The digital animations shown in this gallery are all from our current or previous elephant themed web sites. Though some have been pirated and shown up elsewhere, all are copyright protected and may not be distributed or reproduced in any manner. You are welcome to download them and run them on your own computer for personal amusement.

Wayne Hepburn, Author

This simple figure animation is from our Elephant Appreciation Day section. It illustrates how a group can perform the elephant tails-up dance. copyright2000wh

copyright1996wh copyright2001wh copyright2008wh

These small animations of Ellie Funt were made to illustrate several things. The first, made in 1996 was for a story scene. The second, made in 2001, is a linking icon used on the old Elephanteria site. The final one, made 2008, is currently used on the Elephant Appreciation Day recipe for making an elephant cake. You can readily see the effects of broadband internet access as the years passed. The earliest efforts were very small and somewhat course to minimize file sizes for dial-up connections. The float image is a mere 6 kilobytes while the cake mixing one is twice that.

copyright2008wh copyright2008wh copyright2008wh copyright2008wh

These were all made in 2008 for use on this new site. The first two are illustrations which accompany information in other sections; the third and fourth are page linking icons in KidZone

Ellie and Ollie on their skateboards contains 26 cells and runs 130K. If your connection is slow it may take time for this and others to load and run.


Ellie on the tricycle pulling Ollie in the wagon was made in 1996. It takes 10 cells and is 46K. If I were making it today I would use twice as many cells to make the motion smoother.


This simple animation was made in 1996 as an illustration on the home page of the Elephanteria site. It uses six cells and is a tiny 7K at 540 pixels long/wide.
The "Funt Family" waving was used on our old site. copyright1996wh

copyright2000wh copyright2000wh copyright1999wh copyright2000wh

These four items from 1996 - 2000 were used as icons linking to sections of the old site.


This recently made animation has not been used for any purpose and probably will not be except being shown here. It is simply too crude although it amuses me.

"Morning Walkers" was conceived and executed in 2000 solely for the purpose of experimenting with gif animation art.


This design was considered for the home page of our elefunteria site but the more sophisticated green elephant head was chosen. The idea was to play it once or put a long wait after the last cell so a visitor would have time to see it spell out the name. After Ollie leaves, it falls apart again so he comes back and bangs it with the hammer some more.

In 2006 I made this the title image on the old site.

This tooth fairy is delivering a sack of peanuts to a baby elephant who has lost a tooth.

copyright1996wh copyright1996wh

As you can see, these elephants are busy constructing something. They were used on development sections of the old web site.

In 2000 we adopted this animated logo for our elephants web site. We subsequently sold the trade name "wildHeart" and can no longer use it but we did not sell the logo design. It is no longer applicable to our site but it is an effective graphic I think.

This bus load of elephant tourists, and the highway interchange, are used on this current site in section Places/North America, to simulate traveling from zoo to zoo. Though barely discernible at this reduced size, the wheels on the bus are turning. Where it is used on the site it is larger and moves against a background suggestive of highways.


This scene takes place in the section Places/Europe when the tour bus goes from Ireland to Scotland via ferry. It is shown at a smaller size than actually used. Due to coding challenges, the docks appear disconnected from the frame ends. This is corrected in the actual scene.


Another scene from the Place/Europe tour when the bus goes through the Chunnel from England to France. The train speeds by going east carrying the bus then returns empty for another run.


This scene is from the Places/Africa tour where roads are rough and the tourists are bouncing up and down.

These hula dancers were created in 2008 solely for my own amusement and to display here.

Ollie's bungy jump experiment by Ellie Funt

When the fair came to town Ollie wanted to try the bungy jump but Papa said, "Absolutely not ! Too dangerous for a child."

So, of course, he schemed how to do it himself. I went along to supervise and be a witness to tell Mama and Papa how their foolish son broke his neck. We took cousin Elroy to videotape the event. (Elroy is always telling us how his name means "king" in some language. King, Ha! King of gullibility maybe. He thinks every one of my brother's half-baked ideas are true genius.)

Aany way, Ollie made his bungy from an old inner tube and some rope.
In the first frame you see us on the old railroad bridge. Ollie is on top the railing and I am saying to him, "Ollie. Please don't do this." He said, look Sis, you know I'm a genius at math and science. I have it all calculated exactly. What could go wrong?"

Then he jumped off head first. Seeing the video later I though it looked like I pushed him but I swear I did not, I simply turned quickly to watch hims go down ... down ... down ... into the river, which is not how he had it figured. After a couple of terrible bounces in and out of the water, he just hung there.

With all his scientific planning, he forgot to plan how to get free after the thrill. At the fair they machines to pull the bungy back up. All he had was me and I couldn't lift him to the bridge so I did the only thing that makes sense. I cut his rope. He surfaced downstream and Elroy pulled him out of the river. Elroy thought it was a wonderul feat.

Now he's mad at me and he threatened to tell Mama. I said, "Go ahead. Tell her. And be sure to explain how you happened to be hanging upside down on a rope over the river so she can explain it to Papa. Oh yeah. You may want to stay here until your clothes dry or you'll have to explain that too." He's still sulking about it. Now all he has to do is keep Elroy from telling every kid in school so it doesn't get back to our parents. Good luck with that Ollie.
This animation was created in 2009 soley for my own amusement and to display here.

Ollie & Elroy Celebrate Snow

This animation was created in 2009 soley for my own amusement and to display here.

The Air Matress Science Project

To be explained some other time.
This animation was created in 2009 soley for my own amusement and to display here.

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