In the category "Sculpture" I have included all sorts of three dimensional items, from figurines to monuments and outdoor statuary.

Wayne Hepburn, Author

Baby Elephant Sculpture

February 1992, New Orleans, Louisiana.
In Audubon Park stands this beautiful bronze sculpture of a lone baby elephant. The statue is child size, about three feet tall, and just right for children to wrap their arms around it and hug it. Makes a great photo opp with grandchildren. I have a good one of one of my young granddaughters hugging.
Photo by Wayne Hepburn ©WH 1992

Four Elephants Fountain

February 1992,
New Orleans, Louisiana.
Also in Audubon Park is this beautiful fountain of elephant sculptures. Four very large concrete elephants face each other across a pool and pump water into it from their trunks. A really impressive and marvelous fountain.
Photo by Wayne Hepburn ©WH 1992

Park Entrance Guardians

July 1991, Sausalito, California .
A ferry ride away from San francisco is the arts haven of Sausalito. Its downtown waterfront area is utterly charming and interesting for people who like unusual shops and restaurants. The city's park, which is downtown, has an entrance flanked by enormous masonry elephant lights. The base portions alone are as tall as the average human.
Photo by Wayne Hepburn ©WH 1992

Park Entrance Guardians

July 1996 Sarasota, Florida.
An attraction in Sarasota is the Jungle Gardens, a wonderful piece of land on the bay front, filled with tropical plants and birds. It does performing macaw & cockatoo shows several times daily as well as alligator and reptile shows. One part of the grounds is a children's play land. In it stands this elephant statue. It's crudely built and ill proportioned, about ten feet tall. But kids seem to like it.
Photo by Wayne Hepburn ©WH 1992

Wild Things

LEFT: Earth Mother by Mark Hopkins
Limited Edition: 750 signed and numbered bronze castings. 16 x 15 inches, 30 pounds. #6409162979 @ $1250.00.

RIGHT: The Patriarch by Randy Reading
Alabaster sculpture of African Elephant mounted on marble and walnut base with brass nameplate. Limited Edition of 3500 signed and numbered pieces. 12 x 14 inches, 18 pounds. #6567602379 @ $395.00.

The Wild Things Collection - Catalog, Lake City, KS

Outdoor Elephants

Golf Players, Inc. manufactures large fiberglass figures for their "Jungle Kingdom" theme miniature golf courses and other entertainment attractions. We found this catalog in our files. It is dated 1988 so prices are undoubtedly obsolete twenty years later.

Right: front view of large elephant situated in scenery.

Golf Players, Inc. Chattanooga, TN

large elephant
9 feet tall x 16 feet long
@ $3,585.00

medium elephant
7 feet tall x 10 feet long
@ $2,165.00

small elephant
3 feet tall x 4 feet long
@ $880

Cookware Elephant

The image here is of an elephannt 'sculpted' by assembling various items of cooking equipment. If you study this ingenius piece of design work you will recognize skillets, bowls, lids, serving and carving pieces and other miscellaneous items. The head is a roasting pan.

Image sent to me by s don but unfortunately he did not capture the source.

Elephant Hotel, Somers, NY

The monument to Old Bet stands in front of the hotel.

The brick Federal style structure, one of the finest examples of a hotel in that style in the state, was built by Hachaliah Bailey in 1825. A decade earlier he had brought an African elephant, Old Bet, to the U.S. Originally he had intended to use the animal in his fields, but he found he could make more money charging visitors to see Old Bet. He later organized a traveling menagerie that began to include other animal acts and human performers as well; this grew into what became part of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

The Elephant Hotel at the junction of 100 and 202, currently serves three functions. It is Somers' Town Hall, the offices of its historical society and the American Circus Historical Society.

Photo by Daniel Case posted at wikimedia used by permission under GNU License.

Vanderveen Figure Set

Three Young Elephants at Play by Vanderveen
Silver patina bronze
12½ x 7 inches
No. FN106095 $1,475.

Gump's By Mail 1999 catalog

Iron Abstract Elephant

In 1991 I acquired this unusual sculpture from Bellagio gallery in Asheville, NC. When I purchased it, it was rusted iron and raw steel components looking sort of like the tiny image at right. I couldn't resist painting it and the result is shown above.

It was created by Bill Heise, Burlington VT, from 'found objects'. The body is a railroad tie anchor plate. The tail half of a horseshoe. The head is a welded link of large chain. The eyes are washers. The tusks are pointed trowels from an agricultural tool. The trunk is a steel rod from something and the legs and feet appear to be hinge bolts from a large machine such as an industrial tumbler or washer. The ears were made from metal sheet, presumably with a cutting torch and the base from blacksmith bend.

Elephant Family

Shown is "Elephant Family" Cast Bronze Platter 18 inch diameter, edition limited to 225 castings. This is a truly magnificent piece of work, characteristic of sculptures by Tiefeng Jiang.

Jiang artworks are offered by Fingerhut Group Publishers in Minneapolis.

Abstract Elephant Figure

African abstract sculpture of two elephants hand carved in Zimbabwe from green serpentine. Figure is 8 1/2 inches tall.

Tiger Hunter

Natural patina bronze figure on marble base is 172 cm high plus base. Very fine realistic figure of native hunter astride elephant.

Carved Stone Elephant

Our old elephanteria site received this photo and an email message from the sculptor in 2000. The text of his message appears below:

I am submitting a photo of my elepahant enjoying a stay at Naumkeag, a property of the Trustees of Reservations in Massachusetts, in the town of Lenox in the Berkshires.

My name is Tim de Christopher. I am a sculptor and the elepahant in question is carved from an 800 lb. block of Indiana Limestone. My little elepahant doesn't have a name yet but maybe he could be given one by your viewers. From March 17 - 25 of 2001 he will be on display at the New England Flower and Garden Show in Boston, MA as part of a larger garden installation I'm designing featuring water, and fish, and more sculpture. As part of the display I want to have an inscription etched in stone that will relate to elephants; a quote, a poem, a very short story, etc. Perhaps this too might be something that your visitors would have fun with.

If you choose to post this of course you are welcome to use my name and I would be grateful if you included the info about the flower show. Everyone is welcome.
Thank you very much!
Tim de Christopher, Sculptor

PS. I found your sight when surfing for elephant info!

Display Statues

These very large fiberglas statues were found online at Unfortunately, I do not own one and don't know where I could keep if I did.

The stars and stripes statue measures 5 ft 4 in high and long by 2 ft wide and was priced at $1295 in December 2008 on their web site.

The big realistic statue also fiberglas, stands 10 ft tall, 12 ft long and 5 ft wide. Priced at $11,999.

Their site shows five more big ones.

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