Imagine there are two ledgers.
One ledger is the Book of Life.
The other ledger is the Book of the Damned.

Every new birth is recorded in the Book of the Damned because of Adam's sin. A newborn infant's name is inscribed in this ledger, on its own pages, to leave lots of space for future entries. Your name is in that ledger.

Entries in this ledger are made with indelible red ink.
They can never be erased.
A deed done is done.
A word spoken can not be unspoken.
A lie told can not become truth.

The first entry reads Original Sin.
As you progress through life, more entries are made.

On average, the most just and righteous fail morally seven times a day. Allowing for widely held belief that seven is the age of reason, by the time you were twenty Satan had written thirteen years worth of failures on your pages.

You, unless you are very rare indeed, failed to obey God approximately 13 times 365 x 7, or about 33,000 times, in round numbers. That means Satan has a lot of stuff on you. Your rap sheet makes you a three time loser. I guess most humans who, believe they are being 'good', fail at least twice that much; but no matter. The first entry alone has already damned you.

You came into earthly life unfit to be in the presence of God.

But this is so unfair, you might cry out. Think it through. It is simply a consequence of your ancestor's disobedience. It is not personal ,,, God vs. you. If you run out onto a freeway and end up maimed or dead, do you blame the builders of the freeway ? Or the vehicles moving on it ? If so, you are simply a fool who is beyond help.

You inherited many things from your ancestors: eye color, hair color, height, shape, various proclivities, DNA, and so on. You received your poisoned spirit from Adam.

Satan is the keeper of this ledger. He assiduously notes every shortcoming of every person whose name is in his ledger. Periodically, he goes before the Almighty and shows to Him the lists of sins of mankind. Then he asks God to let him have the soul when the person dies.

God always replies, "Not yet. Later ... maybe. But not now."

The other ledger, the Book of Life, also has names in it.
How do you suppose they got there if everyone born is in the Book of the Damned with at a minimum, his inherited original sin is permanently, indelibly there in red ink ?

I will tell you how.
It is a marvelous mystery too simple for the human mind to accept.

The red blood of God's only begotten Son, Jesus, Yeshua, or by any other name, shed his red blood on the cross. When you recognize this truth, and you ask Him to forgive your sins and come into your heart and abide in you, he does. He can not live in a sinful heart so He washes it in His precious blood. The overflow of His red blood spills onto the pages Satan has kept about you. Satan will continue trying to write in the ledger about you, but when he takes it to the Court in Heaven to accuse you, the entries are not visible. The red blood has obscured the reality record in red ink. Neither does your name disappear forever. No.

In God's own ledger, He writes your name in the Book of Life so you will not be lost when the end comes, as surely it will, both personally and universally.

I do not happen to know the color of ink God uses. It is probably something very beautiful to His eyes. So, every time He looks at your name in His ledger, He sees a beautiful child washed clean of all sins, even Original Sin, and fit to be a member of His family.

If you would like to have your red ink pages covered by the blood of Jesus, call day or night 800.NEEDHIM. You will be connected to an evangelistic help line which will show you the way. I, the author, am not connected to that organization and do not speak for them, but I know from experience that they want you to call and be saved.

( Placed in the Public Domain by the author Wayne Hepburn 2011/07/31 )

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