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"101 Elephant Jokes" Robert Blake, compiler All Ages
"17 Kings & 42 Elephants" Margaret Mahy All Ages
"A Book of Elephants" Katie Wales Juvenile
"A Book Of Elephants" Ashok Davar Adult
"A Piece of Cake" Jill Murphy Juvenile
"A Quiet Night In" Jill Murphy Juvenile
"A World Without Elephants?" Joan Bowden All Ages
"About The Elephant" Publisher staff? All Ages
"African Elephants" Roland Smith All Ages
"African Elephants: A Celebration Of Majesty" Daryl & Sharna Balfour Adult
"African Elephants: Giants of the Land" Dorothy Hinshaw Patent All Ages
"Africa's Elephants" ??? Juvenile
"Alfie The Playful Elephant" Leah Gale Juvenile
"Alistair's Elephant" Marilyn Sadler Juvenile
"Aliya: Stories of Elephants of Sri Lanka" Teresa Cannon & Peter Davis Adult
"All About Elephants" Carl Burger All Ages
"All By Myself" Ivan Bates Juvenile
"All In One Piece" Jill Murphy Juvenile
"All in One Piece" Children's Story Jill Murphy Juvenile
"Allie The Alergic Elephant" Nicole Smith Juvenile
"America's First Elephant" Robert M. McClung Juvenile
"Among The Elephants" Iain & Oria Douglas-Hamilton Adult
"An Elephant Called Slowly" Novel Ernest Dudley All Ages
"An Elephant In The Family" James Playsted Wood All Ages
"An Elephant Is Not A Cat" Alvin Tresselt & Wilbur Wheaton Juvenile
"An Elephant is Soft And Mushy" Sam Gross All Ages
"April Fool" Harriet Ziefert Juvenile
"At Large - Fugitive Odyssey of Murray Hill" Gary Ross Adult
"Babar & His Friends at Amusement Park" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar & His Friends at Home" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar & His Friends at the Farm" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar & His Friends in Celesteville" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar & His Friends in The Forest" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar A New York" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar An Elephant's Best Friend" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar And Father Christmas" Jean de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar And His Children" Jean de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar And The Ghost" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar And Zephir" Jean DeBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar In The Jungle" Kathryn Cristaldi Juvenile
"Babar Learns To Cook" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar Loses His Crown" Laurent De Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar Number Fun" Coloring Book Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar Saves The Day" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar Snapshots from Celestville" w/sounds Publisher staff? Juvenile
"Babar The Best Present in the World" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar The Boy King" Gail Herman Juvenile
"Babar The King" Jean de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar The Movie Storybook" Cathy Dubowski & Renzo Barto Juvenile
"Babar The Painter" Laurent De Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar The Phantom" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar The Race To The Moon" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar The Show Must Go On" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar To Duet or Not To Duet" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar" coloring book Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's ABC Book" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Bath Book" Laurent de brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Book of Color" Laurent De Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Busy Week" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Busy Year" Laurent De Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Car" Book with wheels Publisher staff? Juvenile
