Monograph: Where Are They Now ?

What became of them who founded religions of the world ?


Religion Adherents in 2000 Founder(s) Founder Status Founder Prognosis

The Way -The One True Church

unknown but not nearly enough Jesus Christ, Son of God Died. Rose again. Seated with God Will come again to take me home
African traditional religion 100,000,000 Various Dead Dead
Ahl-e Haqq 1,000,000 Sultan Sahak Dead Dead
Bahai 6,100,000 Bahá'u'lláh Dead Dead
Buddhism 324,000,000 Siddhartha Gautama, Dead Dead
Cao Dai 2,000,000 Ngô Van Chiêu & others Dead Dead
Cheondoism 3,000,000 Choe Jeu Dead Dead
Christian Science no data Mary Baker Eddy Dead Dead
Confucianism 5,300,000 Kong Fuzi aka Confucius Dead Dead
Hinduism 781,000,000 Vishnu & Shiva ? Mythological Beings Nothing
Islam 1,100,000,000 Mohammed Dead Dead
Jainism 4,900,000 Parsva & Mahavira Dead Dead
Jehovah's Witnesses 14,800,000 Charles Taze Russell & Others Dead Dead
Juche 23,000,000 Kim Il-sung Dead Dead
Judaism 14,000,000 Abraham Dead Dead
Modern Christian Denominations 2,100,000,000 Myriad originators Dead. All dead Dead
Mormons [LDS] 12,500,000 Joseph Smith, Jr Dead Dead
Scientology no data L Ron Hubbard Dead Dead
Seicho-No-Ie 800,000 Masaharu Taniguchi Dead Dead
Shinto 2,800,000 No specific founder Nothing Nothing
Sikhism 19,000,000 Guru Nanak Dead Dead
Sufism no data Ahmad ibn Ajiba, Dead Dead
Tenrikyo 2,000,000 Oyasama Dead Dead
Unitarian Universalism 630,000 Various Dead Dead
Yazidism 700,000 Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir Dead Dead
Zoroastrianism 200,000 Zoroaster Dead Dead

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