Make A Flag or Poster
for your Elephant Day festivities

Flag 1 - color   Flag 2 - color    Flag 3 - color

Flag 1 - outline   Flag 2 - outline   Flag 3 - outline

You can print this page with the example images above and/or you can save any of the example image files to your hard drive, then print the image from a paint program or word processor and scale it up to as large as you want it for a pattern to use in making a flag or poster. The black and white outline figures are most useful for pattern making.

An indoor flag is most easily made from felt. Felt is colorful, low cost, available at fabric and craft stores, easy to cut to any shape, won't ravel on its edges, and can be glued down easily using ordinary white glue and even a glue stick.

A good permanent, outdoor, flag can be made of polyester pieces sewn to a polyester background panel. Parachute type material is readily available for this purpose, or consult your local cloth goods retailer.

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