"Babar's Little Circus Star" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Little Girl" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Little Library" 4-mini books Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Moon Trip" Pop-Up Book Laurent De Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Mystery" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Paint Box Book" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Babar's Yoga for Elephants" Laurent de Brunhoff All Ages
"Babar's Yoga for Elephants" Laurent De Brunhoff Juvenile
"Baby Elephant And The Secret Wishes" Sesyle Joslin Juvenile
"Baby Elephant" Lucille Recht Penner Juvenile
"Bad Boris & The New Kitten" Susie Jenkin-Pearce Juvenile
"Bad Boris Goes To School" Susie Jenkins-Pearce Juvenile
"Bandoola" J.H. Williams Adult
"Bashi, Elephant Baby" Theresa Radcliffe Juvenile
"Bernard's Bath" Joan Elizabeth Goodman Juvenile
"Between The Elephant's Eyes" Robert L Scott Jr Adult
"Big Max" Kin Platt Juvenile
"Black Elephant" Virginia F Voight Juvenile
"Boga The Elephant" K.O.S. Baroness Dombrowski Juvenile
"Bozo and the Hide 'n' Seek Elephant" Story William Johnston Juvenile
"Bump Is Busy" Christopher James Juvenile
"But No Elephants" Jerry Smath Juvenile
"Chad And The elephant Engine" Marjorie Filley Stover Juvenile
"Chaga" Will & Nicholas Lipkind Juvenile
"Chunky Safari - Elephant" Campbell Books, Text Juvenile
"Cora and the Elephants" Lissa Rovetch Juvenile
"Daddy, Could I Have An Elephant?" Jake Wolf Juvenile
"Dr. Nightingale Rides The Elephant" Lydia Adamson Adult
"Dubbeldikkle Vrienden" Miep Diekmann Juvenile
"Dumbo The Circus Baby" Disney Juvenile
"Dumbo" Walt Disney Juvenile
"Dumbo" Coloring Book Disney / Western Pub Co Golden Book ® Juvenile
"Dumbo" Golden Sound Story Disney Juvenile
"Dumbo's Book Of Colors" Disney Juvenile
"Dumbo's Circus Train" Publisher staff? Juvenile
"Echo Of The Elephants" Cynthia Moss Adult
"Eddie The Elephant" John Storms Juvenile
"Edsel The Elephant Who Learned To Share" Sunny Griffin Juvenile
"Edwina The Elephant" Ken Morton Juvenile
"Effie" Elephant Paper Doll Book Judy M Johnson Juvenile
"Elephant & Castle" R.C.Hutchinson Adult
"Elephant & Mouse Celebrate Halloween" Lois G Grambling Juvenile
"Elephant & Mouse Get Ready for Christmas" Lois G Grambling Juvenile
"Elephant & Mouse Get ready for Easter" Lois G Grambling Juvenile
"Elephant and Envelope" Barbara Gregorich Juvenile
"Elephant Ann" Jon Madian Juvenile
"Elephant Baby" Text adapted by Udiavar G. Rao Juvenile
"Elephant Bangs Train" William Kotzwinkle Adult
"Elephant Bill" LtCol J H Williams, OBE Adult
"Elephant Bones & Lonely Hearts" Ronald Rood All Ages
"Elephant Boy" William Kotzwinkle Juvenile
"Elephant Crossing" Toshi Yoshida Adult
"Elephant Days & Nights" Raman Sukumar Adult
"Elephant Eats The Profits" Jacquelyn Reinach Juvenile
"Elephant Families" Arhtur Dorros Juvenile
"Elephant For Rent" Lucille Chaplan Juvenile
"Elephant Games" Brod Bagert Juvenile
"Elephant Goes To School" Jerry Smath Juvenile
"Elephant Have Right Of Way" Betty & Jock Leslie-Melville Adult
"Elephant Herd" Miriam Schlein All Ages
"Elephant Hill" Novel Robin White Adult
"Elephant In Trouble" Thomas Crawford Juvenile
"Elephant Jokes", Flap-up, Stand-up Jokes Book Sadie Fields Productions All Ages
"Elephant Memories" Cynthia Moss Adult
"Elephant Moon" Bijou LeTord All Ages
"Elephant on Wheels" Alida McKay Thacher Juvenile
"Elephant Over The Alps' Cynthia Pilkington All Ages
"Elephant Pie" Hilda Offen Juvenile
"Elephant School" John Stewart All Ages
"Elephant Small and the Splashy Bath" Sally Grindley Juvenile
"Elephant Small Goes to a Party" Sally Grindley Juvenile
