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About the books List ...

Unless otherwise noted, the lists are books which are in my personal collection. Many of them have been acquired from antiquities sources due to their age. Others are, or may be, still print.

I have attempted to give information about Authors, Illustrators, Content Type and Reading Levels. Books listed for all ages means anyone who can read should be able to read them. Books listed as Adult are written at an advanced level or contain material potentially unsuitable for children. Books listed as Juvenile are appropriate and readable by children who are able to read or for reading to young children and toddlers by someone who can read.

Some books are displayed with a rating of one, two, or three smileys indicating my recommendations. A few are marked with a frown to suggest caution exposing children to content or simply indicate my opinion of the book's content. Except where others are quoted, all opinions are my own. Reviews may be cited or reproduced with attribution.
Wayne Hepburn, Oct 2008

All contents ©2008 Wayne Hepburn unless otherwise noted. The Funt Family characters are specifically copyright protected with all rights reserved by creator and may not be reproduced nor distributed without written consent from copyright owner nor altered in any manner for any purpose. Images shown on books lists are covers of said books shown for information only under the 'fair use' doctrine. There is no intent to infringe on any copyright.

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Finding elephant books ...

Many of the books in this collection are still in print and available from booksellers like amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and independent book stores.

I have located out of print books through online searches at Bibliofind.com and ABEBooks.com which have offerings from hundreds of used book dealers. I have also found old and rare books listed for sale on ebay.com and by having a local rare books dealer conduct searches for me. Occasionally an out print title will be offered by multiple dealers online at widely different prices. Unless you don't care about cost, take the time to peruse the multiple listings. Good luck.

Internet searches performed 2008 10 18 turned up these results for keyword 'elephant'...

ebay.com = 1,178 books listed
Borders.com = 1,277 books listed
bibliofind.com = 1,869 books listed
Barnesandnoble.com = 2,956 books listed
ABEBooks.com = 72,957 books listed
amazon.com = 161,508 books listed.

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