I Asked The Lord About: The Fig Tree

I asked the Lord about the fig tree [Matthew 21:19 NIV]
Why did you curse the fig tree? I don't understand that. Both Matthew and Mark have written that it was not the season for figs to bear fruit.

He answered me:

Do not concern yourself with the small details of what someone has written about what I said or did.

Think through the underlying message, which is this: FAITH. Belief, is the most powerful force in existence. If my Father did not have faith, nothing would be. What is, is, because He believes it is and that makes it so.

He spoke all into being.

Likewise, you can speak things into being. The fig was a demonstration of the principle I teaching my disciples. Do you remember I told them they could cast a mountain into the sea by telling it to so do, and believing it will be done?

Do not take this lightly. Paul understood it. He wrote about this in his letter to the Hebrews labeled chapter 11, verses 1 through 3. You've read it before ... read it again.

I healed many but not all. Those who could not believe did not receive. My disciples healed many and they cast out demons. They did this by word of mouth through faith.

You may have noticed that when I drove out a demon, I spoke to the demon itself and commanded it to leave. You also can speak, in faith, and bring things to pass; to come into being.

You have read the account of my servant Job. In it you find this important statement,
    'You will also declare a thing,
    And it will be established for you;
    So light will shine on your ways.' [22:27]

You must believe, and speak, to produce a result. If you speak a negative outcome, believing it, that is what you will get.

When you utter words such as, 'I'm trying to catch a cold', or 'I'm losing my mind', or 'I can't take any more', and all such like expressions, you are calling those outcomes into being.

Be aware of your humanity and its limitations in the flesh, but never denigrate yourself. If you say, 'I am a fool', you make it so. On the other hand, if you say, 'I did something foolish', you recognize the consequences and value of your act. Even a just man fails many time each day. He is still a just man, according to his righteousness through faith, but he is not immune to failures.

You overcome the world and the flesh through faith, which is right thinking, and through your speech. You can speak healing or you can speak illness. You can speak blessings or cursings. The choice is yours. Whether you speak to another, or to yourself, the results are the same.

My faithful apostle Paul wrote many letters to believers urging them to have faith, think good thoughts, speak good words, so they could live in the abundance of spirit which I delivered by my teachings for the benefit of the faithful.

Have faith in me and have faith in yourself. You will become what you say you will become. Remind yourself that you are to inherit my Father's kingdom with me when the end occurs. Meanwhile, do not allow the enemy to entertain your mind with thoughts of failures.

When you have a doubt, rebuke it. It will vanish.
When you feel confused, rebuke it. God is not the author of confusion, but rather clarity and order.
If you feel strung out, rebuke it, and calmness will return.
When you feel anxious, rebuke it. Do not allow anxiety to cripple your thoughts.

In every situation, use your God given power to control your own mind, thoughts, fears, feelings. Eradicate any negative idea which comes to you, especially about yourself. I do not mean you should deny your shortcomings, but rather turn them around by faith and self speaking. Say aloud to yourself, 'I am saved', 'I am able to do what God calls me to do', 'I am a child of the Most High'. You must do this repeatedly and often while you are bound to your flesh.

"There is more I can say but you will not be fully convinced until you apply the principles I taught.

"I love you. Go in peace and faith."

March 2011
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