"Elephant Small Is Lost" Sally Grindley Juvenile
"Elephant Song" Wilbur Smith Adult
"Elephant Stories" Edward W. & Marguerite P. Dolch Juvenile
"Elephant Tears" Mask Of The Elephant Richard Trout All Ages
"Elephant Up A Tree" Hendrik Willem Van Loon All Ages
"Elephant Valley" Elizabeth Balneaves Adult
"Elephant Walk" Robert Standish Adult
"Elephant Winter" Kim Echlin Adult
"Elephant Woman" Laurence Pringle Adult
"Elephant" Ian Redmond Juvenile
"Elephant" Judy Allen Juvenile
"Elephantastic! A Trunkful of Unforgettable Jokes" ??? All Ages
"Elephants & Other Land Giants" Publisher staff? All Ages
"Elephants Aloft" Kathi Appelt Juvenile
"Elephants Arrive at Half-past Five" Ilka Chase Adult
"Elephants Calling" Katharine Payne Juvenile
"Elephants Can Remember" Agatha Christie Adult
"Elephants For Kids" Anthony D. Fredericks Juvenile
"Elephants' Graveyard" Karin McQuillan Adult
"Elephants in the Cottonfields" Wayne Greenhaw Adult
"Elephants in the Garden" Ida Scheib Juvenile
"Elephants Never Forget Birthdays" Graham Percy ? All Ages
"Elephants Never Jump" Violet Easton Juvenile
"Elephants On Board" Suse MacDonald Juvenile
"Elephant's Picnic" storybook with picture blocks Playskool Juvenile
"Elephants" Reinhard Kunkel All Ages
"Elephants" John B Wexo Juvenile
"Elephants" Alan M Heatwole All Ages
"Elephants" multiple contributors All Ages
"Elephants" Richard Carrington Adult
"Elephants" Herbert S. Zim All Ages
"Elephants, Elephants, Elephants" Phyllis R. Fenner, collected works of others All Ages
"Elephants: A Cultural and Natural History" Karl Gröning & Martin Saller Adult
"Elephants: Facts, Stories, Games" by B T Cork Juvenile
"Elephants: Gentle Giants of Africa & India" Marcus Schneck All Ages
"Elephants: The Deciding Decade" Ronal Orenstein, Editor All Ages
"Ella The Elephant" Kurt Wiese Juvenile
"Elmer Again" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer And The Lost Teddy" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer and Wilbur" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer In The Snow" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer In The Snow" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer Takes Off" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer's Colors" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer's Day" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer's Friends" David McKee Juvenile
"Elmer's Weather" David McKee Juvenile
"Eloise Elephant" Bookshelf Buddies Jerry Smath Juvenile
"Elympics" X. J. Kennedy Juvenile
"Emily Elephant and her friends" ??? Juvenile
"Encore For Eleanor" Bill Peet Juvenile
"Engelbert Joins the Circus" Tom Paxton Juvenile
"Englebert the Elephant" Tom Paxton Juvenile
"Eukee The Jumpy Jumpy Elephant" C.L.Corman MD & Esther Trevino, MFCC Juvenile
"Ezra the Elephant" Marjorie Barrows Juvenile
"Faithful Elephants" Yukio Tsuchiya All Ages
"Fanfou Dans Les Bayous" Story André-Paul Pérales Juvenile
"Favorite Songs Of Babar" MiniPiano book Publisher staff? Juvenile
"Five Minutes' Peace" Jill Murphy Juvenile
"Frank & Ernest Play Ball" Alexandra Day Juvenile
"From Trunk To Tail: Elephants Legendary & Real" Suzanne Jurmain All Ages
"Fun By The Ton" F. Beverly Kelley All Ages
"Giles and the Elephant" Christine Pullein-Thompson Juvenile
"Gilligan's Last Elephant" Gerald Hanley Adult
"Gray Matters" Bob Elsdale Adult
"Great Elephant" Alan Scholefield Adult
"Haji Of The Elephants" Willis Lindquist Juvenile
"Hannibal and His 37 Elephants" Marilyn Hirsch Juvenile
"Have You Ever Seen An Elephant Sneeze?" Bernadette McCarver Snyder Juvenile
"Henry And The Elephant" Rev. W. Awdry Juvenile
"Her Ladyship's Elephant" David Dwight Wells Adult
"Here's A Happy Elephant" Colin and Jacqui Hawkins Juvenile
"Hiccups for Elephant" James Preller Juvenile
