Various Other Uses

This page shows a variety of public and private uses inspired by elephants. Elsewhere on this site you can view hundreds of examples in advertising, media, and objects. This page is limited in scope to merely address the idea of elephants in culture.

This group of circus performers has just completed marching in a New Year's day parade in Sarasota, Florida. While awaiting their transport home one is eating the city's landscape. Elephants are the most popular attraction at circuses and similar events.
[photo by author 1995 01 01 ]

These marvelous elephant sculptures flank the entrance to the city's park in Sausalito, California. They support lamps. You can see their size compared to the people in the photo.
[photo by author 1995 07 ]

This expensive glass topped desk is supported by legs in the form of elephant heads and trunks. The home furnishings industry produces many, many articles inspired by elephants. You can lots of them in our 'Motifs' section of this site.
[photo by author ]

This group of elephants shaped topiary was photographed at Disney World® Orlando from a moving vehicle. I have seen numerous other elephant topiaries in the years since.
[photo by author 1999 ]

Here we see a marvelous public display of elephants ... four of them spouting water toward each other, forming a fountain at what then named Audubon Park in New Orleans.
[photo by author 1992 02 ]

In Mombasa, Kenya, Africa there is a boulevard which is straddled by enormous replica tusks, so large that vehicles easily pass beneath them. [ Must have been some mighty big elephants to carry those around. Photo from Art Explosion 4 clip art collection ]

There are at least three national banners/flags bearing the likenesses of elephants.

The topmost at right is the flag of Siam 1855 to 1916. Siam became the consitutional monarchy known today as Thailand.

The modern Thai flag is the striped banner in center position without the elephant. With the elephant superimposed on the national standard it becomes the standard of the Thai Royal Navy.

The bottommost image is the flag of the Old Laotian Kingdom and was the standard until 1975.
[ Images from wikimedia commons ]

Many other nations have adapted elephant imagery to postage stamps, currency, and coins. When you visit the 'Motifs' section of this site you will be able to view many of them.

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