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Wayne Hepburn, Author


Elephants Erecting A Circus Tent

Sarasota, Florida, November 9, 1996

Three Asian females in harness walk along a road to their job of raising the Big Top at Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. circus performing at the Sarasota County Fairgrounds on Ringling Blvd.

Under the tent they work as a team of three. Each is harnessed to the base of a tent pole which has been attached to the big top. On command, the team moves forward in unison and stops when the pole is upright. They continue this task around the perimeter until all the poles are in place. Here you can see one of the three execute the command to pull and the tent pole rises into place.

We got up at dawn to get to the site and see these fabulous animals work.

Photo © Wayne Hepburn

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Dust Bathing
at Lion Country Safari

Loxahatchee, Florida, October 1996

This nicely tusked African gives herself a dust bath skin treatment. Elephants roam freely in the confines of Lion Country Safari on Florida's east coast near West Palm Beach.

Photo © Sheri Chadwick-Weil, used by permission

Asian Elephants Enjoying Pool

New Orleans, May 1995, Audubon Park Zoo

Matriarch and young female Asian enjoying their water facilities. Elephants delight in frolicking in water.

Photo © Wayne Hepburn


Tina Gets a Bath

January 1990, San Diego Zoo

This zoo goes to some lengths to keep elephants active and involve visitors in the elephant program. One way they do this is with daily bathing of their herd members, up close and personal, for the enjoyment of people watching the process.

Tina responds to commands to lie down for scrubbing. After her 'official' bath, Tina gets to sit up and play in the water. All of us watching, especially the children, were delighted with Tina's antics. She obviously enjoyed us too.

Photo © Wayne Hepburn

Eating the Landscaping

January 1, 1995 - Sarasota, Florida

On New Year Day there was a circus parade down Main Street in Sarasota. As the parade ended the elephants made a turn at the end of Main Street and lined up to board their semi trailer. While waiting, one of the large females who could reach the street's landscaped divider sampled the city's plantings.

Photo © Wayne Hepburn

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Elephant photos by Softkey in the PCPaintbrush clipart collection. Licensed to author 1999.

Fantasy Photo

This unusual piece of work was sent to our original site in 1997 by inviting us to display it. When he/she sends his actual name we will post proper credit.

This photo of an Asian elephant in a zoo somewhere was downloaded from Compuserve Pet News in July 1996. No known copyright.

This big African tusker was offered as free wallpaper and downloaded in 1997 .. site info lost.

These are photo cards purchased from the gift shop at the Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota in 1994. They were reproduced from 8x10 negatives made by F. W. Glasier [America, 1866-1950] and published as cards by C Harrison Conroy Co Charlotte NC. They depict scenes at Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1923. The left is titled "Performers in Special Wardrobe". The right is a pedicure session.

Movie Still

This is a publicity photo for the motion picture "Toby Tyler" released in January 1960. ©Disney. I purchased the 10x8 print from an antiquarian shop on Christmas Eve 1994.

Elephant photos from Art Explosion 4 clipart collection. Licensed to author.

This collection of wonderful photos came from a friend named Norma Frazier who appears in many of them. They are from what she calls "contact sheets", which are sheets of numerous photos used for publicity purposes by the Dailey Bros. Circus in the mid twentieth century. Norma's family owned the circus and she performed with elephants from a young age. Sixty years later, she remembers each animal with clarity and fondness.

I scanned and printed all her photos for her and she agreed I could keep and show copies. No doubt the copyrights still exist but we have no way of knowing who might own them. Should they come forward and demand it we will have to remove these fine photos. For now, enjoy a look at the past.

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