"Hide-And-Seek Elmer" David McKee Juvenile
"Horton Hatches the Egg" Dr. Seuss Juvenile
"Horton Hears A Who" Dr. Seuss Juvenile
"How To Catch An Elephant" Amy Schwartz Juvenile
"How To Weigh An Elephant" Bob Barner Juvenile
"Hullabaloo The Elephant Dog" Ruth & Latrobe Carroll Juvenile
"Humpy" no name Juvenile
"I Am A Little Elephant" Francois Crozat Juvenile
"I Believe In Me" Mary Lea Floden Juvenile
"I Can Read About Elephants" C. J. Naden Juvenile
"I Can Too!" David McKee Juvenile
"I'd Choose You!" John Trent Juvenile
"Illustrated Encyclopedia of Elephants" Dr S K Eltringham, Consultant & multiple All Ages
"I'm A Big Boy Now" Potty training cartoon elephant no name Juvenile
"I'm A Big Girl Now" ??? Juvenile
"I'm Too Big - Je Suis Trop Gros" Lone Morton Juvenile
"I'm Too Big - Soy Demasiado Grande" Lone Morton Juvenile
"In the Forest with the Elephants" Roland Smith All Ages
"In The Presence Of Elephants" Peter Beagle & Pat Derby Adult
"In The Way That Elephants Do" David L Kilpatrick Adult
"In The Wild Elephants" Claire Robinson Juvenile
"Incredible Jumbo: A Novel" Barbara Smucker Juvenile
"Is That An Elephant Over There?" Rebecca Elgar Juvenile
"Ivory Knights, Man, Magic & Elephants" Nicholas Gordon Adult
"Jamba the Elephant" Theodore J. Waldeck All Ages
"Jerry Todd and the Bob-Tailed Elephant" Leo Edwards Juvenile
"Jumbo and Arnold" Dan Greenburg Juvenile
"Jumbo the Biggest Elephant in All the World" Florence McLaughlin Burns All Ages
"Jumbo The Elephant Comes Home" Samuel E Lowe All Ages
"Jumbo" Rhoda Blumberg Juvenile
"Jumbo's Lullaby" Laura Krauss Melmed Juvenile
"Just a Little Bit" Ann Tompert Juvenile
"Just Elephants" William Bazé Adult
"Kari The Elephant" Dhan Gopal Mukerji Adult
"Keepers Of The Kingdom" Glennita Miller Adult
"King Leopold's Dream" Jeremy Gavron All Ages
"King of the Elephants" Edward B Tracy All Ages
"Komoon! Capturing The Chad Elephant" Heinrich Oberjohann; translator: Rhoda de Terra Adult
"Laura Charlotte" Kathryn O. Galbraith Juvenile
"Le livre d'images de Babar" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Le livre surprise de Babar" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Life Story Elephant" Sarah Blakeman Juvenile
"Life With Alice" Dick Richards Adult
"Little Big Ears" Cynthia Moss Juvenile
"Little Bull / Growing Up in Africa's Elephant Kingdom" Ellen Foley James Juvenile
"Little Elephant Coloring Book" Lucille Wallace, captions Juvenile
"Little Elephant Thunderfoot" Sally Grindley Juvenile
"Little Elephant Visits the farm" Heluiz Washburne Juvenile
"Little Elephant" Miela Ford All Ages
"Little Elephant" Children's Story Hamilton Williamson Juvenile
"Little Elephant's Song" Wolfram Hänel Juvenile
"Little Mouse & Elephant: A Tale from Turkey" Jane Yolen Juvenile
"Look At Bump" Christopher James Juvenile
"Loving Ganesha" Publisher staff? Adult
"Mahatma" Syd Hoff Juvenile
"Mamba-Kan" The Story of A Baby Elephant Vitold deGolish All Ages
"Mammoths, Mastodonts, & Elephants" Gary Haynes Adult
"Massacre of the Elephants" Dennis Holman Adult
"Mastodonia" Clifford D. Simak Adult
"Meet Babar and His Family" Laurent de Brunhoff Juvenile
"Meet The Elephant" w/3D modeling elephant tear-out Keith Faulkner Juvenile
"Mighty Mo: The Story of an African Elephant" Jocelyn Arundel Juvenile
"Modoc" Ralph Helfer All Ages
"Mumfie the Admiral" Katharine Tozer Juvenile
"Mumfie The Elephant" Marcia Webb Juvenile
"My Elephant Book" Kathleen N. Daly Juvenile
"My Friend Harry" Kim Lewis Juvenile
"Nathan's Fishing Trip" Lulu Delacre Juvenile
"Never Mail An Elephant" Mike Thaler Juvenile
"Never Ride Your Elephant To School" Doug Johnson Juvenile
"North America Reg Studbook for the African Elephant 2000 Ed Deborah Olson Adult
"Off To Elephant School" Chris & Martin Kratt Juvenile
"Old Bet" Anne Colver Juvenile
