Some examples of elephants in entertainment events

Circus Gatti
Circus Gatti ticket Circus Gatti logo

Shown above are a ticket to Circus Gatti and close-up of the Gatti logo. Both feature an elephant which is why they are shown here. This is not surprising since elephants, along with clowns, lions, and tigers, are the elements most associated in the public mind with a circus.

Sterling Circus

Shown are one of Sterling's trailers emblazoned with name and elephants under their shade canopy before a performance. Sterling Circus showed their stuff in Sarasota, Florida in November 1999. Your site host was able to access their site and snap these photos.

Pink Elephant Ride
Imagine you're driving down a four-lane divided highway when suddenly you think you see, on the other side, a large pink elephant sticking up out of a truck! What do you do? Well, of course, you hang as U-turn and check it out.

The owner was hauling his ride to a church fair in Naples, Florida when a tire on the trailer blew out. His sorry luck was my good luck. Nice chap told me about the self-contained ride and allowed whatever photos I wanted to take.

Happily they got the trailer repaired and the Pink Elephants went on their way to bring joy and excitement to children at the fair.

Elephant Polo
Shown is a scene from Elephant Polo played from the backs of decorated Asians. We captured this from a web site or someone sent it to us but unhappily we have lost the source information and can't give proper credit to the image owner.

Any accurate source info will be appreciated.

If you use a web search engine you'll find numerous hits for Elephant Polo played in many countries.

Antwerp Elephants

Shown above are two of the dozens of extraordinary elephant sculptures that were placed around the city of Antwerp, Belgium much like Chicago famously did with cows. We picked these two exciting examples and hope we can continue displaying the, All were captured from a display at with notice of copyright ©1997-2008,Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Shown below are five pages of thumbnails to give you an idea of the scope and variety of the event. Our copies are deliberately so small to avoid infringement. If the web page is still operating go have a look. It's wonderful.

Elephant Parade

Shown above is a portion [revised to fit] of the front page of India's National Newspaper online edition at

Following is the caption under the above photo: "HOMAGE TO a legend. A line-up of elephants saluted a statue of legendary temple elephant Guruvayur Kesavan on its 32nd death anniversary at Guruvayur in Kerala on Monday. The Guruvayur Devaswam which administers the Guruvayur temple maintains scores of elephants at "Punnathur Ana Kotta" in the temple town. Elephant Guruvayur Padmanabhan garlanded a statue of Kesavan as a part of the event."

Haarlem Parade
We stumbled on this wonderful find at

Flower Elephant, Flower Floats and the Haarlem Annual Flower Parade
Posted by: Adarsh – Search engine battler on May 2nd, 2008
Yes, that really is a full size elephant made of flowers!

The Haarlem Annual Flower Parade or the Bloemen Corso as it is known locally is a spectacular display of floral wizardry. With a cavalcade of twenty elaborate floats and thirty attractively decorated luxury cars, the event is replete with the vibrant splendour of superskilled floristry. Every year hundreds of thousands of flower enthusiasts from around the world flock to the 40 kilometre route from Noordwijk to Haarlem, just to experience this sensational event and to be treated to a stunning exhibition of flower craft, bands and costumed participants. Each year a different theme is adopted for the parade and florists recreate these themes by carefully arranging the fresh blooms to reflect those themes.

This year’s procession, which passes through the flower bulb regions of Voorhout, Sassenheim, Lisse, Hillegom and Bennebroek, was last week. As with every year, the procession was preceded by an illuminated display of beautifully decorated floats in Noordwijk and remained on view after the parade in Haarlem until 7.00 PM the following day.

2009 Rose Parade
The 2009 Rose Parade in Pasadena, California was telecast live on HGTV. I was able to capture a couple of fairly decent photos of the tv screen when the two fabulous elephant floats went by.

The upper pair of photos is a float sponsored by Rainbird, the lawn sprinkler company. It has an African theme with the animated giant elephant center most on the float.

The lower pair are of the other float showcasing an Asian elephant decked out in howdah and blankets. Absolutely gorgeous to behold. We were never able to identify the sponsor. The legend on the front is too small to decipher from a tv screen shot.

Anyway ... it was great to see elephants so prominently featured in this event.

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