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Imagine you live in an average city. You may be in the suburbs or inner city of anywhere in between. For our illustration we will choose an older neighborhood of individual homes set close to each other like you would find in Baltimore, Memphis, Houston or elsewhere. It could as easily be an apartment complex. The results will be the same.

One morning, let's make it a Sunday, you awaken to the sound of a siren. You go to the front porch to see and there it is, red lights flashing, parked across the street. Your neighbor is outside, apparently hysterical. You see the EMT's wheeling a gurney. On the guernsey appears to be her twelve year old daughter.

While you watch this scene unfolding before you, another siren blasts the air and a second ambulance comes up the street from the opposite direction. It stops a few doors away from you, still close enough that you can observe a similar sequence of events to those across the street. This time both father and mother accompany the guernsey bearing the teenage son who appears to be in a coma.

By now most of your neighbors, in robes or pajamas, are out on their porches talking to each other, asking the expected question, "What's happed?" More sirens. More ambulances. No just on your street. You can hear them all over town. Children are awakened by all the commotion. The porches are crowded with families. A mother of four is on her porch with three of her children. You see her go inside for a few minutes. She comes out wailing, "Oh my God! Jimmy is DEAD!" she screams.

With a sick feeling in your stomach you go inside to check on your baby ... your first born and only child at this point in life. Her skin looks unusually blue in color. You lift her out the crib. She is not breathing. She has no pulse. Your child has died in the night.

Hysterically you dial 9-1-1. The line is busy ... busy ... busy. You hear the sirens all over town. You know the emergency line is swamped. It would take a miracle to get through. Eyes near blinded by tears, you carry your baby's lifeless form into the living room and sit on the couch holding her, crooning to her in deep sorrow. Aloud, you ask, "God! WHY has this happened ? WHAT is happening to us ?" God doesn't answer you.

You turn on the television. All the local channels and major networks are in news mode, broadcasting the unbelievable facts. Everywhere ... children have dies during the night. It is highly suspicious. Some insane act of terrorism? Some unknown disease? Health officials being interviewed are at a loss to explain. They caution "Be calm while we get to the bottom of this."

Be calm! How can you be calm with your dead child at your breast ... your neighbors' children being hauled off on gurneys? You could pray. To whom? For what? It is too late for prayer. Reporters on the streets are showing scenes just like in your neighborhood. You see ghetto areas packed with wailing people ... some holding the still form of a child, apparently deceased.

You see the same thing in the rich neighborhoods where the upper class residents are stiff with confusion and overwhelmed by sudden grief, trying to remain composed. A reported asks a woman, "What are you feeling right now?" She spits in his face then slaps him. The camera quickly changes direction.

All through the day these same terrible scenes play out for the world to see. One channel switches to a deputy sheriff. Behind him is a prosperous looking farm. Standing next to him is the farmer. He says, "It's the damnedest thing I've ever seen Milton. I got two flocks of sheep. A good dozen of the lambs died in the night. One of my horses is dead. Three cows. Can't imagine what happened to them. Some kinda poison I reckon."

By the end of the day, police have canvassed the neighborhoods and made an amazing discovery. Death has taken the firstborn in every household, except a few. It is days later before an inquisitive reporter makes the discovery that rocks the city. Homes where a cross or other Christian symbol was displayed had no deaths.

Impossible ?

It happened in Egypt. The only households exempted from death of the firstborn were those marked with the blood of a lamb. That was the tenth and final plague to strike Egypt, for after it Pharaoh agreed to let the enslaved Israelites leave the country. [Exodus 11:4-7] The populace was so glad to see them go they made them gifts of gold and silver and precious stones and fine fabric. These parting gifts would be used to make the movable temple and its appurtenances during their sojourn in the wilderness of Sin.

To this day, devout Jews remember and celebrate the night the angels of death passed over their homes and spared their children from death. They call it Pesach, or Passover in English.

Something not unlike that is due to happen again, if we correctly understand the Bible. Some day, when no one expects it, all the true Believers in Jesus Christ will be transmuted from flesh to spirit and taken off the planet. Presumably, their bodies, dead with no soul, will be left behind. Imagine it! Hundreds of millions of people drop dead or just disappear. Non believers will be "passed over". This is recorded in the Bible in 1 Thessalonias 4:16-17.

Those left behind will be flabbergasted, unable to take it in. The non believing world will go mad with wonder and research. Perhaps a commercial jet being flown by Christian pilot and copilot will suddenly have no one at the controls. Tanker trucks of gasoline will lose their drivers and spin out of control. Soldiers in the midst of delicate operations will vanish or drop dead.

People, with no recourse to explanation that makes any sense will cry out to God. Might be too late, but maybe not. Christ is coming again. As is stands now, you can depart in The Rapture with us or take your chances that it won't occur.

You can simply turn your life over to God through His grace given the world through Jesus Christ. If you want step-by-step help doing so, go to this web page and follow directions.

If He Comes Tonight

Written by Wayne Hepburn, August 2012. I herewith place this document in the Public Domain
Image: Israelites Leaving Egypt by David Roberts [1828]

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