind of trinket sometimes found in breakfast cereals preferred by children.

Bank - Holiday Gas
Give-away from gas station was offered on ebay®. We don't know the history or why they used an elephant on the premium. It might have been given out free or with a minimum fuel purchase.

Ash Tray - Hyatt Jumbo Roofing
Complimentary item is quite large measuring 4" x 6" and weighing two pounds. It is a metal casting with verdigris bronze finish. Must have cost a pretty penny to give away but a roofing job is expensive enough to justify it. Easy to see why they picked an elephant since the have Jumbo in their name.

Coffee Mug - Starbucks
Don't know if Starbucks sold or gave away these mugs. It appears they promote coffee grown in Kenya and the elephant is a reasonable symbol to use. Amboseli National Park in Kenya is one the best known for having elephants.

Coffee Mug - Amarula
When you view the Brands section you will see the Amarula Cream bottle. Similar in character to Irish Cream liquors, Amarula is South African. I bought the mug to go with the beverage brought to me from SA by my sister. The elephant is their logo.

Coffee Mug - Oakland A's Baseball
Like the Starbucks and Amarula mugs, this one was not likely given away but sold at retail and at games. In the late twentieth century, licensed professional athletic memorabilia became a rage, even so far as there being stores devoted solely to selling such merchandise. Nevertheless, all the goods emblazoned with team or brand names is still advertising.

Paperweight - Laboratoires Duyét
Handsome ceramic elephant figure paperweight inscribed with laboratory's name. Possibly given out to practices in France by reps? All searches in 2009 for Duyet result in Vietnam connections. None for France.

Pin - Lionel
Two inch diameter enamel on gold plate pin made by MMS licensed by Lionel Trains. Pin celebrates Lionel's' PULL-MOR© toy train power system. Large pin probably worn on peak of railroad cap by hobbyist. Not known if these were sold or given away. The elephant in the background behind the locomotive signifies pulling power. An elephant has limited lifting power compared to its ability to pull across terrain.

Pin - Gulf Oil
We bought this pin at auction. It was identified as "distributed by Gulf Oil". Maybe it was. It surely is a give-away item, measuring 19 mm wide, made of molded plastic with a faux gold plating. Why an elephant head is combined with horseshoes is anyone's guess.

Pin - Carlsberg
Promotional pin for Carlsberg Brewing Co in Denmark is made of cast metal with chrome and enamel finish. Carlsberg is the brewer of both Elephant Brand Malt Liquor and Elephant Red but neither is mentioned in connection with this particular pin.

Pin - Carlsberg
Souvenir plate labeled "Compliments of Sam Christensen, Jeweler, Hot Springs, S.D. Maybe Sam just liked elephants so he gave these away.

Toys - Arby's Restaurants
Toy premiums from Arby's during Babar promotion. The first four are finger puppets: Babar, Celeste, Alexander and Arthur. The fifth is a Celeste squirter. You can see the small opening in her trunk from which water or other mischievous liquid emanates when she is squeezed. Sixth is Babar in a helicopter.

Airbill - Federal Express
Cartoon elephant with string around trunk calls attention to what shippers should remember when preparing and sending shipments via FedEx.

Placemat - Applebee's Restaurants
Attractive children's place mat and die cut character sticker set [not shown] in shape of an apple. The place mat contains a mystery puzzle featuring the character Babar The King and family. The sticker set includes Babar characters and others.

Both items are promoting "Reading Is FUNdamental®" and you can see their logo in the upper right area. The promotion is cosponsored by VISA® cards' "Read me A Story" program; their logo appears next to the RIF logo. The popularity of the ELEPHANT character makes it a natural for reaching children.

Copyright notices:
©1997 Applebee's International
©1997 Visa U.S.A. Inc.
©Laurent deBrunhoff for Babar characters
©1986 Bruce Degen for Jesse Bear permission from Simon & Schuster.

Child's Bib - Piccadilly Cafeterias
Use is obvious; given out to parents who bring children young enough to use a high chair and wear a bib. Printed disposable plastic film bib with catch pockets at bottom has happy elephant wear their name. Kids love elephants.

Brochure - Diamond Dye
Turn of the century, meaning twentieth, brochure extols the qualities and methods of Diamond Dye for fabrics. It depicts elephants performing several familiar chores; washing, hanging out clothes on the line, mending and so on. This would have been popular during the Jumbo craze.

Stickers - Pediatric Use
A children's medical provider would apply these cute, removable, little elephant stickers to a hurting child's clothing. Kids are crazy about stickers and elephants -- a perfect combination.

Menu - Congo Room
Congo Room of Carlton Hotel menu has an elephant on its cover, enlarged a bit for viewing.

Menu - Bombay Grill
No surprise to see an elephant on the menu cover of a restaurant serving Indian food.

Baggage Tag - Erawan Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
If you were a guest of the hotel you might put their tag on your luggage. Once upon a time, when travel was more or less limited to the affluent, people who went places covered their luggage with tags. This tag shows the Royal Thai symbol elephants.

Baggage Tag - American Airlines
This luggage tag for the 1984 Republican NAtional Convention in Dallas advertises American Airlines. The elephant on the tag is not the official design of the Republican Party but who would notice.

