I Asked The Lord About: The Kingdom of God

I asked the Lord About The Kingdom, [Luke 217:21 NKJ]
You said, "For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.
What does this mean?

It means what it says ... what I said. The kingdom is of the Spirit of God, not the spirit of earth and its nature. My kingdom and its members are spirit beings ... not physical beings.

I know you are a very visual person, both in your physical existence and your mental existence. You have sought to see Me as I am, risen, ascended, seated at the Father's right hand. This is a metaphor. You visualize me from John's description in the Book of Revelation. That description is what John saw; a face like molten bronze, hair and garments white as wool.

You may think of Me in that way if you wish. It doesn't matter. Paul wrote that you will see face to face. In the realm of Spirit, it is not like what you can see or imagine. But for your present comfort I will give you a visual representation to aid your understanding.

I am able to manifest, or not, in any manner which suits My purposes. For the sake of the faithful I have made numerous appearances on Earth in which I was seen as an angel or other transcendental being. When I lived on Earth in a body, a disciple asked me to show him the Father who sent Me. I told him, "If you have seen Me, you seen The Father. The Father and I are One.

Imagine Us, Father, Son and Spirit as a glowing orb. Within the orb you can discern three phases or identities which make up the entire orb. Now picture rays, beams, strands, ribbons, whatever suits your fancy, emanating from Us. At the terminus of each strand is a human believer who has been born again in the Spirit. This is the true birth into true life.

I told you, 'Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.' [John 3:5-6].

The Spirit of God indwells the born again believer. The individual spirit is connected to Our orb and is a member of our kingdom. While you are in the flesh, if you do not falter in your belief, your inner man, your Spirit, is also in the kingdom. When your flesh falls away, your strand will be drawn toward Us and you will know My kingdom in its fullness.

Don't forget what I said. This is an illustration. The actual workings of the Being of God can not be described in a way that the human spirit can understand.

But to continue the illustration, Our Spirit guides you by sending you messages through the strand. You may also think of it as a wireless connection, but in reality, you are truly connected to Us. I opened the portal for you on Calvary. The temple curtain was rent as a symbol of the removal of the barrier between you and Us.

When you came to your realization and asked Me to save you and come in to you, I did, by way of the strand, and the Holy Spirit came also that you might know the truth and believe.

We bless you. Stay tuned."

Thank you for the illustration Lord. It helps me.

April 2011
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