I Asked The Lord About: How He made the Cosmos

I Asked The Lord - How did You make the cosmos?
Long have I waited for the final answer.

The moment I awoke this morning, I heard Him say,

What does it matter how I did it?
Why do you care so much about the subject?

I suppose I want to be the only human who knows the real truth. But then, I would everbody who would listen, so that sort of defeats my plans. I reminded Him of the apparent conflicts between Scripture and Science; Big Bang, Six Days with no sun until the fourth day, Darwin, etc. He said,

That is nothing more than pride talking.

You have spent thousands of hours researching this subject. You are so preoccupied with wanting to know the truth about Creation, you become oblivious to more important truths. Your friends and family grow weary of reading and hearing your discourses on possible means of cosmic origin.

Give it up.

The reason I don't tell you the underlying truth is that your human mind is designed to enable you to live a physical life, for a time, in a place. It can not comprehend what I have done or what I will do.

Your Spirit mind that I gave you, could comprehend to a marvelous degree, but, it is tethered to your humanity. Think about it. Even Jesus, my begotten Son who I sent to show you the way home, labored under the restraints of humanity.

He occupied a body such as yours. His divine self had the upper hand in His earthly life because only his flesh came from flesh; his Spirit was and is Me. Your Spirit slept in ignorance, moribund and basically dead since Adam, until you came face to face with Jesus, shining forth from another human being like yourself. Remember?"

(Of course I remember. How can I ever forget? I don't want to forget. He continued this one sided discourse; Him speaking, me listening intently.)

You read and read again the accounts in Genesis, trying to pry out the truth behind the words. The original texts of the first five books of your Bible, the Pentateuch, were labeled Mose 1 through Mose 5. When translated, they were given thematic names of Genesis, Exodus, and so on. Moses does not even come on the scene until he is born in Exodus, long after Genesis, Adam, Seth, Enoch, Abraham, etc.

Ancient People of The Book attributed the writings emanating from oral tradition to My faithful, though difficult, servant Moses. As an aside, you are at least as difficult as he was. Do you believe he sat down and wrote all those words? You may if you wish. It doesn't really matter in the end, AT the END.

You wonder incessantly how the Creation narrative was given. You surmise I told it to Moses on the mountain during the forty days he spent there in my tutelage. That is a good, practical explanation, but what does it matter? Noah knew Me. Job knew Me. Enoch knew me.

Why do you even care if I made it all appear instantly, or in six stages of days, millennia, or eons. You know what an eon is? One billion earth years. Anyway, what does it matter. You are obsessed with a need to know.

I know, but you don't. Solomon told you to 'get wisdom' or 'seek understanding', depending on which translation you read. He never said a word about figuring out how I made creation. What Solomon meant was to seek understanding of Me and My ways and how they apply to your life. Leaning on Me is wisdom. I have all the answers. I tell you what you need to know ... not what you think you ought to know. You have also read, 'Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge'. You have demonstrated your understanding of that statement.

You know me.
You know WHO I AM.
You don't know WHAT I am and you could not understand it if I told you.
Be satisfied.

I am not commanding you to cease knowledge seeking, but rather to focus on the knowledge that is important. The important knowledge is not HOW I did it, but WHY I did it.

I did it for YOU.
I did it so you and all others could come into existence, know me, and witness the truth of my love for the Spirit I put in mankind ... the Spirit which either returns to me to live in love, or is discarded for its failure to be reborn and mature in the knowledge of faith and grace.

When you plant a crop, some seeds sprout and yield much that is of use to you. Some seeds do not sprout. They stay in the ground and decay. They are of no use to you. No matter how much you water them, fertilize them, cultivate their ground, they lack the spark of life to emerge and become a blessing to the planter.

I am the planter. Not every seed I sow will live. I could force it to live, but that is not My way. I did not force Moses to go. He was unwilling. He offered many excuses. In the end, he went, and with his brother Aaron, fulfilled the task to which I appointed him.

Jesus, the man, did not go willingly to his excruciating execution on your behalf. But Jesus, Son of Me, saw the joy set before Him and was willing to sacrifice the flesh to obtain it. Do you know what that joy was? What he suffered so to accomplish?

The joy I set before Him was the knowledge that by doing this, He would save YOU. Yes. And many others too, but He would have done it to redeem even one Spirit ... yours. Because He was obedient even unto death, which He overcame and defeated, raising Himself from the dead by the power of My Spirit, He is made King over the Kingdom and all who choose to believe and be His subjects come into His kingdom.

I admire your tenacity. You got that from Me. I never, never, never give up. Good thing for you that I am so tenacious, right? It took me more than half your present lifetime to bring you out of darkness into My light. Stay there. Rest there. Let go the burdens weighing heavily on your natural mind. Let your Spirit mind guide you. Listen. Let the gift of discernment I gave you divide the wheat from the chaff. My Word is a two edged sword. Use it in your daily life.

When you come home, I will gladly explain anything you want explained. But you may be surprised to discover that you no longer have the hunger to know these things. They will all have passed away when time ends. You will be here, with Me, ... you and all the others who have become joint heirs through belief in My Son and the work He did for you. Being here will set your Spirit heart at rest. Being together with Me will be enough for us both.

I've said enough. The rest is up to you. You can choose to listen to the barrage of questions the ruler of the earth uses to torment to you, or you can listen to My Spirit telling you that life in the body is most fully and joyfully lived when you bear fruits of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness and Self Control. Yes, that last one is really tough for you, but worth the effort. Go slowly. Be filled with Love ... the rest will follow."

I thanked Him for this teaching and told Him I love Him too.
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