Jesus Sinless ?

Saint Paul tells us that Jesus was fully human like us in every way except He was without sin. Does that mean;

a) He was incapable of sinning.
b) He was capable but did not yield to temptations of the flesh as do other humans, or
c) no matter what He did, it wasn't sin because of who He was/is ?

So, being like us, how did he manage his testosterone?

During puberty, through which normal human development process we must assume He passed, did He masturbate or have a lot of wet dreams? It must have been one or the other if He was incarnate fully human. Then, as a healthy young adult, what did He do about his sex drive? Did he have sex with women ? That would be fornication, something he condemned. He said some men are made eunuchs for the sake of the Gospel. He may have been such but He did not say he was. Did he have a wife who is not mentioned in the Gospels?

I do not offer answers ... only questions.


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