Sermon on the Mount - Reversed

Reversed sermon on the mount
adapted from Matthew 5:1-12

Cursed are the rich in the flesh
   for theirs is the kingdom of death.
Cursed are those who do not care enough to mourn 
   for they will be afflicted.
Cursed are the proud of their possessions and power
   for they will have no inheritance.
Cursed are those who despise justice and righteousness
   for they will be emptied and hollow.
Cursed are those who are unmerciful
   for they will be shown no mercy.
Cursed are those who are defiled in their hearts
   for they will never see God.
Cursed are the warmongers
   for they will be called children of Satan.
Cursed are those who persecute the righteous
   for theirs is the kingdom of Hell.

Cursed are you when people praise you, honor you falsely 
and say all kind of good things about you because of your 
alliance with Satan. Be sorrowful, for your punishment in 
hell will be great, for in the same way they praised and 
honored sinful men before you.

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