The Official* Elephant Day Dances
Dance #1 - The Elephant Walk

AS YOU CAN SEE ... the Elephant Walk Dance is simple enough for anyone to do. The right arm, arched alongside the head, is the trunk. The left arm is the tail extended behind the body.

The feet, red for right and blue for left, are placed by swinging the body in an arc and planting the foot in a clumping motion. Left follows right. The third set of steps is like the second set. The first three sets are made to the left, or counter-clockwise.

Then the motion is reversed, going to the right, or clockwise for three steps, then repeated going to the left, or counter-clockwise.

Bending and bobbing from the waist so the trunk dangles and swings about, adds wonderfully to the Elephantine illusion.

Repeat until music ends or exhaustion occurs. Best performed to "Baby Elephant Walk" by Henri Mancini.
Position Edance Steps Animation

Dance #2 - The Tail-Up Elephant Parade

AS YOU CAN SEE ... the body positions are the same as for the walk dance above in imitation of the elephant. The Parade Dance is performed as a line dance of sorts; each 'trunk' is connected to the 'tail' of the elephant ahead just as they would be when the elephants parade down a city street. Feet can be shuffled or clumped as the dancers prefer but all should use the same type locomotion to avoid looking like ill trained or poorly behaved elephants who don't understand proper decorum.

The lead elephant goes where he wills and all the rest follow in a line shaped to fit the path through any obstacles which might be about such as school desks or people who are not part of the train.

The Parade Dance can be performed with or without music. One excellent venue is for a large group celebrating Elephant Appreciation Day in a restaurant or public house to do the Tail-Up Elephant Parade threading its way among the tables of other diners. This will make the onlookers have a greater appreciation for real elephants.

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