Make A Hallowe'en JackElophantern

Step 1 - Ingredients & Equipment

A pumpkin any size you prefer. This one is about 8" diameter.

A carrot for the nose / trunk.

Two (2) white radish for tusks.

A knife for cutting and shaping.

A vegetable peeler for cleaning veggies.

Optional; an apple corer for making eyes.

step 1 photo

Step 2 - Basic Prep

Caution: be sure you are old enough to use a sharp kitchen knife and have permission to do so.

Cut the pumpkin top to make a lid as you would for a jack'o'lantern. Clean out the seeds from inside the pumpkin.

Clean the dirty outer layer off the carrot and radishes with the peeler.

Make holes for the trunk, tusks, and eyes. You can scroll down to step 4 to see where they are placed. Yours may vary from this photo.

step 2 photo

Step 3 - Installing the trunk

Estimate where to trim the ends off your carrot and push it through the hole from inside the pumpkin. If the hole is not large enough, do not force the carrot or it may split your pumpkin. Adjust the size of the trunk hole for a nice tight fit so the carrot won't fall out.

In step 4 you can see how the trunk looks.
step 3 photo

Step 4 - Trunk Installed

Your JackElephantern should resemble this photo at this stage in your progress.

Note how the eye holes are round ,,, they were made with the apple corer but could be done with a knife and made diamond or triangle shaped. It is not important how they are shaped. Their only job is to let light shine out.
step 4 photo

Step 5 - Tusks Installed

Now you insert your cleaned white radishes into the tusk holes in the same manner as you did the carrot trunk ... from the inside and with a tight fit.
step 5 photo

Step 6 - The Ears

The ears are the most difficult part to do. Three separate photos in steps 6, 7, and 8, show how to make and attach the ears.

You may prefer to use construction paper or cardboard instead of going through this process but the pumpkin shell ears look most natural.

From the BACK side of the pumpkin, where it will not be noticed, slice off two pieces about a quarter to half inch think. This makes two oval shapes which will be the ears.
step 6 photo

Step 7 - Ear Slots

At the place where you want the ears to be, cut a vertical slot in the side of the pumpkin.

Trim one side of each ear to make it straight to fit the slot.

Now go to step 8.
step 7 photo

Step 8 - Installing the Ears

Place an ear in its slot with the pumpkin skin side facing front. Use two toothpicks as nails. Push them through the ear and into the pumpkin shell at an angle. These will hold the ears in place.
step 8 photo

Step 9 - The Finished JackElephantern

Here he is! Isn't he grand?
step 9 photo

Step 10

And grander still in the dark. Frightening isn't he.
step 10 photo

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