An elephant is BIG ... very BIG !

No animal living on land is nearly as large as the elephant. They are twice as tall at the shoulder as an average human being. They measure ten feet or more in body length not counting a trunk which might be another eight feet long. A large bull elephant's tusks can grow to ten feet in length.

The elephant is a huge animal by any standard. The blue whale is larger by far being sometimes as long as ninety feet and weighing many tons, but on land, the elephant is the reigning giant.

Think of it this way ... eight to ten dogs stacked one on top of another would come to an elephant's shoulder.

One last thing about the elephant's size. The little image you see here is a photo of the bottom of an elephant foot. It is a lot of gripping pads that help make them sure footed. If you click on the foot image you will go to a page showing the actual size of this foot. It is 16 x 19 inches @ 100 dpi resolution. If you print it, it will cover four tiled pages of 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper. It's probably far too large to view on your monitor.

Use Control-Click to open in a new window or tab. If the entire image fits your browser window that means you have "auto resize images" turned on in your preferences. You can still print it full size or right-click and download it. You can also right-click on the image and select "properties" to see that it is 1600 x 1900 pixels. Or, change the browser zoom level to 100%.

An elephant's foot is as large as a household door mat.


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