"Old Phoebe - The Story of An Elephant" Mabel Cobb All Ages
"Oliphant l'éléphant flottant" Nitka Juvenile
"Oliphant l'éléphant moussant" Nitka Juvenile
"Oliphant l'éléphant roulant" Nitka Juvenile
"Oliphant l'éléphanttriomphantt" Nitka Juvenile
"Oliphaunt" J.R.R.Tokien Juvenile
"Ollie the Elephant" Burny Bos Juvenile
"Ollie the Elephant" Pop-Up Book Burny Bos Juvenile
"Once There Was an Elephant" Edward W. & Marguerite P. Dolch Juvenile
"One Little Elephant" Colin West Juvenile
"Pee Wee and the Sneezing Elephant" Ruth A. Roche Juvenile
"Peel, The Extraordinary Elephant" Susan Joyce Juvenile
"Pink and Blue" Kelli C. Foster & Gina C. Erickson Juvenile
"Polite Elephant" Golden Book Western Pub Co Juvenile
"Poncho The Elephant Wishin' Book" Rob Fink Juvenile
"Pope Leo's Elephant" John Lawrence Juvenile
"Premlata and the Festival of Lights" Rumer Godden Juvenile
"Rhinos for Lunch and Elephants for Supper!" Tolowa M. Mollel Juvenile
"Robi Dobi" Madhur Jaffrey Juvenile
"Roger and the Elephant" John Kershaw Juvenile
"Rogue Elephant" A. R. Channel Adult
"Rogue Elephant" Walter Allen Adult
"Rosie, The Dancing Elephant" Maureen Daly Juvenile
"Sabu The Elephant Boy" Frances Flaherty All Ages
"Sacred Elephant" Heathecote Williams Juvenile
"Saggy Baggy Elephant; No Place For Me" Gina Ingoglia Juvenile
"Saggy Baggy Elephant's Birthday" Western Pub Co Juvenile
"Sassafras" Stephen Cosgrove Juvenile
"Sato and the Elephants" Juanita Havill Adult
"Seeing The Elephant" A Saxon Mystery Les Roberts Adult
"Silent Thunder" Katy Payne Adult
"Som See and the Magic Elephant" Jamie Oliviero Juvenile
"Splash" Flora McDonnell Juvenile
"Stand Back I'm Going To Sneeze" Patricia Thomas Juvenile
"Suzanne The Elephant" Dennis Peck All Ages
"Tacky In Trouble" Helen Lester Juvenile
"Tantor the African Elephant" Joseph Maniscalco Juvenile
"Terry Toots" Francesco Pittau Juvenile
"The 397th White Elephant" René Guillot All Ages
"The Adventures of Opal and Cupid" Thomas Tryon with Clive Wilson Juvenile
"The Adventures of Tommy" H.G. Wells Juvenile
"The African Elephant: Twilight In Eden" Roger L DiSilvestro Adult
"The African Elephant; Last Days of Eden" multiple contributors Adult
"The Ant & The Elephant" Will Peet Juvenile
"The Art of Babar; Work of J & L DeBrunhoff" Nicholas Fix Weber Adult
"The Astonishing Elephant" Shana Alexander Adult
"The Big Elephant" Kathryn & Byron Jackson Juvenile
"The Biggest Nose" Kathy Caple Juvenile
"The BLue Elephant and the Pink Pig" Marion L. McNeil Juvenile
"The Blue Elephant" Kate Noble Juvenile
"The Boy Who Stole The Elephant" Julilly H. Kohler Juvenile
"The Case of the Great Elephant Escape" June Doolittle Juvenile
"The Chief of the Herd" Dhan Gopal Mukerji Adult
"The Copper Elephant" Adam Rapp Juvenile
"The Dynasty of Abu" Ivan Sanderson Adult
"The Elegant Elephant" Russell McCracken Juvenile
"The Elephant - Peaceful Giant" Christine & Michel Denis-Huot Juvenile
"The Elephant Alphabet Book" Gene Yates Juvenile
"The Elephant and the Kangaroo" T. H. White Adult
"The Elephant At The Waldorf" Anne Miranda All Ages
"The Elephant Book" Price/Stern/Sloan, Inc. All Ages
"The Elephant Book" Shaped like Elephant Charles Nicholas Juvenile
"The Elephant In The Barn" James Playsted Wood Juvenile
"The Elephant In The dark" Carol Garrick Juvenile
"The Elephant Prince" Flavia & Lisa Weedn Juvenile
"The Elephant That Ga-Lumphed" Nanda Ward Juvenile
"The Elephant Tree" Youth Novel Harriet Luger Juvenile
"The Elephant Truck" Lawrie Taylor ? All Ages
"The Elephant Valley" Finis Farr Adult
"The Elephant Vanishes" Haruki Murakami Adult
"The Elephant War" Gillian Avery All Ages
"The Elephant Who Couldn't Forget" Faith McNulty Juvenile
"The Elephant Who Couldn't Remember" Paris Sandow & Taylor Brandon Juvenile
"The Elephant: A Novel" Richard Rayner Adult
