Chat Session with King Solomon

I logged on to Trinity.omg searching for King Solomon of Israel. The auto-search function returned an error message, saying, "The only king here is Jesus. Try again."

I changed the search name to 'Solomon son of David' and that did it.
The words on the screen disappeared and new ones appeared saying,

"Solly here. Who wants to chat with me ?"

I said, "I am called Sagaverus, Your Highness. This is a great honor for me to chat live with you."

Him: Whooooaaa fella. Don't you know the only 'Highness' here is King Jesus ?

Me: My mistake. But you are the Solomon, son of David and Bathsheba, who was king over Israel, right ?

Him: When I was in my body on Earth, I was king, yes. But no longer. My body has been dead for a very long time as time is measured on Earth. By the way ... where ARE you ?

Me: I'm on Earth.

Him: Earth ? How did you connect to me ?

Me: I logged on to Trinity.omg through the internet.

Him: What kind of net ?

Me: The internet. You know, the world wide web. www/ etc.

Him: No. Don't know it. Must be an Earth thing. There aren't any fish here so we have no need of nets. No spiders either, so no webs.

Me: Well, this stuff happened a long time after you left Earth but I thought you might have kept up on things.

Him: Why ?

Me: Well ... you know ... just to know what's happening on Earth.

Him: Hah! I'd bet a shekel against a bagel it's the same stuff that was going on when I was there. Wars. Wars. And more wars.

Me: You're right about that. If you're not keeping up with happenings on Earth, how do you spend your time ?

Him: Time ? There's no time here. Everything is 'now'.

Me: Well, what you do there ?

Him: Do ? I join in the praises and hymns to our Mighty God. And you're keeping me away from that joy. Why did you contact me ?

Me: You are known on Earth as the wisest man who ever lived.

Him: Izzat so ? I wonder why.

Me: I believe it's because of that baby you were going to cut in half.

Him: A living baby ?

Me: Yes. The one recorded in 1 Kings 3:16-28.

Him: I don't know what 1 Kings 3:16-28 is but, believe me, I never cut any baby in half.

Me: I know. It doesn't say you did it. It says you threatened it to settle a dispute between two women claiming to be the mother.

Him: Oh! Right. I remember that. I think it was a good decision, human nature being what it is.

Me: Yes, sir. It was a very wise decision.

Him: Wasn't much else I could do but rely on God's wisdom. So, it wasn't me who was wise ... it was Him.

Me: I see. Your name is synonymous with wisdom, so much so, that we have what is called Solomonic Reasoning. What do you think of that ?

(long pause)

Him: It's irrelevant to me.

Me: Okay. So what happened to all your treasure ?

Him: What treasure ?

Me: You were the richest person on Earth in your day. You had palaces and flocks and herds and concubines and gold and jewels and all sorts of stuff men lust after. In fact, there was a movie titled "King Solomon's Mines" where a team went in search of all the valuable stuff you had hidden in some cave.

Him: Did you read what I wrote in Ecclesiastes ?

Me: I did.

Him: You understand what I mean by vanity and futility ?

Me: I suppose so.

Him: No need to suppose. I meant what I said. None of that stuff had any real meaning. Basically, it was junk weighing down my spirit. When I became older I realized it meant nothing. You want to know what happened to it? The living things, just like my body, all died and returned to dust from which they came. The harder stuff like gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, and so on may still exist somewhere. Some person has some of it and believes it is worth a fortune. What fools men are.

Me: I thought you liked being King over Israel, reportedly having three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines; the world at your feet.

Him: Oh! I did, I did. At first. But over time I found that no amount of wealth, entertainment, sex, wine, or anything of the Earth could actually satisfy me. I decided there was no point to human existence save for one thing.

Me: What's that.

Him: Why ... to know God the Redeemer, of course. What else is there? I will admit to one other thing of possible value on Earth.

Me: I'm all ears. What ?

Him: Loving relationships. Not romance ... real love. The kind that God has for you. When you love Him back, His love flows into you, then you get to pour it out on others. If you were fortunate enough to have a parent who truly loved you, who showed their love for you, you have one of the highest blessings available to mankind. If you were not so fortunate, perhaps you received such love from another; a son or daughter; a spouse; a relative; a mentor; someone. I hope you have been so fortunate. I wasn't.

Me: But you were the son of King David. Surely he loved you intensely.

Him: Like most men of any rank, from highest to lowest among men, my dad went from hero to a wasted life. He loved God but could not control his own passions. Maybe I should be glad. If he had not arranged the death of my mother's husband, I might never have been born. I should be grateful. Without being born, I could not have come to know the Lord. It's too bad so many ARE born and never know the Redeemer. Very sad. Very sad indeed. So what was it you wanted in the first place ?

Me: Mostly, I wanted to know if you could direct me to your treasure trove.

Him: Most certainly I can. This is what you do.

Kneel down and bow your head. Say, "Almighty God, please give me the gift of eternal life. Send your Holy Spirit into my mind and soul to witness to me the truth that Jesus, the Christ, the anointed One, is the true Savior. I invite Him to take charge of my life."

Me: Then what do I do after that ?

Him: You say, "Thank you Lord" and enter into eternal life.

Me: Well, hang on there. I'm not ready for eternal life. I'm not through here yet. I have a bucket list of things I want to do before I go.

Him (laughing): Do you now ? Well, let me see. How long will it take you to empty your bucket ?

Me: Not sure. Maybe forty or fifty years.

Him: Who knows ? You may have only forty or fifty MINUTES left to be in your body.

Me: I'm in really good health ... take care of my body ... see my doctor regularly. I plan to live a lot longer. At least the three score and ten promised in the Bible.

Him: Read it again. That is not a promise. It is a limit. Everyone over age seventy is living on borrowed time. If you want eternal life, there is no time to lose. Get it NOW while you can. When your body dies, you will go right on living, like me. You know, you could come out of your doctor's place with a clean bill of health and be struck by lightning or run over by a camel. You never know when your time is up.

Me: The way I was taught caused to me to plan ahead. I am going to make a perfect act of contrition on my deathbed. Then I'll die and go to heaven ... maybe a brief time in purgatory first.

Him: My friend, where did you get such nonsense? You have got it all wrong. I have MY treasure. I have the greatest treasure. I am in the presence of The Most High and His faithful. Nothing compares with this. Forget about gold, jewels, and all the stuff of earthly life. Make your mind up to commit yourself to walking in the light; the true Light from heaven. God will open your spiritual eyes. Then you will see, like I did, that all is otherwise in vain.

The Savior has prepared a wonderful mansion for you here. It is up to you whether or not you choose to occupy it. Be smart. Say "Yes" to God. You said I am known as the wisest man who ever lived ... right ?

Me: Right.

Him: Well then, take my advice. Do it now. Claim your salvation. It is of greater worth than all else in human life yet, amazingly, it is FREE. Yours for the asking. Take it and be glad.

The chat screen went dark.

(c)2011 Wayne Hepburn

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