Matchbook - Pink Elephant
Once upon a time, when most adults in America smoked cigarettes and bars and restaurants were as smoky as London or San Francisco when the fog rolls in, the book of paper matches was ubiquitous. There was no end of the variety. Some had different advertising on the insides. Here is one for the Pink Elephant Restaurant & Lounge in Monte Rio, California. Naturally, it has a picture of elephant on it.

Beer Glass - Elephant Red
Elephant Red brand beer was no doubt on tap in some places and glasses like these used to serve customers. Perhaps some brand loyalists also purchased their own.

Brochure - Opel Mini Brutes
Opel Kadett for 1969 Brochure. Features Elephants as 'brutes' and Opels as 'mini-brutes'. No © notice. 20 pages including covers. 9w 11.5h id# 69-OA-51 1MM 10-68 (print run 1,000,000).

If you look carefully at the small images you will find an elephant on every page.

FRONT COVER: three young women waving OPEL pennants astride Asian elephant wearing 'O' banner. Headline: Buick's Opel Kadetts. The Mini-Brutes.

1969 Mini-Brutes give your left foot a choice. Now an automatic transmission is available. Scene of 5 Kadett models and people with 4 elephants stripped in.

The Family Mini-Brute. Model 39 Opel Kadett Deluxe Wagon. Family of four motoring along with elephant following and carrying family's small sailboat on its back.

The Rallye Mini-Brute. Model 92 GM Rallye Kadett parked at track side during elephant race. Motion blurs on elephants suggest actual event whether staged for advertising or otherwise actual. No spectators in stands.

The Social Mini-Brute. Model 95 Opel Kadett Super Deluxe Coupe. Car sits in foreground while in background the three models are painting floral designs on elephant's hide. Appears actual.

The Collegiate Mini-Brute. Model 91 Opel Kadett 2-door Sport Sedan. Beach scene with car in foreground; presumably college students with surfboards in background and off to right an elephant bearing a surfboard on its back. First rate stripping job if not staged and shot.

The Commuter Mini-Brute. Model 31 Opel Kadett 2-door Sedan. Couple in car have just left toll booth and are followed by elephant holding out elephant sized quarter to toll taker. Appears staged. Toll taker's hand is motion blurred. But quarter looks real. In adjacent lane see hind quarter of elephant passing through other toll gate.

The Complete Min-Brute. Pages showing and listing 12 features. At center is front view shot of model aboard elephant from cover.

The Colorful Mini-Brutes. Shows interior colors on pages 16; exterior colors in shapes of elephant silhouettes on page 17. Page 17 also shows elephant holding earth on head and described The Overseas Mini-Brute option to take delivery in Europe.

Package Insert - Court Designs
The Court organization produces cast aluminum pieces of various kinds for household use and decor. Elephants are a favorite theme ... we have collected numerous beautiful pieces by the Courts. This small brochure was inserted into the package containing a serving dish.

Toy - I Like Ike
This one of those cute little plastic animals that walks on its own for a while after you give it a start. It must have been given away by supporters of General Dwight Eisenhower during either his campaign for the Republican nomination or the general election in which he became president in 1952.

Toy - Muffets
Whatever Muffets are ... it's a circus to eat them. These are pocket games, little closed round containers in which you attempt to place the two tiny steel balls in the sockets on the puzzle face. Likely a premium packed inside something children desire to eat.

Toy - Aladdin Viewer
McDonalds promotion with Disney movie Aladdin & Disneyland 40th Anniversary. Looking into the eye opening one sees a picture from the movie.

Toy - Baby Mammoth
Baby mammoth figure was McDonalds promotion with Disney movie The Jungle Book

Toy - Elephant with ball
Packed in M&M brand candies in France. Made in Philippines for Mars Candy, France

Paperweight - Independent Stove
Elephant paperweight, cast iron with nickel or chrome finish. Premium given away with purchase of a stove from Independent Stove Company, Owosso, Michigan. Founded in Detroit in 1905, moved to Owosso in 1908 and there manufactured cast iron wood burning stoves.

Pin/Badge - Portland Zoo
This button is not given away free but it does advertise the zoo when a child wears it and others see it. Portland Zoo is noted for its elephant program.

Toy - Puzzle
This tiny puzzle (64 x 94 mm)in a plastic bag was in the children's treasure chest at a Perkins Pancake House restaurant where a child could select a free item. Being a child at heart and spotting the elephant, I took one home (with management's assent).

Toy - DHL
Without doubt the most adorable corporate premium I ever saw. DHL international air couriers gave these elephant pilots to corporate clients. The plush stuffed elephant figure is reminiscent of the World War I flying aces with old time leather flying cap, goggles, and rakish scarf to drift in the wind through the open cockpit.

Tub - Nugget Casino
Large coin bucket from John Ascuaga's Nugget "Reno's safest bet". The Nugget is actually in Sparks, Nevada. Colorful bucket with pictures of Bertha and a smaller elephant playing in a pile of peanuts. John Ascuaga's Nugget is known for the elephant shows which is why they are on the tub. Players could take them home after filling them up at the slots (or take them empty). Either way, the Nugget gets the advertising.

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