"The Elephant's Bathtub" Frances Carpenter All Ages
"The Elephant's Child" Lisa Meltzer & Pat Stewart Juvenile
"The Elephant's Child" Rudyard Kipling All Ages
"The Elephant's Dilemma" ??? Juvenile
"The Elephants' Ears" Catherine Chambers Juvenile
"The Elephant's Wrestling Match" Judy Sierra Juvenile
"The Elephants" Georges Blond Adult
"The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery" Graeme Base Juvenile
"The End Of the Game" Peter Beard Adult
"The Eye of the Elephant" Delia & Mark Owens Adult
"The Fate of the Elephant" Douglas H Chadwick Adult
"The Fifth Elephant" Terry Pratchett Adult
"The Firework-Maker's Daughter" Philip Pullman Juvenile
"The First Elephant Comes To Ireland" Nathan Zimelman Juvenile
"The Footprints of Elephant Bill" Susan Williams (wife of Col. J.H.Wiliams) Adult
"The Great American Elephant Chase" Gillian Cross Juvenile
"The Great Big Elephant and the Very Small Elephant" Barbara Seuling Juvenile
"The Jungle Book" Rudyard Kipling All Ages
"The Life and Lore of the Elephant" Robert deLort, MS, PhD Adult
"The Life Of An Elephant" S. Eardley-Wilmot Adult
"The Little Elephant Who Liked To Play" Naomi Sellers Juvenile
"The Little Elephant" Arthur Gregor Juvenile
"The Love Of Elephants" Neil Murray All Ages
"The Orphans of Tsavo" Daphne Sheldrick Adult
"The Playful Elephant" Leah Gale Juvenile
"The Rescue of Babar" Laurent deBrunhoff Juvenile
"The Rest of The Elephant" John D. Stevens & William E. Porter Adult
"The Riddle of the Stone Elephant" Bruce Campbell Juvenile
"The Right Number of Elephants" Jeff Sheppard Juvenile
"The Runaway Elephant" Ellen Tarry Juvenile
"The Saggy Baggy Elephant" Western Pub Co Juvenile
"The Saggy Baggy Elephant" Cindy West Juvenile
"The Smallest Elephant in the World" Alvin Tresselt Juvenile
"The Story of Babar" Jean de Brunhoff Juvenile
"The Story of Little Ajax" Herbert Mayer Juvenile
"The Travels of Babar" Jean de Brunhoff Juvenile
"The Tusk Fairy" Nicola Smee Juvenile
"The Unforgettable Elephant" Laurie Platt Winfrey All Ages
"The Vienna Elephant' Edwin Leather Adult
"The Way Home" Judith Benet Richardson Juvenile
"The White Bone" Barbara Gowdy Adult
"The White Elephant And Other Tales from India" Georgene Faulkner [Story Lady] All Ages
"The World Of Elephants" Publisher staff? All Ages
"There's An Elephant in the Bathtub" Roger Bradfield Juvenile
"Thunder Cave" Roland Smith Juvenile
"Time For Bed Elephant Small" Sally Grindley Juvenile
"Tinka Elephant's Nose" Sue Camm Juvenile
"Tippu" David Day Juvenile
"To The Elephant Graveyard" Tarquin Hall Adult
"Toytime" Peter Haddock Ltd Juvenile
"Trailing the Rogue Elephant" Elliott Whitney Adult
"Travelers By Night" Vivien Alcock Juvenile
"Travels On My Elephant" Mark Shand Adult
"Tula Hatti: The Last Great Elephant" Peter Byrne Adult
"Tum Tum The Jolly Elephant" Richard Barnum Juvenile
"Tusk And Stone" Malcom Bosse Juvenile
"Uncle Elephant" Arnold Lobel Juvenile
"Unidentified Flying Elephant" Robert Kraus All Ages
"Walt Disney's Dumbo" Rita Balducci, adapted by Juvenile
"We'll Ride Elephants Through Brooklyn" Susan L. Roth Juvenile
"What The Elephant Was" Miriam Schlein All Ages
"When An Elephant Goes Shopping" Wendy Cheyette Lewison Juvenile
"When The Elephant Walks" Keiko Kasza Juvenile
"Where, Oh, Where's My Undewrwear?" Barney Saltzberg Juvenile
"Whispers, The Story of A Baby Elephant" Dereck & Beverly Joubert Juvenile
"Why Do Elephats Wear Purple Suspenders?" Judy Ziegler Juvenile
"Wild Baby Animals - Elephant" Jinny Johnson Juvenile
"Wild Elephants in Captivity" Dr. Jack Adams, Dept Psychology CSU DH Adult
"Wonders of Elephants" Sigmund A. Lavine & Vincet Scuro All Ages
"Woolly Mammoth" n/a All Ages
"Zelda's Secret" Pascal Lemaitre Juvenile

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